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January 11, 2017
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September 1, 2010
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December 8, 1970
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No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/09/01 : LOC-HAK-10-2-58-4 CRET/N0D1S December 8, 1970 Al Haig ON-FILE NSC RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS APPLY SUBJECT: Additional Talking Points for Your 10,eeting with the Vice President During your meeting with the Vice President this afternoon. you may want to raise the following points in addition to those provided in the memo at the left flap: POW Mission. You may recall that the Vice President indicated to the press that the intelligence concerning the POW mission was probably faulty. You may want to brief him on the intelligence question. Although details of the mission have been covered extensively in the media, the Vice President may appreciate having your account. Understanding Concernin Reconnaissance. Diecuee the background concerning the relationship of recon- naissance flights over North Vietnam to the bombing halt understanding. Give him your views on the extent of North Vietnamese agreement and show him the directive the President signed on November 30 (Tab A), as well as the quotations which have been provided to the President for use in his press conference on Thursday (Tab B). Cuba. Describe recent Soviet activities in Cuba Eluding (1) the rendezvous with the Soviet tanker, frigate, F-class submarine and tender and their present location in a port at the southeastern tip of Cuba, (2) continued evidence of construction activity in the Cienfuegos area, and (3) the possibility that other F-class submarines are operating near Cuba. Give the Vice President some general background concerning the understanding with the Soviets on Cuba. g~?..rui ti r irrc No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/09/01 : LOC-HAK-10-2-58-4 No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/09/01 : LOC-HAK-10-2-58-4 w - SECRET/NODIS - 2 -- Inteslligence ;Problems. Discuss the problems you are having with the products of the intelligence community and mention specifically the assessment of the missile buildup in Egypt. Chile. Brief the Vice President on the latest tactics and strategy for dealing with the situation in Chile. -- SALT. Brief the Vice President on our current strategy for the SALT negotiations (Sonnenfetdt's r .fiemo "SALT: The Shaker is punning Out" is at Tab C). Leaks. Indicate that we continue to have a major prob- lem concerning leaks of classified material from both the executive and legislative branches. China. The Vice President is undoubtedly concerned about trends in our China policy. Discuss the various aspects of the probloas which are now being studied, as reflected in your two recent NSSMs. Mora g - Assistance P? cks e. Ask the Vice President for his assessment of the prospects of the President's one billion dollar supplementary request for foreign assistance and discuss with hirn. the current tactics being followed by the Administration. World Situation. A brief global wrap-up on current world problerne similar to that used in your briefing to the Vice President in the past will be prepared by the Situation Room this morning and attacked at Tab D. AMH:JTH:mlc 12-8-70 S EC RET /NOII)IS No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/09/01 : LOC-HAK-10-2-58-4