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January 11, 2017
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December 14, 2010
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December 4, 1973
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No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5 I TOP SECRET./SENSITIVE EXCLUSIVELY EYES ONLY MEMORANDUM OF CONVERSATION PARTICIPANTS: Major General Brent Scowcroft Peter W. Rodman, NSC Staff TIME AND DATE: PLACE: SUBJECTS: Han Hsu,. Deputy Chief of PRC Liaison Office Chi Gh'ao-chu, PRC Liaison Office Tuesday,. December 4, 1973 4:30 4:55 p.m. The Map Room The White House EPS Protection for PRCLO; USS Hancock in Indian Ocean; Oklahoma City in Taiwan Straits; Chilean Executions;, PRCLO Telephones [Mr. Rodman greeted Mr. Han and Mr. Chi at the Diplo- matic Entrance. He mentioned that the dim lights in the Diplomatic Reception area were signs of our efforts to conserve power, Mr. Han commented on the warm weather we had been having in Washington. Mr. Rodman pointed out that that, too,' had been arranged by Dr. Kissinger to con- serve energy. General Scowcroft then arrived. Scowcroft; Are you in your hew home? Han: Yes. Scowcroft: Are you satisfied with it? Han: Yes. We can take walks in the evening. Behind the building. TOP SECRET /SENSITIVE EXCLUSIVELY EYES ONLY DOS, DHS, NAVY No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5 W W TOP SECRET /SENSITIVE EXCLUSIVELY EYES ONLY .Scawcroft: Very nice. Hain.: It's near Rock Creek Park; there are a lot of trees. Behind is the Fortuguese Embassy, and fhrther behind is the French Embassy. I think it is a very good location. Scowcroft; I think it is one of the prettiest spots in the city. I had two or three things to mention to.you. First, on the Secret Service. I want to make sure you are comfortable with the new arrangement before I let the Secret Service go. You under- stand how it will be done now? The Executive Protective Service will .have a permanent guard to watch over the Liaison Office. That is augmented by patrols at frequent intervals. Han. That is a little bit different from what the State Department told us.:. They said they would 'be only mobile patrols, and not stationary. Scowcroft: Hm, My, understanding was. different. Whatever the State Department told you is probably correct. I'll check. But you under- stand the difference? Between the Secret Service which went with you everywhere, and the Executive Protective Service arrangement? Han: We will do whatever you think is proper. We have no specific requirement of any kind. And also, I would .like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to the Secret Service for what they did for us. They were very he.lp- .ful, and we have a very good relationship with them. Scowcroft: Good. I will check with the Secretary on the other. If the Executive Protective Service isn't good, we can always go back to the Secret Service. Han: We would like again to thank the Secret Service, and Dr. Kissinger. Scowcroft: No thanks are necessary. We think it is part of our respon- sibility. But you are very nice. TOP SECRET /SENSITIVE EXCLUSIVELY EYES No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5 w TOP SECRET"/SENSITIVE. EXCLUSIVELY EYES. ONLY For your information, we have an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean, the USS Hancock. We are in the, process .of replacing it now with another, the USS Oriskany. ?That's an American Indian name. So... Chi: What is, that? Scowcroft: The Oriskany. O-R-I-S-K-A-N-Y. It is an American Indian name. It is going through the Indonesian Straits now. So we will continue to have a carrier there. During Dr. Kissinger's discussion with your Prime Minister, the question came up of how the Taiwan authorities had advance knowledge of our cruiser Oklahoma City going through the Taiwan Straits at the time of Dr. Kissinger's visit to Peking. We provide our own officials on Taiwan information on all U. S. ships that are going to go through the Straits. Our officials then routinely notify Taiwan officials of those sai.lings, and in this particular case that routine notification was given to the Taiwan authorities on the 31st of October. While the Oklahoma City did not enter your territorial waters, we do think it was not appropriate for it to go through the Straits at this time. As Dr. Kissinger pointed out, we kept our aircraft out of the area so they wouldn't go near during his visit. We assumed our military would do the same with everything. Our only excuse is one of stupidity on the part of some of our officials. It should not have happened. [Laughter] Now, your Prime Minister asked that Dr. Kissinger look into the question of executions that have taken place in Chile. We have looked into it, and this is the most honest assessment that we are able to find: On October 24, the Chilean authorities announced that immediate executions -- that is, on-the-spot executions -- would no longer take place, and that persons caught in the act of resisting the government would be held for military trial, trial in a military court. Since that time, since October 24, seventeen such executions TnT qT.-t'D Zi"m /c L- TTCTT'TSTt'` / r Nrf-T TiCCTITL^T "CT T."tTTTC t-%i%VT -tT No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5 TOP SECRET /SENSITIVE EXCLUSIVELY EYES ONLY -4- following military trial have been announced by the authorities. The executions which have be en publicly acknowledged by Chi-lean author- ities, both in the early days when they were. executing on the spot, and those seventeen, now total one hundred, with an additional forty which the Chilean authorities have said were shot while trying to escape. Our impression is that military and police units in the country are generally complying with these orders to refrain from these instant executions. At least the frequent use of violence that marked the early phase of the coup has abated. But there are no indications that the regime is prepared to abandon these military trials or executions following these military trials. We think that developments in this regard will be influenced in the future in part by opinion outside the country, but in part by the assess- ment by the authorities of their own internal security situation. I should make clear that the U. S. does not approve of these execu- tions. We have in the past and will continue in the.'future to make our position known to the Chilean Government. That is all I have. These are the things Dr. Kissinger promised your Prime Minister. Han: As we are not aware of the contents of the discussion between Dr. Kissinger and the Prime Minister, this will be reported, of course. If we have any comments, we will report to you. Chi: There is one other matter: Mr. Thomsen is coming by tomorrow to install the phones. We would like a different arrangement in the new offices than we had before. We used to have one phone in my room and one in Mr. Han's room. There will be no need for this arrangement in the new quarters. We would like a phone in our duty office, and a switch so that the official in our office can switch the call to the Ambassador or to Mr.. Han or myself. Scowcroft: Would yo u like me to speak with Mr. Thomsen, or would you like to speak to him? Chi: I would .like to speak with Mr. Thomsen first, before he comes. TOP SECRET /SENSITIVE EXCLUSIVELY EYES ONLY No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5 TOP SECRESENSITIVE EXCLUSIVELY EYES ONLY IV, Scowcroft: Why don't I have Mr. Thomsen call you at 9:00? Chi: You can reach me at 797-9000. That is our duty office. Or at 797-8878. That is another number where I can be reached. Scowcroft: Has your move been satisfactory? Han: Yes. Scowcroft: Is there anything we can do? Han: Not at the present time. But if there is anything you can do, we won't stand on ceremony! [Laughter] Scowcroft: Good, [N. B. - General Scowcroft called Ron Thomsen of WHCA immediately after the meeting and asked that he call Mr. Chi at 9:00 a. m. the next morning before going to the Liaison Office to install the .new phones. ] TOP SECRET /SENSITIVE EXCLUSIVELY EYES ONLY No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/12/14: LOC-HAK-462-9-22-5