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December 20, 2016
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August 20, 2007
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August 4, 1977
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I Approved For Release 2007/10/19: CIA-RDP99-00498RO 00100110073-1 STAT ARTICLE iPPEAI RE-D O Pr-.GE, 1 CHICAGO TRIBU:i It August 1977 WASHINGTON [API-CIA Director Stansfiieeld Turner testified. Wednesday that newly discovered documents disclosed: that the -Central Intelligence Agency spon- sored 149 projects involving dr gs,,hy"pnosis, shock harassment, and even magicians. as it experimented with controlling the human wind. - Turner told a joint. hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Health- Subcommittee-that. the* project, known ultimately as:'-MK ULTRA . took- place front, l2 taFZS years;ago__ ? . - I assuri%you-that the CLA is is no R ?vay.engaged lit eitherwitting or unwit- ting testing of drtigs todayhe said. :.Turner .told the-'committee the-docu= ments,. hitherto unreported. to Congress, were found in -seven.boxes along with financial records :in '-a records: center :near Washington." THE DOCUMENTS,'is--tha- fora-'of j fiscal records, do- not include status ref 'ports- or progress-analyses- of the vari- ,ousparts of the project. But Turner said the agency is ?`now in I possession of the names: of Ias nongow' eminent- -researchers and assistants who are identified in the recovered ma- terial dealing with the 1.9 subprojects." . "The names of 84 institutions where work was done or with which these peo- ple affiliated are also mentioned," he continued. - - "The institutions include 4 colleges or universities; 15 research foundations or i chemical and pharmaceutical companies and the Iike, 12 hospitals or clinics and -3 penal institutions.,, TURty R DID lOTname any of the. individuals or institutions "Most of the people and i stitutians involved are not aware of agency-spon- sorship,"`he said.- "We should certainly - assume :that the researchers and institu. tiors which- cooperated with CIA on-"a--' ' witt?^g basis acted in grod f: :;h and in the- belief that they were aiding their government in a legitimate and proper .purpose. believe we all have s moral obliga-tion to these researchers and institutions Approved For Release 2007/10/19: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100110073-1 .