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January 11, 2017
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October 1, 2009
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September 1, 1970
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No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 HAK CHR ONS September, 1970 ~ -Kept = Thrown out Septernbe r l -Behr Memo: Shakespeare Note on CBS Views on US Space Program 1 ~ Holdridge Memo: Scheduling of Your Meeting With Japan Self-Defense Agency Director Nakasone 1 -Memo for HAK: Message to President Nixon from Gav of Lower California Accepting Invitation to Diaz Ordaz Dinner 1 -Letter to Mr. Stanley Stern: Acknowledging his letter 1 ~ Haig Memo: Trip Options in View of Nasser's Death 1 ~ Msg from President .to Tito offering to cancel visit due to Nasser's death (NOT USED) l ~ Message to Arnb Leonhardt (same subject) (NOT USED) 1 ~ Message to Ambassador Leonhaxdt: Forwarding letter from the President to president Tito: Nasser's Death 1 ~ Haig Memo: Proposed Meeting with John Ehrlichrxian `. and Ken Cole 1 ~ press Guidance for Ziegler on Senators' Letter to the President on Vietnam Ceasefire 2 -Memo to Agencies: Correspondence from Congressman Chet Holifield Concerning Pugwash Conference 2 -Letter to Mr. Harrison Brown: ~ Potential contribution by the National Academy of Sciences to ,new aid program 2 -- Memo for the Sec of Transportation: Anti-Sabotage Detection Devices and Systems for Use Against Airplane Saboteurs 2 ~ Holdridge Memo: Another Visit by Senator Tran Van Don 2 ~ Haig Memo: Gleason Case 2 *Holdridge Memo: Troubles in Binh Dinh Province 2 ~ Memo for the Secretary of Comxz~.erce: Pxes. Decision Exports. of Technology to Romania & Poland 'Holdridge Memo: Conversation between Mai Van By and Froment- -Letter to Mr. Harry H. Ransom: "The Intelligence Establishment" ;_~ ._~_.~__ Cambodia Meurice Downey Memo: Azores Base Negotiations '' 'Memo far Director ,Central Intelligence A.genc}r': Z Haig Memo: Your Meeting with Jahn Ehrlichxnan and Ken Cole at 25X1 10:00 a. m. , Thursday, September 3, 1970 2 ~Haldridge Memv: Passible Visit of Philippine First Lady to Washington 2 '~Haldridge Mema: Pacification Assessment No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 September 5 ~ Memo far the Secretary of State/Defense: .Funding Level fox Program to Modernize the Republic of Korea Armed Forces 5 ~? Saunders Merno: Turkish PL 480 and Opium 5 ~ Holdridge Memo: Approval of US Visa far Taiwanese Professor Peng Ming.-min 7 '~ Memo far Frank Shakespeare: USIA Participation in Policy, e.~g. , . Chile . , 7 '~ Letter for Mr. Hamilton Fish Armstrong: piece of reader comment sent to Dr. Kin his capacity as member of the Editorial Adisor.y .Board 7 +~ Letter fox Dr. HT.'~ert Heffner: Strategic Military Panel's Report on Air Defenses 7 ~~ Letter to Mx. Charles S. Simone 7 ~~ Memo for Bob Haldeman: Current U. S. /ILO Difficulties 7 ~ Memo fox the Secretary of State/Directs r, OE P: Resumption of Commercial Sales of Stockpile Tin 4 ~ Letter to General Wheeler; Post for his son Gilmore on NSC Staff 5 '~ Merno to Agencies: Additional Work on US Strategy and Forces for NATO Pacification .. Chairman of the Working Group on Heroin Suppression 4 ~ Haldridge Memo: INR Response to your Questions Regarding Special Asst to the Secretary for Narcotics Matters`and 4 -Letter to Alexis Johnsonc Depart~ve~ of Harry Schwartz, 4 ~ Letter to Senator Prouty: Sale- of trucks to Comxriunist ,China book 4 ~ Letter to Dr. G. A. Trofimenko -Thanking him for a copy of'his 4 * Letter to Mr. David A. Wilson: NDEA Title VI appropriations the President Receive International Golf Association Directors and Argentine Ambassador 4 ~ Letter to Ambassador Rabin: Volume -The Seventh Day 4 ~ Haig Memo: Indonesian General ~ ~ Letter to Hubert Humphrey thanking him for his praise of seabeds policy 4 -Memo for Theodore Eliot: Argentine Embassy Request that Anniversary of the UN 2 ~ Saunders Merno: Merno from Mx. Helms on Iran 3 ~ Wright Memo: Chiefs of State in Nevr York for the 25th USIA to the President 2 ~ Haig Memo: Merrxorandum on Middle East from Dire No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 September 7 -Letter to Professor Sherman D. Spector; Romania His impressions of 7 - I,,etter to Theodore C. Sorensen: Thanking him for calling attention to his brother's interest irx and experience with the Middle East ~ Bergsten Mexna: Security Assistance -~ Letter to Mr. Saiji Hasegawa: Regretting. invitation to be guest speaker at the annual convention of the Research Institute of Japan ' $ -~ Sannenfeldt Memo: Austrian Foreign Minister Wishes to See You, September 28-.29 8 -- Letter to Professor Taxnas Acze1: Hungarian journal Ixodalrni Ujsa~ ~ Kennedy Mema: Macomber Panel Recommendations System; Creation of Senior Review Group ~ Bergsten Mexno: Scenario for Signing of Aid Message ~ Letter to Dr. Nadav Safran: Thaxxking him for wariti.ng about his project to promote the establishment of an Tnstitue for Tnternational Affairs in Israel 9 9 ~ Bergsten Merno; Talkers for Congressional Briefing an Aid Message ~ Memo far Harlow, Tirrirnons, Whitaker, Gen Hughes: Secretary Laird's Proposed Plan for the Destruction of Biological and Toxin Agents - ~ Vaky Mema; Meeting with Henry Cabot Lodge ~ Sonnen#eldt; Carstens Letter to You and Article on His Worries Over Ostpolitik ~Sonnenfeldt: Tito's and Franco's Schedules 9 '~ Haig Mema to Peter Flanigan: Suggested Topics Which Should ' Be discussed at This Morning's Interdepartmental Meeting on Aircraft Security 9 - klaldridge Mema: Thai Foreign Minister Thanat's Plans to Visit Washington 9 ~F Holdridge Mema: Julian Ewell Talking paper far your meeting with Lt Gen 9 - Sonnenfeldt Memo: Millionshchikav Meeting with Soviet Acadexxaician 9 ati Sonnenfeldt Mema: Your Meeting with Johann Gradi 9 ~~ Letter to Mr. Frank Mankiewicz; David Lazar 10 _ ~~ _Sxnith"Mezxa,o: WI)elay of GVN Economic Reforms No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 September 10 y= Kennedy Memo: Improvement of Phnom Penh Radio Station l0 s~ Holdridge Memo: Disabled Veterans Benefits 10 ^- Vaky Merno: General Torrijas and Panama -- Special Review Group Topic 10 '" Holdridge Mema: Volpe Visit to Far East 11 ~ Letter to Mr. Joseph F. Prevratil: Thank you for phatas 11 ~= Letter to Miss Phoebe Lambert 11 ~? Letter to Mr. Mason Case: Thank you far Bohemian Grove ll '~'~ Letter to Mr. M, R. Lovell: Thank you for copy of book "1940" 11 ~~? Letter to General Lewis W. Walt: Thank you far copy of "Strange War, Strange Strategy" 11 ~= Letter to Mr. Charles S. Gregg: Thank you letter concerning "Continuing Series on Peace Research. " 11 ~ Mema for Mr. Weinberger: Draft New York Times Article 11 ~? Bergsten Memo: Bipartisan Congressional Briefing on Aid Message 11 ~= Saunders Merno; Your Appointment with Gad Yaacobi 11 ?F Saunders Memo; Possible deployment of US farces to the Mid-East 11 ~~~ Holdridge Merno: Status Report on Defense Planning in Regard to US Military Facilities in Japan 11 '~t Holdridge/Latixner: G7.A's Memorandum and SNIP an Caxx~bodia 11 '~ Holdridge Memo: Progress Report an Operations in North Vietnam 12 '~? MSG TO: Ambassador Korry: Acknowledging message sent to President 12 ~~ Robinson Memo: Cambodian Air Operations 14 -Memo for Theodore L. Eliot: Visits of Foreign Dignitaries to Los Angeles Area 14 ?~? Letter to Robert G. Neumann; Conversation between Neumann and the Soviet Ambassador at Kabul, Sergei Kiktev 14 '~~ Letter to Mr. Siegfried Unseld: Thanking him far seeing I3enry Bxandon 14 ~,~ Memo to Agencies: Further Guidance an Defense Program FY 72-76 14 -~~ Behr Memo: Space Cooperation - US/USSR 14 ~~ Proposed reply to Senator Fulbri ht on Mideast Resolution 14 -~~ Holdridge & Kennedy: 25X1 14 ~~~ Smyser Memo: Conversation between Ambassador Lodge and. General N u en Khanh 14 =~- MSG TO: 125X1 Informing Thanat that Dr. Kissinger wou d see srn 14 ?;~ Smith Memo: Talking Points for PSAC Briefing 14 =~= Smith Memo; Pro osed PSAG NATO Study 14 ~~~ Ioldridge Memo; President's Appointment 25X1 With Former Prime Minister Kishi No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOG-HAK-8-1-1-0 September 14 ? Behr Memo: Visit of Minister Lefevre 14 -Letter to Honorable Claxk MacGregor; Recent audience Mr. and Mrs. Elling had with President 'Vito 14 m Letter to Mr. Robert Shaplen: Acknowledging his letter 14 ?~? Letter to Professor Fritz Stern: .Suggestions concerning Southeast Asia 14 -Memo for Chairman of AEC: Presidential Message to the General CorLference of the IAEA 14 ^? Sannenfeldt Memo: The President's Trip and the Dutch l~k ~- Bexgsten Memo: Your Meeting with Rudolph Peterson and George Shultz at 7: QO p. m. 14 ~ 5annenfeldt Mexxia: Approval for Luncheon with Soviet DCM V oronts av 14 ~ To: General Goodpastex, Vice Admiral Kidd, Admiral Wendt From: Secretary Laird; Presidential Visit to Sixth Fleet 15 ~ Moynihan Mema an DOD Task Group on Dz~ug Abuse 15 ='r Merno for Bob Haldexx~an: U'. S. Representatives far Africa 15 'm Saunders Memo: Combined Strategy far Mrs. Meir and Standstill Violations - - S~sw ~?Ps ~ 15 -Merno far Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg: Proposed Amendment to the Agreement far Cooperation with Sweden Concerning Civil Uses of Atomic Energy ? 15 ~~ Letter to the Honorable Aurelio Valls; President's Trip 15 =,= Letter to His Excellency Bogdan Crnabr~ja; President's Trip 15 =~= Letter to Mr, Fresidency James MacGregor Burns: Explorations of the 15 ~-Letter to Dr. Nadva Safxan: Concerning his proposed Institute far International Affairs in Israel 15 `-~~ Sannenfeldt Memo; Meeting with NATO officials at NATO Headquarters in Naples 15 ~- Sonnenfeldt Mema: Backchannel Message to Ambassador Annenberg D-cGP~hi-.~ (7~iY ~-~ SuMny/c,n+/~ (G41i~?) ~n- 2N-~lucf3r /~~'`~, 15 =~= Vaky Memo: The USSR and costa Rican President ~"igures 15 ~~? Holdridge Memo:. Political Status of the Trust Territory of the Pacific ~Tslands (Micronesia) 15 Sonnenfeldt Memo; Canadian Editor Wishes Presidential $ xiefing 15 =~~ His Excellency Egid.io Ortona: President's Trip 15 e to President Yah a 1ZN C ~C~ ~~"'+ rs Merxio Messa - ~nd ~~~ S al e y ; g ~ . 16 -~~ Memo froxra Magruder re Possible Baok by Alsop an Pres's expertise in foreign affairs 16 ~~~ Mernas to Bunker and Abrams; Sohn Ehrlichmaiz Trip of George Shultz and No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 :LOG-HAK-8-1-1-0 No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 September 16 ~~~ Msg to Amb Rabext Ellsworth: Inviting Brosia to ait in on Pres's meeting with NATO Commanders 16 -. Letter to Mr. Harry D. Turner; "World University" 16 >~= Holdridge Memo: Xuan Thuy's Call on Schumann 16 ~ Memo fox Frank Shakespeare: Mid-East l6 =n Wright Memo: David Newsoxn's Speech on U. S. African Policy lb -. Sonnenfeldt Memo: Passible HAR Appt with Austrian Foreign Minister 16 - Mea~a for Secretary of Transportation: Correspondence on U, 5. Port Security 16 =~ Sonnenfeldt Memo: Soviet Reply to our Mid-East Demarches l6 ~- Sonnenfeldt Merno: Our Signals to the Soviet Union and Their Possible Misconstruction as a Source of Crises in US-Soviet Relations l6 ~? Bergsten Memo: Secretary Haxdin's Suggestions to Challenge the Common Market's Agricultural Protection lb ~~ Egyptian SAM Activity along Suez Canal l7 a{ Vaky Merno; Alpha b6 Infiltration 17 ~ Holdridge Memo: Disposition of USAF A-1 Aircraft i.n Thailand lZ ~ Saunders Memo: Possible Problem, to be Headed Off i.xi Connection with Meir Visit 17 ,~ Sonnenfeldt Memo: Reply to General Goodpaster's Message on Cutting NATO forces l? ~ Lord Memo: Mme. Binh 17 ~ Sonnenfeldt Mema: Soak Sent to You from Leo Ermann 18 .;: Sonnenfeldt Merno; Soviet Reaction to US Involvement in Jordan l8 ~` Smyser Memo: SSG Mitchell Trial Request to the President, Secretary Laird and Secretary Rogers " 18 ?~~ Saunders Mema: Carrespondenee to You from (1) Eugene Rostow, (2) Herbert Marcovich on the Mid-East . 18 -- Smith Mema; George Tanhaxzl's Priorities for Thailand 18 ~= Smith Memo: Your Appearance Before the Defense Management Group 18 ~~= Robinson Memo: Planning for Presidential Trip 18 >~ Hormats Merno; r"~ntinued Dispute Ovex C7PIC Board l8 -- Saunders Memo: ~Gxeek Under Secretary fox Faxeign Affairs Requests to See You 18 '~~ Smyser Memo; Bruce's Presentation Next Week 18 ~k Holdridge Memo; 18 ';< an emo: resident's Meeting with Mendel Rivers 18 ~< Merno far the Secretary of Defense; The National Security Council System No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 September l8 ~~~ Letter to Mr. Mason Sears; Pres's First Meeting with Julius Nyerere in 1957 . 19 >~= Saunders Merno: Situation in Jordan late 5autrday P, M, 19 ^? Sonnenfeldt Mema; Additional Coxnrn.ents on the Soviet Position on Jordan 19 -Memo far Hugh Sloan: CausesCU Visit 19 x= Sonnenfeldt Merno: Yaux Meeting with Ambassador Stoessel Monday, September 21 19 * Haig and Lord Memo: Schedule for Your Trips to Paris and Bonn 19 ~ Smith Merno: AD-70 Planning far NATO 20 ~~ Merno for Record; Public Statement on Syrian Invasion of Jordan: 21 ~ Holdridge Merno: A New CIA Estimate of Connxnunist Supplies delivered through Sihanaukville 21 -Merno for the Secretary of State; Appointment of new Ambassador fxom Mexico Z1 >~ HAK to Bruce: HAK Trip to Paris Planned 21 ~ Holdridge Merno: Letter fax You from Loxd Kennet (Wayland Young ) 2I ~ Message to Robert Houdek; President's Trip: Invitations to Ambassadors 21 - Sonnenfeldt Memo: Drafts of Public Statements far the President's Trip (OBE) 21 3F Holdridge Memo: Ambassador ~adley's Views on Retention of Thai Troops in North Laas Z1 ~= Johnston Memo: Proposal far Hugh Imports of Liquified Natural Gas from the Soviet Union 21 - Hormats Merno: Vlralt Rostow's Articles on Foreign and Domestic Policy Z1 ~= Merno far Marshall Green; Request far Deferral of NSSM-51 Study 21 ^= Vaky Memo: Reactions in Latin Arr~erica to Allende's Victory in Chile Z1 >~t Holdridge Merno: Mai Van Bo's Comments on the Current State of Negotiations in Paris 2I >~- Message fraxn Po~.pidou to President Nixon nn Jordanian Crisis zl -Johnston Memo: Chuck Calson's Offer to Negotiate with Japan 22 >'F Memo for Peter Flanigan: Archbishop Raiznondi 22 >k I-loldridge Memo: Mrs. Marcos plans to make pitch to Prresident for more aid. 22 >~ Memo for the Deputy Secretary of Defense; NSSM 77 (Program I3txdgets) Z2 -- Letter to Honorable Felipe Herrera; tenth anniversary of the inter-Axnexican I.3ank ~ ~--r1. Cha'~ ~~}~-~.,~ No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 September 22 ~~ Sonnenfeldt Memo: US Flights Monitaxing French Atomic Tests 22 ~ Lord Memo: Cy Sulzberger 22 ~ Haldridge Mema: Talking Points fax your Meeting with Tran Van Lain zz I 125X1 22 ~ Sonnenfeldt Mema fox Record: Ares would like Brandt briefed an Europe txip 23 ~ W xight Memo: Our Troubles with ILO, the Congress, and George Meany 23 -- Rodman Memo: Talking Points for Breakfast Briefing of Republican Congressmen, Thuxsday, Sept 24, 7.970 23 ~ Holdridge; Line on POWs for September 24 Paris Meeting Z3 ~ Hald~ridge Memo: Talking Points an Situation in East Asia for your Use in Briefing Congress, September 24 23 ~~ Wright Memo: Memo to Sec Rogers Comxr~.ending the Department;, far its deft handling of NSDMs 75 and 81 (not sent) 23 _ Sonnenfeldt Memo: Draft Text of ?Major Presidential Toast/ Speech in Belgrade 23 ~~ Haldridge Memo: A Comparison of PRG's 10 points and Madame Binh's 8 Paints 22 ~=Sxnysex Memo: Further Conversation with Mike Deutsch 24 -Sonnenfeldt enema for the recoxd: Romanians Accept October 26 fox Ceausescu's Meeting and Dinner with the President 24 ~= Letter to Mr. Herxx~.an Kahn: Thanking him for his proposals concerning Vietnam 24 ~ Letter to Mr. Goro Fujise; Nobuhiko Ushiba 24 >F Letter to Mx. William R. T:~intner: paper on "Soviet Orche stxation of the Middle East Crisis. " 24 ~" Lettex to Professor Stanislav M. Menshikov; his new position 24 ~~ Sonnenfeldt Mema; French Courting of Peking with Strong Anti~U. S, Line (Report on July Mao~Chou-Bettencourt Conversations) 2,4 ati Memo fox Petex Flanigan: President's Irish Trip 24 _Lettex to David Dulles: Mid-East situation 24 ~~< Johnston Memo: Petex Flanigan, Textile Coordinator 24 xt Forwarding Ash Merno; Presidential Instruction to White llouse Staff Concerning Contacts with Soviet Representatives No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 No Objection To Declassification 2009/10/01 : LOC-HAK-8-1-1-0 September 24 }x ~iarmats & Bergsten Mema: Your Breakfast Meeting with Senator Davits, Friday, September 25 24 ~~ Robinson Merno: U. S. Navy Augmenta.tian ~Foxces -- St~uJvt< ~ AG~'~