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January 11, 2017
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September 30, 2009
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July 1, 1969
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No Objection To Declassification 2009/09/30: LOC-HAK-286-3-1-0 11from HAY. - Qs & .."' cotiutati~ns to cea/'from Addito btu. es b# the U. S.' Strategic /1 :o ~ ~+res;/fro m H A K IPC V ew oh ~ "rob1 ? ra Peru 1 ' es f orn, lA . Sear: ,ry Ro ens' h ofox~it~ GrirgtipsoT~t '-::. d aree/#rqm - Subj*,-tlyf Puiztien ` oposal for the i'satio. ?fCoAy 1 i `on u ith . .. lr+ m es/ ro HA y S M+ G t.. Mew fo r;r .es/from K. F ubjot r g A ~1 Ro e &,Ogg'' Memo fCa r a/ fr02n 3A ~ Su t : ~w cl Memo fot P 0.J rom' AK wubject: fsraa Mt3 fo Pre otn K - Sub e t .' weir Mo cow,ABM System fie" #ram Qovernor, at: - Reply to Soviet clea ` Program Response to You 'Memo fox r+ rrc K Su Sov% t A ti[ . ev to w s s Mho fc~r 'Pie 16afi~ Al ' -?Sii e t Mo hl .. a i ,. elx ? on o ozri x txr S Peru Mein ptes / ona.,EiAI Suhj t 1?ev awe. kw of Aichi Diecul ons on Qkin- emo xi + ,r r of . Cub Is 1 3 c? ei t of Argentina an Uhi1 ent X4g-ram Mersa `fns ~~a rom` hJ e z . ~ LA ~e talu on Vietnam 7 A fl fo '' /T t: . in g -T 3iafra Memo?1~~ VOW' Soh, Of-St4lok Dinner Coco an? No Objection To Declassification 2009/09/30 : LOC-HAK-286-3-1-0 No Objection To Declassification 2009/09/30: LOC-HAK-286-3-1-0 K - Subjoctr Hor durari-Salvadoran Merl fo r Pres/fro; 1IAK - Subject: E:1 1vkador-Honduras Dispute 10 Memo fox 0res?/fr6 -; A. -.Subjer, : Youir Appointment with Romanian ti-J 0, mba;ssad+ r?wB di, I:iday, n fl July ,' p.?. Memo for Pies/;from :HAK - Subj ect; Yaulx' Meeting with Helmut- 'Schmid Par ti n 'y Leador :of the West ?err is . $P , ox Friday, July 11 at 11 . M. x-10 Memo fa , e6/from 14 AK = Subj:ect froir: NA 'OAllies sultatigns Elicit Concern II s,urnrn.arizng the sustance of his? di,cussi rns - .~ _ t?: gnolicy Speech la Memo for res/f om HAK SubJ. Gro -nlli's' arei Merro fo-r res/f orn J4A axtvarding -1I Memo for free/from HAK - Subject Deai .Aphcsc 4's Views, on our Consulate in t?idesia x-11. Memo for Pres/from HAK Subject: Corr .tints of Ha? Van Lau, Deputy ref of tE e North Vietnamese Delp ton to the Paris: peace Talks, on the Current v: riamese-' ' -Dick 1 e1: ! report ob.Feter Grose-New York 11 Note to Pr iJrom 14A4'' a Times stQryy of dune 18 Menlo for ei/from;,NA1 - Subject;. ..Chile-An n Copper Agreement 11; Memo r es om HAK - Subject