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December 20, 2016
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August 30, 2007
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February 3, 1978
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Approved For Release 2007/08/30: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100130060-4 MIAMI, FLORIDA HERA ;D,? M - 384,824 S - 486,568 FEB 3 1978 artin ff of the Ways, OTH THE CIA and the FBI are try-:' and their internal morale, and the, eaves ifi.,qur:,eacup revealhope_for the.:. FBI, more woes for the CIA. Why? We'll let the statements of CIA.. Director Stansfield Turner and FBI Di- 'W?1 H Wb l tam ester rector-designate t speak for themselves. Judge, Webster, testifying. before the. Senate 3tidiciary Committee' on? Monday, promised to?make.the FBI once again-the- "top . law-enforcement,,agency : -in:;. the country. '. While advocating -..vigorous lawir ..*enforcement,; he added, * thatI "it , ......Turner, should bedone with. due 'regard for the ri hts'of our Citizens." were rarely reversed); his dedication -to- t admiral' Turner, interviewed. by U.S. Constitutional principles unshakable.. News &?'World Report, revealed that the Unless 'he modifies his views of its1 I CIA is cutting back on its. meddling in role, Admiral Turner may succeed in rid- other -nations': internal affairs. Not that ding the CIA of its dead -wood,. but he such interference- is' morally indefensi- will never lead it out of the thickets. It is ble, mind. Or even that the CIA tends to desirable, indeed mandatory, for the CIA- botch intrigues that it should never-have to collect intelligence from abroad; na z undertaken anyway. tional security demands it. But foment Nb 'satcl Acbnrrai Turne# "Today we ing're%olutions elsewhere, inviting more.'. dcmt think that kind' of interference in Chiles and Angolas, should not be U.S_ otliier p"eople-s. governments,- political` 'poltcy. = t =~ - : ~' acfiorr is as dsefuT a tool o=_this coun Judge Webster may well reforms try. We=re-not :esciielwving'it completely; :=~ the FBI, .because 66-7--speaks. within the but we're downplaying it." ; x context of law and due process. But Ads Unless he has blemishes that"investr ` -iniral` Turner, byr not -disavowing. .CIA gators have not found, Judged' Webster meddling in other.:n tions'-internal`poli- seems the right choice to rebuild the FBI. -...tic . has seta course--that those nations His personal life-seems impeccable, hid ; can only interp et aswbemg .fall speed ecord admirable =. his dectstons,:r nstern~ 'udicial r Ji 2-c! Approved For Release 2007/08/30: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100130060-4