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January 11, 2017
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November 13, 2009
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June 1, 1973
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? No Objection to Declassification in Full 2009/11/13 : LOC-HAK-297-2-1-9 HAK MEMOS FOR THE PRESIDENT May 1~j7~ May ~ ~ .SALT MIRV Limitations 1 ~ Presidential Reply to Malaysain Prizne Minister's Praise of Yaur Vietnam Policy / 1 1`' Presidential Reply to President Tito's Letter on the Middle East ~. 1 {-- Message from President Pompidou thanking you for congratulations on the results of the French election and your earlier message informing him of the contents of the communique resulting from HAK trip to PRC 1 ~ Meeting with Chancellor Wi11y Brandt i/~ ~- Meeting with Ambassador Bruce--farewell ~~ a,f ~p~~ .~,- Usla /'.3 -F' Reply to Prime Minister Bandaranaike on Aid to Sri Lanka 3 ~ Executive Privilege-Senate Foreign Relations Subcornmitte Request for Chile Cables ~/`3 ~" Signing of Annual Foreign Policy Report to the Congress r-- Messages from President Echeverria of Mexico expressing appreciation for courtesies extended him in Hawaii Meeting with David Packard prior to his being announced as the new Secy of Defense ~-- Brezhnev Conversation with Members of Senate Commerce Committee V~ 5 -~^^ US-USSR Bilateral Agreements 5 -{- Three problems on the Agreement on the Prevention of Nuclear War yr 5 i-- Kidnapping of Leonhardy, US consul-general. in Guadalajara /5 ~- Atmosphere of HAK trip to MosCOW and Zavidova /5 ~- World Press Reaction to Foreign Policy Report ~~7 + Brownell Report on the Salinity Problem with Mexico ON-FILE NSC RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS APPLY .r Meeting with Brazilian Soccer Star "Pele" to show support fox internationa: exchange of athletes 1" /~ ~ ~~~..:3 No Objection to Declassification in Full 2009/11/13 : LOC-HAK-297-2-1-9 No Objection to Declassification in Full 2009/11/13 : LOC-HAK-297-2-1-9 May $ }~' Report on HAK talks with Brezhnev while in Zavidovo $ ~-- Message to the Senate forwarding Amendments to 1960 Safety of Life at Sea Convention Message to the Senate forwarding US-Canadian Great Lakes Safety Agreement Proclamation of the Protocol Relating to an Amendment to the Conven- tion on International Civil Aviation -Ratification of the Migratory Bird Canvention with Japan -~Ratificatian of Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property Meeting with Donald Kendall re his recent negotiations with the Soviets providing for the sale of Pepsi Cola in the USSR /` 9 ~"- Presidential Letter replying to Ambassador Helms Reports on the Persian Gulf ~"` Presidential Letter to H. Guyford Stever on Meeting of US-USSR Science and Technology Commission """ Presidential Letter to President Bongo of Gabon replying to Invitation to Visit Gabon ~y~ T Rryry~~i~~o~~ Blancoy~, G[a~s Stimu~~l7jat~~ion Nuclear TLest/~~ ~ }, /~l~c.C~~ W