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December 20, 2016
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June 20, 2007
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September 21, 1978
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Approved For Release 2007/06/20: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100150097-2 -- QN PAG~_----G--"- THE GLOBE (VIRGINIA) 21_September 1978 STAT BY WILLIAM HOLLYER coming down to land. Throughout the hearings and Globe Staff Writer disclosures of the past four years, the Agency never once suggested it might stop these activities. We Reporters from this newspaper recently had an just assumed they will continue, whether we em- `experience that would make most newshounds barrased the Director with questions or not. pant: An hour with the Director of the- CIA, Unlike his predecessors, Turner seems to unders@ Stansfield Turner. Land the role of the press in the scheme of things. We-rode into the CIA - on the coattails of Panax- : He admitted an "adversary relationship." We each corporate staff and editors who set up the visit as have our jobs to do: ours is to get secrets from . part.of.a. three-day seminal on national. security. : government agencies so the public can stay inn The CIA generally has refused to meet with jour- formed, theirs is to get secrets from foreign coun. nalists.. We had the tendency to ask sticky questions' . tries so the government can stay informed. about. the Agency's role in Chile or. its policy on Turner said he has been trying to make his staff domestic surveillance. .': "more security conscious." He doesn't want our job to be any easier. "I'm taking a lot of steps around IT'LOOKS LIKE things are. beginning to change' .here to'cut you off"_ from sources, he added... '.:. for the good. Gone are slick pros like Helms and long Colby:- George Bush and others have left to seek THAT'S ALRIGHT. As ? as there are secrets their political fortunes on the stump. there -will be spies and newsmen;. And leaks. We ? . -? Turner, -a former admiral, and friend of jimmy . both deal in information. Carter's, has the demeanor of a bull-dog. Nothing What's refreshing, coming from a man who must" insecure surfaces when he greets. a. room full of be under pressure to clean up the Agency and at the potential adversaries. same time watch this nation's enemies, is that he . He explains the two chief functions of the CIA: can understand it is not just the intelligence ageu collection of secrets through the' use of spies and ties who - need to know. ; electronic equipment; evaluation' of that data The public needs to know what sort' of-things are; through the use of highly sophisticated computers 1.-being-done in the name of the United States. That'E ? and technicians:' : . where-we come in. We're glad Turner unders ndj TURNER.'HOVERED over'rthe issue of what we are going to be doing while hat; ie activity in foreign countries- without: Langley-.- Now he can't act surprised. I Approved For Release 2007/06/20: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100150097-2