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December 20, 2016
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August 20, 2007
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November 12, 1977
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Approved For Release 2007/08/20: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100120066-9 AR-r7CLE APPEAR QV c:._ JOURNAL AND COURIER (LAFAYETTE, IND.) 12 NOVEMBER 1977 ... .. chief _at Wabask.. Colla eJ By CATHY KISSLING Regional Reporter - CRAWFORDSVILLE - The CIA has entered an ."exciting" era where ,clandestine cloak-and- not go on by themselves, or in ways leaders of dagger spy methods are used as last resorts and "I sincerely believe and am confident that we American opinion is sought to achieve a "bal are conducting intelligence operations ... in- ways - anced" intelligence operation. That was the. message CIA chief Adm. Stansfield Turner brought to a packed audience at Wabash College here Friday night. Security was tight, with several plainclothes policemen stationed at auditorium doors, as Turner-discussed controls placed on the spy agency and its covert activities. THE SPY CHIEF also said a strict presiden- tial order prohibits intelligence members - from "plotting or conducting assassinations." CIA op- eratives played no role in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, he said. -And., currently, the CIA has no "paid, con- tractual relationships", with newsmen for spying activites, as alleged by a recent article in Roll- ing Stone magazine. . . On the topic of "clandestine" activities, Turn- er said intelligence officials turn to undercover .that will strengthen your American society," he ;added. IN A PRESS conference prior to the lecture, 'Turner touched on the following points: The case of former CIA director Richard Helms serves "as a-reminder ... that none of us .or any government servants are above-the- law. or 'authorized to break it." Helms pleaded "no " contest to charges he lied' to a Senate com-- mittee about CIA covert operations in Chile. The - .would have been disclosed. if Helms had gone to .drug experimentation and charges 'of domestic i spying, is in "good health." Turner said his chief. goal is to bring `all American intelligence " methods as an "avenue of last resort." agencies to "work together --_ to mesh tnnnth- sought is not available by using open sources or: For example, in working in" a' country such as the U.S., where an, "open society" exists, . "any ~::1 ennis,; anyone:..:-.; closed societies behind the Iron Curtain some-; times the clandestine way of intelligence is the CIA Director. Stansfield Turner - only way we can do it." The government con- rnswers.gtiestions at er-press con-, trots placed on the spy agency, said Turner, re- erence at Do Pauw ,University in suited from the CIA's alleged drug experiments, 3reencastle. Fridarfollowing his. dirty tricks and domestic spying. u-st speech at ' a college campus since his appointment in-March.,.'.' "THE PRESIDENT and vice 'president take furrier changed -into- tennis clothes" an intense and complete interest in what. goes on. rifer bish'speech for; a`-quick match in. the intelligence world,' . he said. A congres- owing the , sessisiom on: Then- sional "oversight committee checks on what we ollofowing deliver -press spe t?Wa are doing and asks about our activities," added Turner. -And a three-member Intelligence Over- >ash College in Crawfordsville, sight Board closely scrutinizes and reports to the where he."downplayed the cloak- president on all intelligence programs. rod dagger aspects of his job and In addition, any covert action (programs aid the CZA is ,kept in'. check by aimed at influencing attitudes and events in for-. ongressional.?watchdog agencies, eign countries) must be.approved by the Nation-, ory?on? Page. A-3.. (AP .teaser-'. al Security Council, the'president and other pan-- ~thoto) Cels before plans can be enacted. r-7 Ml ax s ?ix:,'._7~'$A .-C -*: ..?:. The controls are, to insure that activities do Approved For Release 2007/08/20: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100120066-9