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January 11, 2017
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August 10, 2010
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December 29, 1970
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w DOJ, DHS Review Completed. ection to Declassification in Full 2010/11/05: LOC-HAK-108-7-14-9 NATIONAL SECURITY C(')UNCIL SECRET/EYES ONLY MEMORANDUM FOR: FROM: SUBJECT: O R ION INF 1, U -7 KISSINGEFt DR . Arnold Nachmanoff ~;; K-- 11.1 L-1-1-tIA Chilean Government Involvement in/ ////// ~ Narcotics Traffic Attached at Tab A is a coordinated report from CIA, Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and Bureau of Customs, on possible Chilean Government involvement in narcotics traffic. You will recall that we requested the report to see if any hard evidence could be obtained after receiving BNDD intelligence information from the Attorney General on poi Bible links between Allende and Chilean drug traffickers. In sum, the agencies report that they did nol: find confirmed information that directly implicates Allende or his top officials with the narcotics traffic. However, they/find that Chilean Government tolerance for this traffic is so pervasive that Allende (just' as Frei before him) cannot be ignoj ant of it for long. The report does note that Allende has appointed a known narcotics trafficker to a position in a new Chilean internal security service, and that Allende maintains a close personal relationship with another narcotics trafficker who reportedly contributed heavily to Allende's campaign. / It is not clear what actions, if any,/ Allende will take with regard to the .narcotics traffic. Frei, who was personally honest, apparently tolerated it, possibly because drug abuse is not a seri- our domestic problem in Chile. Allende, who has had no direct association with narcotics, but has other vices, may sanction the drug traffic for financial or political ends or possibly because some of his personal friends and supporters have an interest in it. The agencies are intensifying the coverage of drug traffic from Latin America, and it is possible that additional information on this matter may become available ili tinge, In view of the agencies finding I rec-ormmnend that nothing further be done at this tinge. I will remain in contact with the agencies and will inform you. if any additional significant information on tlii.s matter is developed. No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/11/05: LOC-HAK-108-7-14-9