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January 11, 2017
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October 9, 2009
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December 1, 1972
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No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/09: LOC-HAK-296-1-1-1 V 1P MEMOS FOR THE PRESIDENT November, 1972 .~- Letter to President Figueres of Costa Rica 4 f *./ rsu s Pat, 7 r, " f The Situation in Uganda 1 - Secretary' Laird's Views on Current Mid-East Situation 2 + Meeting with Academician M. V. Keldysh 3 -Waiver &? the Ten Percent Deposit Requirement for Military Assistance to Indonesia Under Section 514(b) of the Foreign Assistance Act + William Kintner Correspondence on Vietnam Assistance to Asians E pelled fro Uganda M ay. tort- IV rtw . of Ga 1 0" 4W + "V%4h d-' - " Letter to Shaykh Sabah al-Salim al-Sabah, Ruler of the State of Kuwait + Letter from General Westmoreland 8 4' Issues on SALT Letter from the President to US Golf Pro Jack Nicklaus for his cumin match with the Japanese Prime Minister Note of Appreciation from the President to Indonesian General Ali Murtopo for His Gift of a Golden Kris ,,. 13 4, Standing .Consultative Commission ,/13 Determination to Permit Military Assistance to Spain 14 + Japanese-Iranian LNG Project 14 - Edgar M. Bronfman Correspondence on Vietnam 14 4 Instructions for the SALT Delegation fi # Met Gvw++ c & i Civu 15 4' Air Support for Laos V 15 +- General Franco's Health Reported Failing ON-FILE NSC RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS APPLY No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/09: LOC-HAK-296-1-1-1 No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/09: LOC-HAK-296-1-1-1 qP November 16 T .Nuclear Controls in the Western Pacific and in Spain V"17 Senator Mansfield's Recent Speech and Account of His Dinner With Ch' iao Kuan-hua 18 Letter to Argentine Ambassador to Chile 18 +-- Letter to Melvin Laird re Jonathan Howe F7e, ) 20 00% Letter to Dr. Sanz de Santamaria, Chairman of CIAP e 20 Reply to Invitat'on from Lord Thomson /20 Letter from the President to Gerard Smith for the Opening of SALT 21 + Presidential Reply to Pope Paul VI 24 Proclamation of the Treaty on Extradition with Argentina 24 ''"!!" Ratification of Agreement with Brazil Concerning Shrimp V 26 4 Telephone Conversation with President Felix Houphouet-Boigny 27 Presidential Letter to Mexican President Echeverria s (,/cr ArR v*.- 27 Presidential Message for Colonel Acheampong of Chand. 29 Response to Secretary General Waldheim 29 'O* Walter H. Judd Correspondence 1 29 t' Standby Draft / 24 Cr1 r tt lea/ /10 . r?"-7t 1 K No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/09: LOC-HAK-296-1-1-1