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January 11, 2017
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November 13, 2009
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February 1, 1974
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No Objection to Declassification in Full 2009/11/13 : LOC-HAK-299-1-1-8 ~' January 4 't n,~ January 5 '-' Memorandum for HAK from General Scowcroft re 1975 budget decisions, Defense Department. fromi Teanne Davis transmitting Presidential letters for Egyptian President Sadat and. King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Thomas Pickering, Exec.. Sec. , State Department, ~ January 10 ~" Memorandum for Roland Elliott, Anne Higgins from ,Harold Saunders, re Presidential letter to Secretary Butz fore Mission to Israel. January l0 'f" Letter to Pope Paul. VI from President Nixon, introducing ~.eorge Shultz, Sec. of the Tres:sury when he visits Rome. January 10 ? Mem.orandum for Chairman, U. S. Atomic Energy Commission January 14 January l4 from President Nixon re Amendment to the Cooperative Agreement between the t1. S. and the International Atomic Energy CornmiBSion. ~"' Letter to Mrs.. Harvey J. 1VIcFarle.nd, Picton, Qntario, Canada, #rorri President Nixon` condolences upon the death of her husband who was Mayor of ,Picton, Ontario. Memorandum far Secretary Kissinger from Robert D. Lindex re ratification of protocol relating to Amendment to Article 56 of Convention on International Civil Aviation. January 14 "' Memorandum for General Scowcroft from John Forebe forwarding message to 1'resxdent Exam Japanese Prime Minister formally accepting the President's Energy Con~> ference Proposal. r ~M ~N~ January l5 '+'"' Memorandum for the President from HAK transmitting letter of thanks from President Ceausescu, Romania. ON-FILE NSC RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS APPLY No Objection to Declassification in Full 2009/11/13 : LOC-HAK-299-1-1-8 No Objection to Declassification in Full 2009/11/13 : LOC-HAK-299-1-1-8 MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT 1974 ~anuary 15 ~" Talker far meeting with Anthony D: Marshall, U. S. Ambassador to Kenya an 1/16/74. ~',,r`` January 16 January 17 January 17 /January 17 January 18 January 19 J January Z1 .,I January 2.1 January 22 +l January 22 ~ Letter to Admiral Americo Deus Rodrigues Thomaz, President of Portugal, from President Nixon, presenting a flag and fragment of the moan brought back by the Apollo crew. f' Letter to Mr. Armand Hammer, Chairman of the Board, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, L. A. , California, from President Nixon, thanking him for conveying message given to him by General Secretary Bre~hnev. ~" Mema for HAK from Denis C1ift re energy conference acceptances. f Merna for President from HAK forwarding New Year's Greetings Ghinese leaders. 'f` Memo for .HAK from David D. Elliott re Report on Energy R &I?. !"' Letter to Prince Be-rnhard, Netherlands, from President Nixon, thanking him for'. forwarding copies, of Resolutions adopted by the Third International Congress of the World Wildlife Fund. ~" Memo far Secretary of State from President Ni~ton re sales, credits or guaranties to the Government of Ecuador under the Foreign Milita ry Sales Act. "~"' Memorandum for HAK front David Parker re ,proposal for an Oval Office meeting plus a small working dinner far King Hussein with the President. on 2/5. Memorandum for HAK from Robert D. Linder re. Praclamatian of consular convention with Belgium. '~' Letter to Prime Minister.Kakuei Tanaka, Japan introducing Hon. Warren Burger, .Chief Justice. J January 25 ~ Memo far Sec. Defense from HAK re military aspects of weather and other modification activities. No Objection to Declassification in Full 2009/11/13 : LOC-HAK-299-1-1-8 No Objection to Declassification in Full 2009/11/13 : LOC-HAK-299-1-1-8 1974 January 28 "~'"' Memo .for the Secretary of State from President Nixon re news media access to certain military bases abroad. January 28 ""~' Memo fox President Nixon from HAK re letters in connec- tion with the Israeli-Egyptian disengagement agreement. January 28 ~"" 1Vlemo for Sec. Kissinger from Denis Clift and Charles Cooper re Netherlands Energy Conference acceptance. January 28 f" Memorandum for HAK from. Wm. J. Jorden re Panama Canal Treaty Negotiations. January 30 '~`" Letter to President Lon Nol, Phnom Penh, from President Nixon on occasion of first anniversary of the GKR.'s declara- tion of a unilateral cease-fire. Janua~cy 30 '"'Memorandum for Sec. Defense from President Nixon, re award. of the National Security Medal to Dr. Louis W. Tordella. No Objection to Declassification in Full 2009/11/13 : LOC-HAK-299-1-1-8