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January 11, 2017
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July 10, 2012
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September 14, 1970
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-I-- ./1i 4,6 e . A No Objection to Declassification in Part 2012/07/10: LOC-HAK-460-5-2-3 ? _ ? ! !!0R LATION TO MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT FROM: Henry A. Kissir ger~ ~ / SUBJECT: Chile Ambassador Korry has rsipOaaded to our S&twr&, ' MORI/CDF C05138561 - pgs 1-4 =09040 askia g for his recommendations on courses ce action in CbUe to forestall Allen"* ? accession to the presi4enty. As you know, Kerry *In* received a cable fsram Seecreta.ry Rogers Farm tng him that no decisions had duet been queen in Was ngton sad instructing him to refraist from any direct or indirect politt"l activity pending instructions. Korry' a message to us reports late developments, lists what. be has been doing, and makes ndatians for future action. His basic strategy is to counter the terror that be says the Allende forces are now employing with various snasr&xuros focused an the economy, the armed forces. and direct action against "the mechanism that trumpets 'civil war'. "" He says that Frei must be prepared, as be has told him iaerdi tly, "to take out every skeleton in the crowded Christians Democrat closet to produce ceaiwert among his congress, to be prepared at this opportaAe to have the Carabineros detain the leaderships of the Commu"ni st and Socialist wee s, to frightaen the bell out of his armed forces and to panic the country into more dire economic cis unsob"r+e es. " -- Frei' a conversation with. Kash and A ssiats Ulf Spry of state for, Cultural Affairs Jean chardson, in which be cl,earuw wished to gat his impressions, 'through to you. Freei's basic message was to describe the serious c onseequ ences of as Afeeadae victory-, the fact that be was "pessimistic but not discouraged"; that the U. S. should say no$$ing and be as correct as possible; and that it the right message* could be quickly brought to the Chilean public that is getting distorted news, the Implication of an A - takeover, the climate might shift to permit Frei a more open role of challenge. DOS, NSS, review completed HAK: W _ , .. , .,.. No Objection to Declassification in Part 2012/07/10: LOC-HAK-460-5-2-3 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2012/07/10: LOC-HAK-460-5-2-3 V - TOP SEC11T/SENSITIAVE/EXCLUSIVELY EYES ONLY -- Frei's mess&Se to certain generals that he intends to resign shortly after September 18- 19, to permits by constitutional methods, an interim governor east and new elections in which he would stanei.. Worry later comments that be is not certain that Frei really msaar to resign, beat instead may be stirring the pat to stop any recognition by the armed forces of Allende.) - - Frei's parallel move to have General Xiauz, leader of last October's arty sitdown strike, an anti-st declaration in a few days. -- Alllaeede's $pooch yesterday in which he threatened a mass takeover of factories and farms by "the people" if his victory was "staleen. " - Plans to turn the big military parade on. September 19 into a tremendous anti-Comm nist rally for Fred. -- Formation of a joint Aleaaandri-Freei-Christian Democratic Party covert propaganda mechanism to inflate Frei and help the media personnel who are opposed to a Communist takeover. Ko Acs He not.. that prior to the message from Secretary Rogers, be had encouraged, without risking your prestige, the above measures and sought to arraag, the folhewing: To have the Chilean government accept Allende l s request to seek to calm the panic that is prof acting the economy, but in a way that would also recite the horrendous problems affecting the country and thus create serious doubts among the masses that supported Allende and force the Christian. D emc+crats, whose votes Allende needs. into serious ... To have the armed forces ", aptly reminded" that U. S. laws under certain conditions would be automatically invoked by Allende government actions and load to a total ban an U. S. arms and spare parts sales, thus leaving Chilean. defenseless. CKET / SEN Y EYES ONLY No Objection to Declassification in Part 2012/07/10: LOC-HAK-460-5-2-3 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2012/07/10: LOC-HAK-460-5-2-3 T 2P SECRET/ SI SITIV J EX+ LUS IV .Y EYES ONLY .- To have the + stian Democrats in the Allen" camp reminded that almost all Chilean I dustry, which to incomparably larger and were complex than Cuba, is depondest on Ti. S. ttcl logy, credits and fiery. Kerry antes that flue bask point of his efforts is to seek a pose that at best helps p" teei in tht constitutional play to stop Alloado and at the same time improvers our (and the Christian errata') bargaining position with a possible Allend. go er'nmeat. Tbo focus of ttw pressure is both an the masses and the Christian Uenwerats. He says that he is trying to canary We out while projecting a cool uni"rte posture that convinces the press. U. S. beraksiness, and even our awn bureeancracy that we are not In turning. Korry adds that $ rani is correct in wanting us to say and do nothing overtly that would make his task harder, that this does not mean that either rroi at Retry want as to act as if we thought we were Us beeUevaei that "it we can defeat Al e, and if a man such rat to the instr eeae~tality, it can only serve our purposes in the region and in the world, " "Roo suggests bind effort to have stories published about the precipitous Communist takeover already of the meeaa, the universities, and many key elements in tko society; on the economic siatreation and the consequence a. As A similar but more discroet .ffort c mr ing the deems of the awn armed forcea an U. S. supplies; .._ The dispatch to ego of a specialist to writ+ for dissomlastion under Korry'aa directioee. - A deep bacitgreunder by a high official here in Washington for a select group of U. S. editors or publishers on the facts in Chile. -- A White lion . effort to persuade airlines to have extra flights from Santiago to fiuenoaa Aires right after the congressional M& to allow anti-AUtend. Chikleaens to lave the country. TOP SECRET SENS '1VElEXGLU$IV"Y CYES.ONLY No Objection to Declassification in Part 2012/07/10: LOC-HAK-460-5-2-3 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2012/07/10: LOC-HAK-460-5-2-3 a ? TOP SECRXT/S IvE EXCLUSIV LY EYES ONLY -4., -- Asseaeracces to key Cbiloans that they will be able to enter the U. S. U the and-Allende effort fails. -- Efforts with Argsntiaeea to allocate publicly extra funds to ham&* OAI"ns Who might leave the county need mouth. smr to support to vabom congressm sk. tOw now pro-r i pro"ganda 25X1 dal players in thee Same, and -- State Depaxtnunit support of Korry'a position that no ALt) hoods in the pipeline be disbursed or any new All) personnel go to CbUo unless recommend ed by him. He close # by expressing his concern that there seems to be a lack of comapteete ander between State and himself as to the basic U. S. policy line. He pees that deliboratlons now underway will produce a clear policy Use and support for his Embassy, wbich be says is In corAqAete agreement, in efforts "to forestall or at bast mitigate wham could be a serious defeat for the United States. of He wands you to km w of his profound gratitude for your support, which has been in4spensablee and is deeply appreeciataed. TOP SECRET/SENSITIVE/EZCLUSIVELY EYES ONLY No Objection to Declassification in Part 2012/07/10 LOC-HAK-460-5-2-3