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December 20, 2016
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March 14, 2007
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February 29, 1980
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Approved For Release 2007/03/15: CIA-RDP99-00498R0001 IItTICL- oil PAG3 .r_ THE WASHINGTON POST 29 February 1980 ...By George Lardner Jr:' Washington Post Stair writer On June 8, 1965, a CIA. security offi cer met with an informant in the Hil- ton Hotel in downtown Washington to 'discuss the progress of his spying on - the civil rights movement and espe- cially on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The meeting, which lasted .nearly four hours, dealt with "highly deroga- ' tory information" involving King and allegations, of "communist-directed. in- filtration into the movement," accord 'Inc., to a nine-page memo prepared the `next day for the chief of CIA's Secu 'city Research Staff.. The highly placed* Informant, who-had "long provided in- formation on the Negro civil rights movement and its leaders" to the CIA, promised to stay in touch. He empha- sized he, did-not -want to be ",down- graded" by,being- asked to report .to.. the FBI. . The CIA's spying on King, which, 'produced a file including some, of his haberdashery bills, Diners' Club. re- ceipts and notes. listing -phone calls and appointments, was never.. dis- closed in the extensive congressional or executive branch investigations of. the agency conducted in recent years. It has come to light solely as the. re- sult of litigation under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). _ Thousands of documents on CIA ac- tivities-from reports on--President Kennedy's assassination. to-controver- sial mind-control experiments and tither excesses---have been lie under FOIA since' the'agency was -effectively,brought .under the law five 'years 'ago: ` "Now the CIA is seeking to' halt' all but the most limited discloMires. Un- der a bill pending in both the House -and the Senate, the agency has asked- for' an "extraordinary-exemption ? that .,would put- its operational and techni- caI' files almost -completely-, beyond --reach of FOIA. Even illegal activities, it appears," legally covered up. Public inquiries could -1 be.. rejected without any -inspection' of. the:?-docu '"ments - sought:'- Lawsuits `would be fruitless. The. files would be immune from court action, exceptfor individu als seeking?recordsabout themselves.. The CIA has described the proposal in more modest terms. According to. 'CIA Deputy' Director Frank Carlucci. .,the bill would provide only "a limited -exemption to protect our most sensi- tive inform ation." He maintains that the loss to the public from the re- moval of :'these files from:the FO IA -process would be minimal..'.:.. Despite such assurances,' the law has forced the CIA to release a-great deal of information that would still be . buried in the agency's files if the bill it wants had been the prevailing rule. Some documents that have been made public expand, or contradict. 'what the CIA reported in the 1975-76 investigations. Some deal with. issues_ that the investigators never touched, such as the CIA's spying on Dr. King. . (That was disclosed in an FOIA law- suit brought by author-critic-EHarold "Item: The CIA. told the -.Church committee that the records for MK- ULTRA, the agency's premier mind: control- program, had- been destroyed- in 1973, reportedly with concurrence' of then-director Richard Helms. Some 16,000;pages---of records deal- ing with MKULTR A` and other CIA experiments-.with::exotic drugs were' subsequently- unearthed and; turned' - Masks, a former State. 'Department :employe and.-frequent CIA critic, under- the Freedom of Ih:' formation Act Testifying' about some of the newly ziiscovered=documents in 1977, CIA Di- --rector Stansfield Turner said they showed the .CIA carried out 149 pro-. jects-involving drug testing, behavior `. modification:.a.:nd secret- administra- tion of mind altering drugs at 80 Weisberg-of.: Frederick, If hospitals, research'foundations and.- Item: The Rockefeller Commission, prisons. But he? assured Congress that appointed by-President Ford??in' 1975 to investigate ;ClA activities in. the United'States, came' across`a prograiii 'started `1967 by the CIA's -Office of Security "to identify -threats to CIA personnel, projects and installations, -especially those stemming from the antiwar: movement on college. cam- : -puses..... _ ;. The commission -was. satisfied that -the- operation ."used no infiltrators,, .penetrators or monitors"?, and, relied' primarily on press clippings,'. campus: .officials and police authorities. ,Records :later 'released under;, thp~ Freedom of Information- Act about the .program,. which the CIA. styled "Pro- :ject Resistance,"; show that 'it '.used confidential informants repeatedly in .Texas, -California,;.Washington,, D.C., and elsewhere. The CIA file even - in- eluded a blank '."Confidential 'Infor- mant Identification" form for'Project Resistance- -Item: The Senate investigating com- inittee headed by Frank. Church (D- -Idaho) its that Pros jest Resistance, ,which..lasted_.until 1973,..:eventualiy,,deveIo fl;;a` itation? wide-lndex of;12;000;to;16;000_names. But according to records later made -put,lic under .FOIA,-=the `CIA's"Office 'of 'Security indexed 50,000 'members . of'the California-, Peace' 7and.,Freedom~,' Party -'alone, primarily- `college. stu- dents ?i-n,yust:two.counties` most completely phased out in the mid-1960s... r-' s According 'to Marks;:- who- : kept:' wrote a book. on the subject, the CIA- replaced MKULTItA - -with- another -vide-ranging, , supersecret ..behavior the 1970s under the agency's Office of ered "130 boxes"- of mind control. ma- ing to: find out what is in,.them, beyond a few - "trivial documents" that w ere "They've been diddling me ever already repealed the FOIA,?at least as erne.- ?- ? l - _ onc . cret war in. Laos was .reflected In still'. lion "was set down Oct. 30,_ 1969,- in a gressionalinquiries on the issue, espe- STAT