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January 11, 2017
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October 28, 2010
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November 1, 1974
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No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/10/28: LOC-HAK-550-2-67-5 If, 106 2ECBEI . 001064,i NOY 74 ZFF'-l FF--4, tYtc. Mi 1ki: ,IfUATIGN; W00i ,TCY A i ithA~SY" i(A UL .T 0 P ,, L C it T Si:NSI1IVk: CONTAINS ~t?LEr OhL TNPLT $ECTIUN 01 G KYW TA}t1.`. T?AsS TC SRLM.&N/G?MPE,Fi_ FUR 1HL SECRETARY -N>J)li4>R t L ;OHANLU tf FW1 S t;k :TARY' K'I: S I Ni LR ' ON4 TkE S,IIUATIO k0CM Stj ~1IIC I ti'Ok 4A11QN. IT'E j:. P00400t Y.. ON' Thl, IMPORTANCE OF ThE VLAGIVOSTOk SUM. IT: l}URING KIS,YIS T TO INLA00, IN MI'D-OOT09Eh, SOVIET ?hr.Si1.LPgT PL)Daokivy 01u,$7,014,00 LY wITH:;FINN >Stt1. F'kSF,SIDI7 NT t EKKON&N ABOUT SOVIFJ-- . i , .AII N$ ANf IN IMPORTANCE OF UTC 0'R1 ti, Av ate. ~ 'QD 1y-SA D T:KAi "AN UNOLFd:STANDIiv,,j. AT ThJE hIGk . T Li~VEL" hAO vACKEv L : 'W 4N ThL. US: it APD Tft U.S. UNLEh PAA .SIDLN1 NIX T;h;.AT` JE HAD-8t-EN A MAN TCi. WhG l THEY COULD itLLAT ANu wtTH, WHAM Tk -J LOULU NEGOIZAh Mt4TUAL P GiL~ r$ iVG t~IFFF.FtLr~w S Zq G''INION!f'. F'OCGOhNY SA.iE; THAT THE scvIE:ts U s RE THAT Trrl~, $I .ATIt?NS?HIF c mUTUAL. UNDER STANiylNta' CWNIINUL UITH ThL U.S. UNL3EE YUUw. LLhti1RSh1P. ' C)WINY UOI MMli:NlirO T'HAT STATEMENTS. by YOU AND ME VOWING Tr,, CO.NTittiUE THE NIKON F'CkIIGX POLIO,Y HAVE SEEN RLASSURING Io THE-SDVILI LLAI)i-f(ShIP b UT THAT THEY AkE Ri SE'FtVXNG JUmDMEN1 UNTIL Ti .Y CAN AS$E SS YOU FE: iSOi ALLY? ' U0NSL Q : TLY, wCtr i.-' I C, THt Sc ik.T Pl?E,S1L& T, THE AL :TINE WITH YOU IN VLPL I- VOSTOK XS OF 5FLCIAL IMPORTANCE TO XHT,. SOVIET L :ALE Sh IF 6LOAUSE' It WILL GIVE Tkii AN OPPOhTUNITY TO GAUcL YOU Al FIF$,I HAGS XLXKONT N -- WHO HAS D ALT WITH THE TOP StGVIE.T LEAL` :fiS i+'O} ;iAN ' YEAH ?.... IiLT.F:VE, T Ii-C ovIET , FEEL cCN1I;~ENT I :ALIN -. WL,TH A COUN` RY G6LYI IhEY ARE ABLE TO GDIME `10 At CERTAIN UN} W~AgDIN3 WITH I1s LEAH&R, BECkUsE iil .Y S .a. ".7 {'k r tiumBZk ONE .iAoirr IN A NA1ION-AS hsEING L, E GELY H~SPON 4hL.E M0h `PSLIUY A' I A &:~. ik :CUTIwN. 1H Y ALS(. FELL THAT AT TN LEAl'.rS[?IP LEVEL. ?'A! aiE IS: NO ChI+.ANfihY" ,.._. I.E., Ti AT LC'ADE'ik ShOUL hi': 'TrihtlGhTPUb/riT1s "SA.' ING Ir AN} LY NOW TfINGS STACK UP." hk:KKLNEN THU WO CLUCE,E i`RO HIS 1ALKS WITH d'GD Of NY THAT. iKE MEETING 6k,TWEL:iw Y ,,U ANc BR 1$NEV IN VLAUIV`C3TOK Ia tk. CkITIC L ONE Fl O'i IHL o Ire.(' vrIL,' , P.a I. No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/10/28: LOC-HAK-550-2-67-5 2EN2111AE No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/10/28: LOC-HAK-550-2-67-5 ,(FuFr l _Al OILY) -- KE1c; CNE'K ALSO SA.IU.. THAT IT iAS L3vI uS Fiioi"t P0,PGOk YvS F7I;MARKS &HAT TkE SOVI . " LEADERSHIP HAS AN UNUSUALLY HIG i &iE:S'E.CT FOR AN b C QNF'IW E:NCE I(,' YOU ABED THAT YOUfi CoNTINUATI Sty; o 'lY ICE, IS A co$I "Iv FACToR 14,4' Chhi1lx Cta`1xRE T AMS :" ~i1~T ; ? -LT r i ist SAL"LI ARAk IAW OIL POLICILS,t ANGTH ,F(; SPINOFF, OF Terii i AL T A1tAt SUQQII COG. : rAS` ibi F-N A REAF"FIi'tt'!ATION OF d'T~4'TLC; SAUDI, POSITIONS, T'HAT' A 6:14EABLE RE:DUCT16N I + OIL RlCi1S Il~. UNLMiLY A L T8AT Ah NBAR6)' o ILL SE:. I1'l OSa 1F CCii~ I >Ti~is.l . NECE$ZARY, TK,Z'" U.S. EMEASSYY" IN RABAT h AS likP RIEL ?T'ii6a''T.yAi?Bt~A L4A b tS. AI'PARENILY CLCIL~iw,L. GN A S Y ~a~301.ICP ItL DUCT ION I YRIC1asv Gig. ON TALKS WITH. CON;;Ui?ii*?h : WHICH r',IC-ria, k E ULT ?? 1 .... "TCiK lu REDUCTION ari rHEEi E Iii; RIC :,; Al CUiH.If .Nl LE:vEL?S, a,aii hiiI6CiKAI'IOi~ O}' TF"1I HAS LUN1S. rlhOtai; EDIT,;It i; b,RC.h G i4as luRO- XU i iE1 AtritASSALUR X'ICX{ERIN(i. IN A ,,NAli THAT AC C; i "ING' TO ',E{ SERS OF ThE; SAUDI rii Lit:taATIpti TO THE t AE T C, N . "EI E.NCE:s- hiw SAU61 S HAb HOP4U FOR A TLN PERCENT RL- DiCT I CN I ; OIL PFIC;ES b.UI THAT THIS AS FAC 3ASL"Y NOT ACHIEVALLEI THEY SAID THAT }?USIINS F`"" IT, X~UWEVERa P(OVIDEU ADDITIONAL UN~-. SLRANCE A~GAINST,.F'tio $IER PRi~.SSUI FOR INCR,i Aa'E:T1 FRIC S IHIS YEAk, ULSOkCHGHAV AbOEL THAT SAUQI F01)ElGN IINI i'LF4 S i+aauiAw. TOLD U H R AitAS LE.AOLRS ThX "CIIL 6EAlJ0N" ~OUL6 1101 i:E Us .V DURIN+1 PEACETIME LU { OUi,L, C.E Iti1EDIAT'L,E IN TITU'I,-, IN '1?Hi E;tiEI r OF lwirari? 'AY$AL Ti L CTH R ARAB THAI' LEADUS ,OSU N : STA PS ShO LL NOT YA t Trill .Al NlN Q 5TA,T9M NTa ABOUT AN OIL. E; SAR O AT I`HIS TIki:,, bUi TkAI F:E; c ILL IMPOSE: ONE I F !SHAW FORCE' ,S O1 W l 1`Eft RAW FROM OCCU?IE:D ARAB -?EHRII'QkIE;5 wi:I"i~lltw A REASONABLE ? lF 16, r TiikIl;3N TN, S S N lw HoES I A's OUR ECM' BASL Y I N 6LANTY'i E Rx' Oh IS A NVE?R$AT'IUeN LIIITH A SEASONED $OU1rt AFi,ILAN P OURNALIST" R?: IidF:irJ' IN RHOi;1LSIAr TRX MAIN POINTS WERE is Pk;LIL.X' THAT Ot)N.TIf4u4C FIE MING1ITY kUL1 15 OOMED 8UT THAT Chi FRO" SSAi4s Lao NU! YET" F EALILE ThiXi?IH f'LILHi, kh s IC ai4AT wr tILE. HHPEAL IF Thi. YRU At"iENi t?1-?N'I 4OULb HAVE St' AL . a k F'E CI? WN `,i't2E Et CNU""fly ? 1'.HI:. ","YOhOLOGICAL hi,?LAL;U:5SIOoS Q Fil'iClii7i;;,iiAi t i~iiT'E. EOL1i.T'Y 0OLLu" UK LXTRE:L LY INFUh'IANT, iii:. H CALL EPA T'l~~ SUE+IL.~,' TOi~i Ti AI ~t:M, rHL THE AI"rE:NDMENX IN 1a7Ir F ICi ~A:; ~' 1'y:ty A6 I'FtiL1 E' i:iJ" TFtE; Y I F;i AND RIGHIEQUSl :.^8 Or T'hE WHITE UALE,.r SOUTri A ICPAiv4 A;,i"~XAN L 1AL "S i'A :1LIAN OF;i: X i';" I,,lsT ii MWAA '`kA H P4Fkf RTEta Li~t`+(:T I(1 C,'jk A,"iL'tS ALO IN, LLL::.ACA HIS 'xh k HLUN ANC ~`C; Fi 1`1 ,u I U SiO I~1i w MUIh F~i I CAN CUUNT'i ht AiyT, ULLEi4.' Iii l?ii YuFK LAST mULLES ,AeiblA ACiiEELu i TALi~ f SAT" Cu vvlC i1 HA i..i nyI K Gi I:{' GChitI IJN 11"i SLUIH AFeTCANS RAC' v0',N ? H.lNO 16 uHr ;ik PQNDINai TO riuLLEH';a VULSIIC;1`~t ~di SAIL F:. 1..L... 4111 AllI'.1 ?. WAC`t1: c..OUTH .. AF IcA 'O T1~ij A'~ S S w 1 ~~ .~U1~5 N t;..: ~'", ihvO~.aS A rii:~ 'i;..~,, d'~sP'?E r IUfTFUL. UN AUT'r,jnIlY U4.Eil. F:1 i;a 6,Li i r!w c, U 1wAANCA AGefi.L .O E'"ACILiTATir. OU'I A; FIw, Q IrkC; F+ LiNCi O thAl t,ILAI~JIAL ! L.Ti IO'idS COL+LL; f ~, J4Al"1I ? LL? P1j II1 LNL; 0F I fiE HE.V'Ii.W ~t AA hCiA 3AI tF FtyW. s : fi i1: JUi3I F_E;LLIL.ii ! URGENT FrE.&Ui~S! FIF../? r!uL r H 1 ['P t rz E~,p,Aw ,,s..?I IIr;, i OC VT I U&. 'siiE. is I `Lc. H ~ ~ A.. it r t~ 1 r .." t A S L I ? f- i t ik u TOP SECRET SENSITIVE No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/10/28: LOC-HAK-550-2-67-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/10/28: LOC-HAK-550-2-67-5 ECBEI 2WAE ENSITIVE TOP SECRET A F D 2 0.0, D: NY. QXH. . 1 $1 NOV 74 L: 'F-1 FF-4 :ph IFNi tHE :flUAT10N: HOLOp'l' TO A r; t4 A~SY KABUL T 0 P S E C R E T SENSITIVE CONTAINS CODE:wuhh WH43o1 3 INAL SE? T4CON 0,a> EM,I ASSY IN KINSI'ASAI A SE.CIii~T MEETING LiE'TW LA ii LLE;tti ANLF 14 P ASOMAL ENVOY of Mtj6UTU, NOW SCFI tit1LE5 OR NQvE.,m4k 9 I1,4 PARS,, (HORAN) tIL.YTA tl ASSISTANCE To~ E,?i ICPIAS R ,CENT CU?31iLNI . W t,, p# mAb V 0 1 S of MI01ARY AI. FROtJ, U41I.tNA. ApJL THE St VIE1, UNION 3.UT D( .S NUT" INTEJJE3 Tt; CoNSIr ,j 1-Hr1 So LG Ni : AS r Hr u~S . CONTINUO Ti.) F`RCVIL'E WhAT X1810PIA. Ei~ a, 1ctI; IS Nt x' I".HE F."IA U fl Po tT wE: HAVE HAt OF Cumk.;UNIST AID oi1ERS, WhICN Na Lo1i"6f A i El F&:Z TC3US IN AN .E F JRT to GET ,ii;RL u.S. AID* t HIL GENERAL A"1AN h&PORT'iriDLY IS tLA RSri;E.L,y. HL ASED WIW NEW MILITARY EWLIP- MENT 8LCLNTLY. SENT'I`0__0 tlOPIk CAN YDUF INs ?kUCT1o[ Sr btw' 1: MOST' ANXIOUS 10 HAVE: A riESt'GN~,E; 1?'RU(Ii YOU 10 HIS LATES1 i t~ESf' NC E 5I ANOUK TF AVLL.S Z'G ALGFFiIA2 PhIN 5lNtatrt UK A1 - RIVED Ida. PL.GIER~;, oN OC% CF? ; Eb Io ATTEND ThE ' rh Ai WIVEHSAt Y OF THE ALGtjn IA,N Hi=,.VGLUTIpti. Ot~, QLTb6Lk Zip r;E. MP-r W1Tt: 8o L- MEDIENE. THk C :Lk6FAIION LASTS Uhl'IL. -NMLMiIiOl 3 AND WILL 6 _ ATTENDED EY' THF, hLADS- or MIACwY + CV .Rsvt;ENI';; Atmi. CEDE RAT1c IGVi iy1ENTS INCLUDI&G 1?ING FAISAL< SADAT, ASAC s A" NUi3AYFi1. I"H STATUS LAP' TF,1?". E,FF'UR1.. TO SEA1" ( htvK. IN TF?E UN NU LL U1 '.ILL Dh' DISCU: SEu LURi4C SlliAl"N ,Uos. 'VISIT, bEL1EVL T'hE ALG i"iltit" AHE ND LONGER OPTImISTI4, ASUUI f.CiilE. ittit~ THIS A.NIJ. MAY Ih:TEN4 :0 HAVE SIHAi OUK PEhSONALLY LO>:a$Y 'WITH THE 5 , I HIS PAF I i~:C;Ll.!L Y WITH PRibGt1R Ar"'tAt`s>r a0 14~SURE Ut' TO wIN 111L11r UPPDttT. t*ii'X :iYrY. 25X1 25X1 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/10/28: LOC-HAK-550-2-67-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/10/28: LOC-HAK-550-2-67-5 CA IIBa1 N HEALIS OF STATE EET NGI G6UYAi4A I~ FRUmUTIN A EETIt C EASILY NEXT Y4AR OF THE hEAUS OF 't'tw. C;ARIi Si;: ,N UOVE.RNMENTS. AVUR HIS U TURN FROM rk~ UNGA' FCihE,IGN MINI- STER ~Ai?pfAL WAIL) TH Hh; WAS CCNSIL RAHLE SUPPutT F'OR. 5UGW A-M .ETING1, h. BkLI .UES IT WILL Sir' 'HELD Yi,i T i IP,E,, SAIG ihL UF..I`AILS OF'.ThE ACRkf-MiNl~ WE.Rk uI",rE SATIS `AL'"OhY to Ch:ILE, PAkTICULk,JLY TF..U;WL. i TTk. FRPNCi? AND 'k"RMANY9 i4 4L hilt Z, LLKINu~ A.)C',II1-16 AL u LT'AIL.s ON IhL {G E-- IE.NTE+. (LOW) UUI TOP EGRET SENSITIVE No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/10/28: LOC-HAK-550-2-67-5