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January 11, 2017
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January 5, 2010
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November 9, 1970
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' No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/01/05: LOC-HAK-460-5-6-9 No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/01/05: LOC-HAK-460-5-6-9 af 7C717?l Security Deci ioll 1Vieino'1 1.~1tE:z1'tl ~~~ TO: Secretary of State Secretary of Defense 'Director, Office of Emergency Preparedness Director of Central Intelligence ON-FILE NSC RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS APPLY ;X :W:s A :x:.f ve at, a w~- Rd' .; xt s ? . ai rrtws.:xaa,,. to establish and maintain close relations with friers y - 1 on Noveh"iber b, 9 tTie'Ilifex- policy* toward Chile wwrill be the concept underlying Option C of agency paper submitted November 3, 1970 by the Department of State for the consideration of the National Security Council as outlined in the guide-- lines set forth below. The President has decided that (1) the public posture of the United States will. be correct but cool, to avoid giving the Allende government a basis on which to rally domestic and international support for consolidation of the regime; but that (2) the United States will seek to maximize pressures on the Allende government to prevent its consolidation and limit its ability to implement policies contrary to U. S. and hemisphere interests. Specifically, the President has directed that within the context of a publicly cpol and correct posture toward Chile: .. vigorous efforts be undertaken to assure that other govexnrezlts in Latin America understand fully that the U. S. opposes consolida- tion of a communist state in. Chile hostile to the interests of the United States and other hemisphere nations-, and to the extent possible encourage them to adopt a similar posture. close consultation be established with key governments in Latin America, particularly Brazil and Argentina, to coordinate efforts to oppose Chilean moves which may be contrary to our mutual interests; in pursuit of this objective, efforts should be increased dl military at the meeting of the National Security Council 7a'vllov.ting the discussion 70 the President has decided that the basis for our leaders in the hemisphere. TOP SECll_TISENSITIVE- I1~YES ON1''y No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/01/05: LOC-HAK-460-5-6-9 necessary act.,,"..._ fr assistllcc Zcin, 'exclude, to tii~' ::t t i11V 4' S tjllt i1i. tt14 a. rivate r U.S.xarxl ax P 1?xo f , a lees .w,_y`,., litee nr ~~^7-rl those 1 G r ~_..~ rt_YIXSP ~ 7~Litl:i . fisting guar ~t,:~.ce ;.~ Lch ex detexzil,.ztc ii?t a~:tc tit. t,C~ termitte4i saz reciuc;c ; a:rxangenav:x,- in international bear to,.~5S1tc`~11Ce c. bring xxld iYl~u1~1 feasible ex fi.nal`de t to limii mt cruenGe de to coordinate t ons e dit or atl. i be made A,f fair s , and chair e Y the establishrnent a w~~tic,na~l :Crc~,t:7 Y 5ccr c=tarics of State anc r~ pr4:sentativcs of the , and the Pre; iclctat'ssslstant for Grntral' laYt.clli.t;crxcc b of the SecxeiarY of State, to the representative G Government of Clnle w if the U. S. character will be Garlsidexecl illeod on a but case way ter hated air et1G} itntelzts will be be reduced, educed, delay s ed in or wi-ach existing Gomm they Gould b desires to do so, Should be esamined? er cney " that the Director of the office of _on s of possible ent has directea S ~r. e aTA e a study which sets forth the implicati The Presid stor.k,.,.;file disposal actions i c,ur 1CSs l .a r cc, PIt 1: x:ct clevclapix7cntS in of E;i=zlr:.t.. f may affect the rx~arlcc Ling other factors as they relationships with Chile. eview Groin? sheet ynonthly ific policy issues `v t ic President also has directed that the Senior enior spec ~Ve been The to consider or more frequently as ne eral xy to report actions which 1< posture, stions vrhich lmay tecl the #rarnnd to of this genera ecific policy quest! present to hinn. further sp Process the Preside nohjssing take- , and to To facilitate this p pxa Working Group, require leis decision. re ctor of 1]i , g # an Ad Iloc Inter, ency 1 nP f ~,nsc , the l0f''i ?.A.;. e p friendly "at ns g unilateral U S p objective of le .- S zrlvustlxlents y t U S. priVate business interests athex concgerr with ssure th l e and f C_tii a opexati.ans in Chile are made aware o~exnxe~ or cut Gavernment vie :vs the Go h the U S G which the U: S o111 s v.h the restrictive nature of the p intends to f611LOV*. nts be undertaken '~~ith the namic aid comnzitt~te riwate social no ne~~r l~ii~lter:~.l eco t-,clrnat~it~.rian or P -154. 't]ssis no - vot'iV111ZS of c finat1rial instltu ectionefforts shoes olio #rQrn other to Chile (in this conn, this p y - ---~;,M?tim suPl~bit for n,~,a?ricc"1. with. the Tan srCRr _. WSITIV r'Y Es ONLY No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/01/05 : LOC-HAK-460-5-6-9 roue .es of notion and related action plans for the consideration of the Senior Review Group and to coordinate inip=lcz'n_'nta- tion of :approved courses of action. CC: Secretary of the Treasury Administrator, A. I. D. ~irec tvr,7ff`i?c,,bf 1'at and Setx.M.::: No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/01/05: LOC-HAK-460-5-6-9 )I'S ONLY Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff TOP SEC1tl T/SENSITNF./EYES ONLY No Objection to Declassification in Full 2010/01/05: LOC-HAK-460-5-6-9