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December 28, 2016
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July 24, 2009
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August 11, 1984
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Approved For Release 2009/07/24: CIA-RDP99B0033OR000100110010- EM Approved For Release 2009/07/24: CIA-RDP99BOO33OR000100110010-1 Approved For Release 2009/07/24: CIA-RDP99BOO33OR000100110010-1 I(RAUSSIVIAFFEI Leopard 2 regarding firepower Observing two different targets independently - engaging the more dangerous one in quick reaction Owing to its independently-stabilized PERI-R17 aiming optics the commander, independent of his gunner's aiming activity, may ? Observe the battlefield over the full arc, whatever the position of the turret Hand over the target to the gunner automatically Employ the firepower of the main weapon on his own in daylight and night conditions ? Supervise the gunner Leopard 2 the better battle tank General Conti actoir for the W apon Systems eschaftsbereich Wehrtechnik v_ ,..ee Maffe:_cr.n2e 9 _ Rnnn Munchen 50 0 Approved For Release 2009/07/24: CIA-RDP99BOO33OR000100110010-1 Approved For Release 2009/07/24: CIA-RDP99BOO33OR000100110010-1 ABC Front cover Exclusive satellite picture of the 75 000 ton Soviet nuclear carrier under construction at Nikolaiev 444 shipyard in the Black Sea. See pages 171-173 THE WEEK Satellite pictures show Soviet CVN above Nikolaiev shipyard by JDW staff Dual option by Greece as Tornado rejected by Tim Wrixon Soviets' new Kirov missile cruiser - first pictures by Nick Childs Turkey opts for FP1 05 tank ammunition by Christopher F Foss New Zealand cools the ANZUS argument by Frank Cranston PLA changes to provide China with power base by Gordon Jacobs Five companies' compete for new US EW system by Hugh Lucas India repels Kashmir incursion by Pakistan Spain looks critically at the two-way street to USA by X I Taibo Industry Second PC-9 flies Hughes to move to Arizona Briefing NATO Channel force faces covert Soviet mine threat by Mark Daly Soviet Intelligence New view of Provorny trials ship GMZ tracked minelayer Features 'Privatised' target towing by Brian Walters Long-term defence of The Netherlands by Capt F de Blocq van Kuffeler (Retd) DETRAS military training aids by Terry J Gander E:Iectronics Ship-to-shore telegraph New Developments Bedford announces the TM 6-6 at last Bendix miniature chemical agent detectors Business German firm builds inflatable decoys Aerospatiale military, naval and aerospace equipment or other defence- related activities. 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