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December 20, 2016
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June 20, 2007
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August 11, 1979
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Approved For Release 2007/06/20: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100180083-4 STA ARTICLE APPE D C)rl PAGE C- -l Staff Writer Central Intelligence Agency Dirk;- tor, .Adm. Stanfield. Turner told., an audience of several hundred lawyer's- here Friday that the government can:? keep its ..r-_ _ ing their effectiveness.' .i.:.' ' Turner described.the CIA agent of the future as a person whose "forte Would be "deducing the intentions of foreign powers," as someone who would be an expert oil a country's economy and culture as well as mili-. CIA: had But' Turner, admitted the raii.R-;; failed in just that way in s1 pro bleft "We . predict-EgjTlots'; of;;'.. with political dissidents and economic .` tiniest,, and. religious .opposition,': he said.."What we didn't. see. was. that under the aegis of a' 78-year-old ex- sled religious, leader, a. revolutionary 'tnbvement could' become- so. strong" t that. the. Shah :--with his police force ' could "not control it." The CIA director: was the 'first of, `several prominent government offi- cials, including three U. S. Supreme Court justices, scheduled to speak in Dallas during the American Bar. Asso C. elation's ..annual- convention under way through next \Ved esday "~Ir1'.aYri; optimistif. If to slxech 'Ya,bout thatfuture.ot,U.;'S. intelligence pgatiieririg Turnerrsaid,.a;society..tha asks:its.spies to be Iegally accountable does not force them to be ineffecti At the. same time, Turner urged. the : ,? s ....tear- ' prosecution of "irresponsible torous" people who deliberately close classified. information.* He said.. he has proposed- a new criminal slat;-" ute to be used against people who re-, veal the identities of undercover intel=;:?,? ?igence agents, and he said ? he. ported pending legislation to limit the' scope of what can be revealed under:`; the Freedom of Information Act. Turner said there are times when,; the interests of national security am -so vital that-the government `rtiilst' forego prosecution of people accused of espionage against the.' United. States, if putting them on trial. means. i 11 August 1979 exposing the secrets they`are accused,; of trying to steal. On the other hand, Turner told the lawyers he believed the government has treated too much information as "There has been far too much class sification.: by the government," . he said. And while he described it.as "an - almost intractible problem,'.'. he, said the CIA is trying, to counteract the 0. 1 trend by deliberately publishing more and more of. the information it gath- ers. , As an example, Turner pointed to several crates containing CIA' research papers on' such topics As "USSR:: Trends and ' Prospects in Educational; Attainment" and "Soviet Strategy and Tactics in Eronorr:ic and Comcrer- , vial. Negotiations with 'the"' United I Stags," all of which was made avail- able to the audience. ,.-?.,--r . During a question-and-answer ses- sion after his speech, Turner said CIA recruiting efforts, especially on col- lege campuses, have been highly suc- cessful during. the past few years, even though the period : has been marked by unprecedented criticism of the CIA's often provocative conduct in foreign countries such ? as,. Vietnam, -Angola and Chile. - , : President Carter. appointed Turner to the CIA job in March 1977. Prior to his, appointment, Turner. served as head of the Naval War College in Newport, R. I.. He held the rank of Vice Admiral before his retirement last year from the Navy. Alter he was appointed to the job he now holds, Turner weathered early criticism from 66th In aril outside the CIA that amagi g the' gency's effec- he was damaging* tiveness by dismissing :too*many.valu- able veteran officials. Turner devoted most of his remarks to a'discussion of the CIA's ability to protect state secrets against its obliga- ! tion to account for its conduct.' "A great deal of publicity toward the agency can only be destructive," he said. "The impact -PE high' visibility has a substantial and traumatic effect. "The plethora of ilhauthorized leaks has created a perception that- we cannot keep secrets. , Yet, Turner said he applauded re- cent reforms that have given both the White ? House. and Congress, better means of ensuring "the legality and propriety" of the CIA's activities. "Vie must continually reassure the American public that invasions of their right to privacy will not occur." Approved For Release 2007/06/20: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100180083-4