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December 20, 2016
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August 20, 2007
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August 9, 1977
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ARTICLE APPS-iRED O.Y PAGE ' TTTner Deal CIA i; g of Approved For Release 2007/10/19: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100110045-2 S. Korea's Park . By Jeremiah O'Leary Via; hington StarStaU Writer CIA Director Stansfield Turner today denied that U.S. intelligence agents bugged the South Korean gov- ernment's "Blue House" or had tape recordings of the conversations of President Park.ChungHee. _' ? ?. It was the first time-the new direc- tor of central intelligence has spoken . on the record about persistent re-: ports that the CIA at one time had - bugged the Korean presidential resi- dence and found evidence of a' scheme to influence U.S. legislators. "There were no tapes, no bugs,": Turner said. "I'm speaking for the.? entire intelligence community, not: pressed him as to whether the United States had intercepted . messages being sent over the airwaves betwegn Seoul and Washington. TURNER SAID the CIA has no agreement- with the Korean Central Intelligence Agency or other foreign governments about how they operate in the United States. There are-no deals about what they do here. or what U.S. agents do in foreign coun- tries, he said, adding that any U.S.- cret agency) and others are the prpv- 'Turner said that the CIA -has Senate Ethics Committee, all- docu-. ments in the CIA's possession re- garding the committee's prospective investigation of_. Korean influence- peddling. But Turner refused to go. beyond the mere acknowledgment" that these sensitive documents, which might implicate senators- in the scandal, had been handed over to the committee. . The implication of Turner's state- ment today is that none of these documents is the result of electronic surveillance of the Blue House. ON OTHER matters. Turner de- clared: ? He has taken the advice of Sen. Ed- ward M. Kennedy, D-Mass. and is- notifying all involved universities of? plete and "sanitized" versions of all documents related to the drugs-test- ing project. Turner said the Ford administration's Rockefeller Com-'s mission, which investigated allega- tions of CIA abuses, had all this ma- terial, too, well before the recent dis- closures of experiments on mind con- trol. Turner said 120 of the 149 projects were the kind "you wouldn't mind having your children involved in." The CIA is trying. - so far with- out success -.to find the unwitting.: victims of the tests. ? All documents on MK-ULTRA also have gone to the Justice Department. which must determine whether any- one connected with the tests should be prosecuted. ? - Turner said the CIA also had undertaken tests on parapsychology several years ago. The' intelligence director said the agency had a man gifted with what he called "visio-per- ception" of places he had never seen. but added with a smile that the-man died two years ago "and-.we haven't - 1. their unwitting association with the j MK-ULTRA were 'given both com heard from him since.' %-, THE WASHINGTON STAE (RED LINE) 9 August 1977 secret - MK-ULTRA ' drug-testing project now coming to public atten- tion. -But he complained.-that some universities have been "unaca- demic" in their treatment of individ- uals who had even a small associa- tionwith the.CIA in the past.. - ? He ? has ordered new moves to reduce the CIA Operations Division by about 800 employes, largely from an overstaffing that grew during the war in Vietnam. He also has ordered new 'screening and exercise pro- grams so that the agency will, get "lean and mean." . ? He is not clearing all secret intelli- gence operations in advance with the- Senate Intelligence Committee, al- though the legislative branch is being notified... :.. - . STAT Approved For Release 2007/10/19: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100110045-2