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December 22, 2016
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June 28, 2012
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May 22, 1989
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SENT RV'YeNn~ Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/06/28: CIA-RDP99-01448R000401610001-6r# 2 REQUEST TO INSPECT OR RECEIVE COQ 8 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE OF Sf RE REPORT 11 wn~ UItl atlewr t' A1MLIN ~CIN National Journal 1730 M Street, NW, suite 1100 lWashington, DC 20036 I., 1, tsae May 22, 1989 Editorial, j I STAT 1! I STAT I " ?'R.Ilan 1 1 erOrt q.11U1.t aeW IrhW D rp.n pr4PNRi1/lien OIW tn.tut-w'a nan,.; . Atltlrp. ql flII 07= n a.rV&4 f National Journal i. IYh11. ~Itl.n.ul DMQ IS1 a qT gF Va fttr th. f.17w7 ~nffNltlL.ltL? a. William Webster The Statements Ypu rsauee tAtj Sfal Ar1MA- ..w ?u? Gt?IQW. ^ Your request ooea not comply with the requirements of the statute. campfeta Pan I may comply with your request, P104041 of this for ^ Other The law require, that a re port not be availbl ae to any person exce t upon wri he r name, occupation And address, and the name and address of any other person of oprgan satbn such ps Is requested, and that the person be aware of the prohibitions on on whoa sea for, 205 of the Lthtoat In Qovernmrnt Arf of i 978 M roQ des In N~TICt I. for any unlawful purpose; part Mat It i@ unlawful for Any pers on toCbZ. b, for any commercial purpose other th b , o, for determining or establlshf an y news and Comm un. eetl.' rid media for dt15ef7IIMA116A to thalII ng the credit rating of any individual; or d. for use, dlrectly or indirectly. in rhs AAna:.:_ i~ TPA Attorney Genersl May bring it civil ^Ctlort against an yr,*x 'or any political, Charitabig, or other qurpol as set forth et>ove, The court d may assess a shall be in Addition to any other D gainst such a I-rson a pg, alty in any amount not to weed h s remedy available under statutory r,r comm In any ysuo ~i1f t~IA1L1-t I s'_ ZSHMT 713 iCw on t A t _ c ?~ 1978, ru Drlc Law 96.821 as ernended, Authorizes the salicitation of the trlfp In this form, Failure to furnish the information will result In this agency', Inabili the nnancial disalpeuro forma s reque ty to allo ted t3th w access to, or t " erwts+, furnishing the requested Information Access to, o. Tay ba tiwgtloly disclosed pursuant to ssctien ens r!%% All t e . _. , h Chile you of /.,rpnna Mana3wnWI IIgI II11~Rr~M :I 9P Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/06/28: CIA-RDP99-01448R000401610001-6