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December 20, 2016
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October 15, 2007
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October 9, 1977
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; ,Approved For Release 2007/10/19: CIA-RDP99-00498R000300030033-3 9 2#G - 9 OCTOBER 1977 Langley, Va. . President Carter's pledge to reorganize the Federal Gov- ernment is getting: its toughest test be- hind closed doors at the Central Intel iigence Agency t: Failure -td- provide. effective.-'saa. guards against the excesses of the past could lead to serious embarrass- ments for Carter, or-.worse, a major diplomatic confrontation. But an overreaction in the direction of reform could destroy agency morale, cripple vital intelligence oper- ations, and leave the nation vulnera- ble to undetected Soviet military or political advances The man charged with treading this narrow line,' Adm. Stansfield Turner,. the new CIA director, talked about the n is the first of two articles on y and how its new director is I solve thenzr By JOHN J. FARMER d JOSEPH R. DAUGHEN - Of The Bulletin Staff President and. subsequent "timely"- notification to' eight committees of Congress. -"Competitive analysis" is being stressed to insure that the Pesident gets ."reasoned dissenting -views" on intelligence questions, not merely the CIA's consensus finding or recommen- _this, Turner has dation: To oversee `.brought in a new man, professor Rob-. `-ert R.,Bowieof Harv ard. - than exercising restraint on the CIA, ?..has pressed it frequently to undertake questionable missions -- assassination attempts and political coups, such asp, the toppling of the.Allende regime -Chile.. Turner conceded that-this "was . serious problem in the agency's past.'`-- .He spoke of-orders "often handled through inforrnal~:channels - :... you know, you could have a.telephone call right out to here,, or something like that, that would bypass the system."' The director refused to name those But what if the presidential- order were not illegal; ,but questionable morally? ",.. If I felt it was. unethical or bee ' loin our standards of propriety, I'd go debate-it with the-- resident," Turner said.::`And ?aO that point, -"if the Preident held his ground.. I'd have to,sit back- and make up my mind =':: That's the tough.-time.. But I'd have to be prepared to resign in that event." Throughout the interview, Turner returned to the theme that safeguards have been "institutionalized," that knowledge of wrongdoing within the CIA can no longer be confined to a few overzealous operatives, that Congress has acquired a larger oversiglitrole:. - .`~ .You still have the backstop that even if I didn't have the right guts,.. Turner insisted, "it still goes to eight' (congressional) committees.. And the Intelligence:: Oversight Board would get word of it at this point. almost. ,'undoubtedly. "All these people would be in the act and if I were right and the Presider C was wrong,, he'd find a lot of. pressure' ics have accused former Secretary of on him," Turner said - problem and his-seven months in off--,~ : State Henry Kissinger of unduly in- ; cntics female Outside: the agency . , ice during a lengthy interview with. fluencing agency estimates and activi= keptical that the-CIA,,often described' s the Bulletin in his office here - ',ties during his years in Washington. " as I'm doing ' ryma ":Turner insisted such transgressions can withstand White. House pressure' age this place so~ that I know what's -are unlikely today. . to undertake unwise, immoral or even going on," he said, "It's big and that's "I think the procedure for approving illegal operations. difficult and there's no formula I can activities: of the CIA have become .j Sen. Clifford P. Case (1144J).- a give you that says-L'guarantee I know much more-institutionalized,".Turner., member of the 'Senate Intelligence. everything sensitive that's;going on." said,. "which means there will be--a: I Committee preparing legislation that At the same, time, he warned that number of people who will feel-a sense .l >charter> any CIA directors or.empto es found` will give the CIA a new Y of responsibility to~get.up and sayaoa was hopeful but plainly pessimistte?' withholding vital "information from sum. .somebody 's trying to make us do a who I "It's my hope the ag' ncy. can b? periors will be-fired was three have: something :we shouldn't,;.` You reon )brought under proper' control" he l office to ' e t o Since at been, Turner said-he , wron ,xack;Mr.Secretary of S ,.-' _ said said in an interview, but, well, how March 9. - -, Mfr President, Mr. Whoever it is can you know 71 He outlined Lhese steps he said.have Would Turner seriously consider > In? the last analysis, the responsibili, :repeat t i r ' a ns d aga gua been taken to chalIengutg the President on such an 'ay falls on Turner- himself, as he con of the illegal actiVrtttes',and-loose ad-.i ssue2 ~Pded_ .u?~ .......... ....._ __ :. u, u.ca c. nom.., ....~......t, ._ o- _ - - recent years :~?^a ' what he:was talking about : : I would going to depen.. )n the moral -820 employes' of, the -covert and have to resign before I would do it," fortitude of the guy at that desk," he . clandestine- branch of.. the, CIA - the. I Turner declared :;'commented, pointing across the room "dirty trick" directorate - will be ,-At.another point in .the interview, to-his own desk: discharged over the-~next 26 months: , Turner added,' Where's no question -"He's got to have the fortitude to,.- All are employed in the United States that it somebody comes and tells me tell his superiors - wherever they are, and were described by Turner- as part to go assassinate somebody, I'll resign no, and he's got to have the deter of the "fat" in the agency, much of it beforee t-even contemplate it, because mination to tell his subordinates, don't left over from Vietnam. Covert: opera- run around pretending you're going to "there's. a'-presidential order out saying lions, he said, are less important io- don't do it" and because of "my own do things, without my knowing it be- `day compared to carehil "analytical conviction that it is not a useful tool cause you don't want me to know it," ork. for the country. ? : .. ": -~ Turner declared. for covert activity can be: under At least one frequent; critic of the `taken,withour,vrntten-consent of the CIA John,Marks,.a former state de: ~QNT~(1t~iE ) who had misused the agency, but crit- Approved For Release 2007/10/19: CIA-RDP99-00498R000300030033-3 Approved For Release 2007/10/19: CIA-RDP99-00498R000300030033-3 partment intelligence officer, takes formation of single committees in the '- `. And within the intelligence commu. some comfort from Turner's early Senate and House to which the CIA pity here some sources - even chase 211 moves. \ who applaud Turner's effort to tighten must report. "He's a law and order man," Marks His critics, however, see Turn er's control on covert operations. - ques- commented. "I think Carter put him preoccupation with management safe, tion his determination to "go public." in there with instructions that there be guards and a better public image for A casual, friendly man,.he has em- no more scandals, no surprises the agency as likely to take some toll barked on:a program of public appear j Turner's house-cleaning in the co- - of its intelligence gatheri ng capacity. - ances and speeches and meeting, with - vert and clandestine sections, he said, One former high-level CIA;.execu reporters unprecedented for :the, w-iM rid the CIA of case officers,- Para tive, who -asked not to be :identified, nation's spy chIt is, he apparently military=.personnet: andlogistics ex ;said ' morale---is still - poor within the believes;; the only_way to rehabilitate pens with a long commitment to so- agencand that many people there; an agency tarred by political; called- black operatiolis, :Marks-said - -`feel Turners real priority is the estab-/ misdeeds` and headed-by a succession' a 5vt?fr little nd ;"``should=;.give ,Heart ..to. the _ lishment of a new management of short-term directors analysts.'.'He estimated;that -the 820 -- scheme" downtown"-that.would put,=. standing at tlig White Hquseoi' n Con-'- him atop all:U.S intelligence agencies gress. member reduction will trim the covert. and clandestine staffs by up to one- ' including those at the state and de-. Turner's chief asset, said one for= :a hi i relation- . fourth fence departments" and relegate the `vier high CIA official, is " ship with. Carter, a classmate ''I think be's trying to get control of CI?! to the status of merely one among,-, the place Marks theorized, "and one equals - r Annapolis.-Theofficial'explainecT:. .quick way is to get. rid of these They question his knowledge of the "He has access to the President and intelligence "trade" and say they fear-, he seems to have his confidence,. andL ~ maple'. his :military chain-of-command-style. not many recent' DCIs (Directors of iis Turner's otherconcern the quality s will destroy the rotor Central Intelligence) have had that: t man , . .of the- intelligence produced by the gemen on which the CIA has thrived. It's what he does with