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December 20, 2016
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August 20, 2007
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September 29, 1977
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Approved For Release 2007/08/20 :CIA-RDP99-004988000100120105-6 $ALTIh!ORE, MARYLAI3D SUN M -- 176,309/ E - 175,003 S -350,372 SFP 2 9 197? ~~ ~ visit STAT ~~~i~ra~?~~a~s i~~i ' By Robert Timberg . ? . ~~ Annapolis~The head of the Central In- telligence Agency warned last night that the agency would have to release secrets damaging to national security if one of his predecessors is brought to trial Adm. Stansfield Turner, the CIA direc- ~`toi, issued his warning"dt31'l~pear- ` ante before the 4,300-member Brigade of Midshipman at the Naval Academy. ? Admiral Turner was referring to the case of Richard M. Helms, former direc- tor of central intelligence, who allegedly lied when he told a Seaate committee in 1973 the agency had played no role ink . bringing about the overthrow of the biarx- ' ist government of Salvador Allende in Chile. ~ . ~ '' It later came to light that the CIA had ,spent some ;8 million to weaken the-AI- lende regime. -~ ,. ? A federal grand jury in Washington is reportedly considering indicting Mr. Helms for perjury, but the final decision on whether to try him now rests with Grif- fin BeA, the Attorney Geneeal. `Asked last night by a midshipman- if a ttrial of Mr. Helms would create serious in- . telligence problemsa Admiral'Turner re- plied; ? _ "If Mr. Helms comes up for "public ;trial, we, the CIA, will have to release in- formation, the release of which will be damaging to the national ~security_ inter- ests..: - . ~:"~ . ?"Therefore, a decision must be made t by'the Attorney General-~of the United States? as to whether the overall nationals '.~ interests .will be furthered by prosecuting) ;'this case :.. or to. waive the trial in order to preserve the se~iets." .:.:rte :_ _.: ~~~a~ ~~i~9 , 'Admiral Turner said he~ has ahead made a recommendation on the matter, but he refused to reveal it.'He also failed to chazacterize the nature and magnitude of the threat to national security which a trial of Mr. Helms would pose. - ~ . -The final decision, he said, will have to weigh his views against .`.`the good that . would be done by prosecuting" `.'I have made my views known on how damaging itwould be," besaid. -' . ? Admiral Turner, who graduated from the academy in 1946 with? President Car- ,:ter, was named duector of. central intelli- gence in February. His powers. were ex- ~panded in August to give him budget au- ' thority and task-setting responsibility for ? the entire intelligencecommunity, - ' He was hit by a barrage of questions ;concerning:illegal buggings a~ political assassinations following . ~ a 30-minute .speech last night in which be reminisced ? about his days at Annapolis. and told the "midshipman they must think boldly about their future and the Navy's H they're to meet future challenges ~ . .~ - He drew sustained applause when he ~said,in response to a question concerning ,assassinations, "We will not da it and have no thoughts or plans to da it."?, ? ~ ?~ ~. '_;~~ Concerning eleetrossic surveillance, he said the agency will "comply with the law precisely, minutely and absolutely," ?. ,_..~._. ~ _. _ ~ y~.~~_