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January 11, 2017
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February 23, 2010
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August 28, 1970
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No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/02/23: LOC-HAK-108-4-11-5 '\H:nl .U ,:AiNs1.)uax ~.~ NAT10NAL SECURITY COUNCIL Kh (not logged) SECRET/ShNSITIVE INFORMATION August 28, 1970 MEMORANDUM FOR DR. KISSINGE R FROM: Viron P. Vakyr:l SUBJECT: Chile- -Status Report You had asked that I do a memo to the President asking him to approve contact with the Chilean cut-out to staff an action proposal in the "Phase operation. I have not done so because it is no longer necessary. Both Ambassador Lorry and the Station came back saying not only was it un- necessary, but probably net fruitful to make this contact before Septern- ber 4. The cut-out will not know enough about the situation until then to provide the kinds of judgments the Station would want. Ambassador Korry and the Station have- -inexplicably td me- -revised their sense of urgency; they now say it is not only unnecesssary but undesirable to move immediately after the September 4 election. They believe we have at -least a week or so to get proper readings and prepare without danger and think we should take that time. CIA is. disseminating to the 40 Committee principals this afternoon a ,paper outlining possible operational alternatives, to meet specified situations, and posing the question of whether to proceed, how. and when. Agency views on the paper will be available Monday. My reading is that there will be disagreement among the principals on the whole idea. You therefore have two options: (a) a 40 Committee meeting to thrash out the views; or (b) try to staff a paper to the President with the various views embodied. My own'impression is that this is such a delicate and complicated question, and feelings sufficiently deep, that a meeting is very desirable. I do not believe that staffing it as a menncan give you the feel for it you should have, or that it..will, meet all of the principals' desire for a hearing. I will know better when I see the paper and learn more of the agencies' views, and will have a firmer recommendation for you later. ON-FILE NSC RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS APPLY . SECRET /SENSITIVE No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/02/23: LOC-HAK-108-4-11-5 41` page 1 of l.-