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November 18, 2009
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October 1, 1970
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No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 HAK CHRONS ON-FILE NSC RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS APPLY October 1970 =kept - = thrown out October 1 - Letter to Mr. W. W. Keeler: American prisoners of war Nachmanoff Memo: Peru 1 - Memo for Peter Flanigan: Proposed US Action Against Qantas Airlines of Australia 2 - Memo for the Secretary of Defense: Ltr from Rep. Mosher (Ohio) 2 ~ Wright Memo: Notification of Travel Plans 2 * Holdridge Memo: ARVN's Two New Military Region Commanders Make Initial Assessments 2 -- Kennedy Memo: HAK Meeting with New NSC Staff Members 2 - Ltr to Dr. David J. Lu: UN arbitration of the Vietnam conflict 1 * Smith Memo: PSAC Report on Air Defense 5 * Wright Memo: Draft Presidential Speech for the UN 5 - Ltr to Mr. Sidney D. Drell: JASON Division of the Institute for Defense Analysis 5 * Haig Memo: Scenario for President's Indochina Speech 5 ~x Haig Memo: US Visa for Taiwan Independence Movement Leader Peng 5 - Memo for the Secretary of State: Appointment of New Amb. of Zambia 5 * Smith Memo: The NATO-Warsaw PACT Tank Balance in Central Europe Lynn Memo: Review of Blue Ribbon Defense Panel Report 5 n= Haig Memo: Items to Discuss with the Attorney General at your luncheon meeting at 1 pm, Tuesday, October 6, 1970 5 Jk Kennedy Memo: USIA Participation in the WSAG 5 * Vaky Memo: Cuban Exile Plot to Assassinate Cuban Officials at UN No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 -2- - Kennedy Memo: Attendance at SRG/WSAG Meeting on Cambodia, October 8, 1970 6 * Wright Memo: Public Announcement of President's UN-Related Activities 6 * Memo for Theodore Eliot: Summaries of the President's Speech 6 -- Wright Memo: Haile Selassie Request to see the President 6 * Notes to VP7 SecState & SecDef enclosing latest draft of speech 6 * Haig Memo: Game Plan for the President's Vietnam Speech 6 - Ltr to Dr. John D. Nicolaides: Prof. Nicolaides' scientific mission to Israel Ltr to Mr. Rainer Barzel: CDU leadership agreement Haig Memo: Changes in President's October 7 speech Sonnenfeldt Memo: Ceausescu Visit 6 - Memo for Hugh Sloan: Presidential Appointment for Maurice Strong 6 - Memo for Theodore Eliot: Request by Austrian Good-Will mission to call on the President 6 # Holdridge Memo: Readers Digest Condensation of Douglas Pike's fnta[(k on Hue 6 * Ltr to Congressman Schmitz: US policy in Rhodesia and VN undated * Message to Amb. Bunker: Date of President's speech on Indochina 7 - Smith Memo: Luncheon with Defense Science Board 7 * Vaky Memo: Chile 7 - Memo for Chairman, Under Secretaries Committee: Secretary Stans' Report on his Latin American trip 7 Memo for: Director of Central Intelligence: PFIAB Recommendation for an estimate on Sino-Soviet Hostilities 7 - Letter to Honorable William S. Mailliard: Max Thelen 7 * Memo for William Timmons: Military Procurement Bill 7 5'F T-Ttrlnvmrl .,I mr. '1'k C^vr,a+ Da.i -- No .k Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 7 -w Memo for Hugh Sloan: Appointment with Nasser Funeral Delegation 7 * Memo for Frank Shakespeare: Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty 7 Msg to Amb. Bunker: President Thieu's statement following the President's speech 7 - Ltr to Hon. Richard A. Ware: Responding to ltr from Mr. Ware concerning his resignation 7 * Memo for: the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs: Post-OPRED Review of Intelligence Activities 7 * Bergsten Memo: U.S. Position in the United Nations on Aid Targets -- Addendum 7 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Burden-Sharing - the German Reaction 7 - Sonnenfeldt Memo: Your meeting October 8 with Mr. Phillips of Phillips Co. 7 * Memorandum for the Secretary of State: Latest Draft of Presidents speech 7 - Saunders Memo: Arnb. Strausz-Hupe 7 * Ltr to George Meany: President's speech 7 = Memo for the Sec of Defense: Latest draft of the President's speech 8 ~F Bergsten Memo: US trade developments 8 ~t Haig Memo: Items to Discuss with Robert McNamara at Breakfast, October 9, 1970 8 * Smyser Memo: GVN Statement on Settlement 8 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Burden-Sharing 8 * Lehman Memo: Defense Appropriations: Situation Report 8 Bergsten Memo: Forthcoming US-EC Trade Consultations 5 - Holdridge Memo: Military Exercise Foal Eagle FY 71 6 - Vaky Memo: Re: Nimia Bonnon Request 8 * Robinson Memo: Cuba-Draft Response -}o , vo44 Nd4t No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 October 9 7 9 10 10 10 11 12 12 1z 12 12 12 Statement by Clark Kerr: Praising President's Ceasefire Proposal - Haig Memo: Andy Borg's Request to See the President Talking Points for Congressional Briefing on Cuba Letter to Mr. John J. McCloy: UNDC legislation Wright Memo: President's UN Speech Drafts Lord Memo: Thank you Letters for Presidential Trip Memo for Mr. Timmons: Israeli Textile Imports ~r Wright Memo: Security Problem at the UN Worsens Bergsten Memo: Senator Javits on OPIC * Holdridge Memo: Proposed Soviet Naval Service Facility in Singapore Sonnenfeldt Memo: Agnelli Wishes to See You * Lord Memo: Letter to Ambassador Bruce: Ceasefire is not meant as cover for unilateral US withdrawal Holdridge Memo: CIA South Laos Interdiction Report - Memo for William E. Timmons: Talking Points for your Conversation with Chairman Mills on the International Coffee Agreement - Lord/Smyser Memo: Klein Letter to Newspaper Editors, Commentators and News Directors on the President's Speech - Holdridge Memo: Ambassador Byroade's Trip to Washington Haig Memo: Rumors that our ceasefire is prearranged with Hanoi *Smith Memo: Final Round on Cambodia Strategy Paper * Saunders Memo: Mid-East Options and Next Week's Events * Haig Memo: Items to Discuss with the President, Monday, October 12,'70 Sonnenfeldt Memo: Proposed Visit to Washington of UK Defense Official Nairne ?x Wright Memo: Invitation to UN Leaders for President's October 24 State Dinne r - Memo for Deputy Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs- PL-480 Programs Wayne Smith Memo: Vietnam Redeployments Holdridge Memo: Incidents in Korea ?F Memo for Hugh Sloan: New York State Share of Defense Contract Awards - Memo for William Timmons: Suggested Presidential Letter to Ogden Reid Memo for Director of Intelligence and Research: Intelligence Assessments in the NSC System - Wright Memo: Status Report on Chiefs of Government Coming to UN Vaky Memo: Chile -- Inauguration Delegation No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 12 12 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 16 16 - Sonnenfeldt Memo: Lunch with Czech Diplomat * Lord/Rodrnan Memo: Your Talking Points for President's Meeting with Labor Leaders, Tuesday, October 13, 1970 Haig Memo: Secretary Rogers' discussions with Eban * Holdridge Memo- * Holdridge Memo: * Holdridge Memo: Cambodian-South Vietnamese Frictions Amb Bunker's Leave Plans Delay in GVN Proposal on Political Settlement STAT * Letter to Senator John C. Stennis from General Abrams * Smith Memo: Meeting with Dr. Harold Brown Haig Memo: Additional Subjects to Raise During Your Luncheon with Governor Dewey and General Clay * Holdridge Memo: Dialogue Between You and Non-Governmental Group Holdridge Memo: Request for you to meet Cambodia Foreign Minister Wright Memo: President's Appointments with Chiefs of State and Heads of Government Wright Memo: Security Problem at the UN * Wright Memo: President's UNGA Speech * MSG TO SAIGON for AMB Bunker: Bunker's Trip * R. N. Cooper Memo: Indonesia * Memo for the Secretary of Defense: Black Sea and Baltic Sea Operations * Haig Memo: Telephone Calls This Morning Saunders Memo: Military and Financial Assistance to Israel * Davis Memo: Talking Points for Your Luncheon with Under Secretary Irwin, Thursday, October 15 *Smyser Memo: Problems Sir Robert Thompson has raised Robinson Memo: The President's Annual Review of American Foreign Policy and JCS * Snyser Memo: My contact with the Polish Counselor STAT - Letter to Mr. Blatnik: President's visit to Yugoslavia Smyser Memo: The Next Private Meeting * Saunders Memo: Ambassador Strausz-Hupe's View on the Indian Ocean Area -- Your Possible Appointment October 16 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Your Meeting with Ambassador Rush, October 16, '70 Haig Memo: Orr Kelly's piece in the Star: "White House Briefings Anger Pentagon Aides" No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 October 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 * Smyser Memo: Sir Robert Thompson's Publication and Lecture Problems * Sonnenfeldt Memo: US Citizen Detailed by Czechs - Letter to Dr. Heinrich Kronstein: Professor Biedenkopf m Sonnenfeldt Memo: Gerard Smith's Memorandum on Soviet Provocative Attack Proposal STAT STAT * Memo for the Record: Telephone Call to Congressman Blatnik Memo for Mr. Haldeman: Criticism of Captive Nations Week Proclamation - Memo for BGen Robert E. Pursley: Quarterly Inventory of Defense Department's Budget, Programs and Problems Memo for Hugh Sloan: Curtis Tarr's Request to see the President - Saunders Memo: Ambassador Strausz-Hupe's Personal Plans - Behr Memo: Memo for Peter Flanigan: Visit of Soviet Cosmonauts m Haig Memo: Performance of Colonel Kennedy Holdridge Memo: Status of the Accelerated Pacification Campaign MEMO FOR: Agencies: Follow-up on Vietnam Ceasefire proposal. - Letter to Congressman Fascell: which medical specialties should be deferred to consider "the needs of both the Armed Forces and the civilian segment of the population. " * MSG Sent to Belgrade: Military cooperation/contacts - Yugoslavs Letter to Mr.. Frank R. Barnett: NSIC monograph on the Mid-East - Letter to the Honorable Earl F. Landgrebe: hostilities in Indochina - Letter to Dr. Vincent Davis: Samir Anabtawi - Memo for Secretary of State: Invitation to the President from the Shah of Iran Smith Memo: Ballistic Coefficient - Holdridge Memo: Return of Pre-School Age Children to Saigon - Saunders Memo: Invitation for lunch with President Yahya Holdridke Memo: Request for Appointment with President and Yourself for Japanese Chamber of Commerce President Uemura - Letter to Honorable J. Irving Whalley: Thank you letter for the opportunity to get up to the Hill Letter to Gerard Smith: views of Senators Jackson and Stennis Bergsten Memo: Transmission to Congress of the Fourth Annual Report on the U. S. -Canadian Automotive Agreement m Holdridge Memo: CIA Study: Prospects for the Dry Season in Laos No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 October 19 19 19 20 20 20 20 20 20 21 21 Z1 22 22 22 22 21 22 2Z 22 23 23 23 23 * Bergsten Memo: Liberalization of Export Control Lists Lord Memo: Letter from Aubrac on Indochina Post-war Reconstruction Sonnenfeldt Memo: Secretary Laird's Letter to Schmidt on Burden- Sharing Letter to Marshall Green: Thanking for Amb Galbraith's letter m Smith Memo: Release of Documents to McCloy * Bergsten Memo: Israeli Proposal for Transfer to Israel of German Offset Bonds * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Request for HAK Interview with Italian TV - Sonnenfeldt Memo: Congressman Paul Findley's Resolutions Memo for the Record: The California Visit of Romanian President Ceausescu, October 14-17 Memo for the Secretary of State and Defense: Chile Lord Memo: UNDP and Paul Hoffman Sonnenfeldt Memo: Mr. Hyvarinen and Amb Jacobsen Would Like to See You Haig Memo: Presidential Statements and Briefing Papers: Foreign Policy Writer, etc. Smyser Memo: Harriman and Souvanna Phouma on Peace in Vietnam Memo for Secretaries State and Defense: Supplemental FY 71 Foreign Aid Requests Memo for Peter Flanigan: Space Cooperation with the USSR - Bergsten Memo: Urgent Need for Action on President's Footwear Program Letter to Dr. Clark Kerr: Chairman, National Committee for Political Settlement in Vietnam Letter to Elm.re B. Staats: General Accounting Office Report o Avsf Letter to F. Bradford Morse: Space Cooperation with the Soviet Union * Davis Memo: Talker for President's Meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Sato * Smith Memo: Meeting with Albert Wohlstetter, Oct 22, 1970 * Holdridge Memo: North Vietnamese Infiltration in the Past Few Months Memo from Hugh Sloan: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Holdridge Memo: Son Sann Smyser Memo: Sir Robert Thompson and the South Vietnamese Police Letter to John Freeman: forwarding advance copy of the President's address - Letter to Mr. John Franklin Campbell: Article in Foreign Affairs - Memo for Ralph Smith: Bob Houdek: Arrival Statement and Q & A Holdridge Memo: Thieu's Political Prognosis to Amb Bunker No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 r No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 October 23 m Holdridge Memo: Xuan Thuy Eases Hanoi Position on Cease-Fire 23 * Holdridge Memo: U. S. Government Invitation to Chinese Newsmen to Cover the U. S. Elections 23 *Wright Memo: The ILO 23 Smith Memo: ACDA List of Clarifications and Modifications to U. S. Proposal 23 ?x Holdridge Memo: Senator Javits Unhappiness with U. S. Position on Chirep 20 Sonnenfeldt Memo: Schedule for Ceausescu Meeting 21 * Holdridge Memo: Memo from Frank Shakespeare to the President Forwarding Criticisms of Amb Armin Meyer 22 -Lord Memo: Letter to Brian McDonnell ( I-fr ju- i i 1 h9t- ) 24 * Saunders Memo: Some Details on Military Equipment for Pakistan -- the President's Talk with Yahya 20 - Rodman Memo: Your Possible Appointment to the Board of Ben Read's Woodrow Wilson International Center 19 * Lord Memo: Letter from Dean Acheson 20 Sonnenfeldt Memo: Letter from Gaus (Spiegel) Asking for Appointment in First Half of November 21 * Vaky Memo: Letter to Six University of Wisconsin Professors 01 21 * Bergsten Memo: Textile Meeting Tomorrow - Your Views Needed 22 * Saunders Memo: Secretary Rogers' Meeting with Mr. Gandhi - October 23, 6:30 p.m. 22 * Bergsten Memo: Your Meeting Today at 5 p.m. with Uemura in Flanigan's Office 24 * Haig Memo: Relative Soviet Military Capability 24 * Vaky Memo: Status of Panama Canal Negotiations - Your Request (s chm,7 o Nejo7Svhvhs) 24 Sonnenfeldt Memo: Your Appointment with Yugoslav Cabinet Member Bulc 25 Howe Memo: Possible Discrepancy in Egyptian Line to US and USSR 26 * Magruder Memo: B affairs. ook on the President's expertise in foreign 26 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Proposal that Lord Carrington (UK Defense Minister) Come to Washington for Discussions with You and Other US Officials 23 * Lehman Memo: Diplomat Percy 26 * Haig Memo: Items to Discuss with the President, Monday, October 26 26 - Memo for Theodore L. Eliot: Birthday Gift for President Tubman of Liberia 26 - Saunders memo: Ap pt. for Tunisian Foreign Minister Z b 4- Stu tdi" w t% ? .Fa k 1&{u0s# 4 Cm144 t1A US 6 tctc/r No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 October STAT 27 STAT 27 * Lord Memo: United Nations Membership : G{~irr 27 - Rodman Memo: Letter from Paul Seaborg about the Board of Foreign Scholarships 27 Saunders Memo: Status Report on UNGA Tactics - 5:00 P. M. Tuesday, October 27 - Telegram for your clearance a-~ ~itR ~~ 27 - Memo for the Deputy Secretary of Defense: Program of Cooperation for Atomic Demolition Support 27 Vaky Memo: Invitation from Argentine Ambassador (REAL) 27 - Holdridge Memo: Amb Unger Proposes December Consultations in Washington 27 Kennedy Memo: Follow-up Instruction on the Palestinian Study 27 * Vaky Memo: Korry's Recommendation on Chile -- Send Congratulatory Message 27 * Lehman Memo: FMS/Cooper-Church 27 *Bergsten Memo: OPIC Nominations -- Early Action Needed 27 * Memo for Amb Bunker: Vietnam's Economic Reform 27 - Davis Memo: State Attendance at SRG/VP Meeting on NATO Strategy, October 28 28 m Haig Memo: Talker for your lunch with Under Secretary Irwin, Wednesday, October 28 28 - Sonnenfeldt Memo: Amb Meeker Wishes to See You 28 m Holdridge Memo: INR Study on Short Term Communist Intentions in Indochina 28 *Vaky Memo: Korry Warns Allende Emissary (Santiago 4538) 28 * Memo from Hugh Sloan: Amb Mosbacher wishes to see Pres 28 * Wright Memo: Security Problem at the UN 28 * Berg sten/Sonnenfeldt Memo: Implementation of President's Commitment to Explore Further Liberalization of Our Economic Policies toward Romania 29 - Memo for the Secretary of Commerce: industry recommendations to the NEEC on commercial aircraft 29 * Letter to Honorable Ernest Siracusa: Thanking him for two cables 29 - Letter to Mr. Robert O. Anderson: Dr. Raymond Ewell's article 29 * Letter to Edward M. Kennedy: thanking him for his letter on the President's foreign assistance program and support for its attention to humanitarian assistance 29 Letter to Dr. Howard Wriggin.s: President's peace proposals in -._2q..__ 0LMaG to Amb Tasca Greece President's discussions with Lopez-Bravo in Spain 29 * Letter to Arthur K. Watson: Francois de Rose's account of remarks at dinner party Z q _ PVWV1A-n, 04 r w c, s kCpi iI ha- No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5 October 29 * Letter to Prof Michael Walzer: colleagues concerning the Cambodian operations 29 * Saunders Memo: Appt with Saudi Foreign Minister 29 - Memo for John Campbell: Elliot Richardson's Proposal for a "Federal Forum on Campus Affairs" STAT STAT 29 * Haig Memo: Items to Discuss with the President, Friday, October 30 29 * Bergsten Memo: Textiles - Further Hopeful Note 29 * Lord Memo: Survey group to Indonesia 29 * Holdridge Memo: Lee Kuan Yew and Possible Soviet Naval Base Facilities in Singapore 29 - Letter to Mr. Joseph Curran: United States not withdraw from the ILO 30 * Letter to Adrn E. R. Zumwalt: Thank you letter for letting him attend the Army/Navy game with you. 30 * Memo for Gen Haig: Termination of Fig Hill in Jordan (Iek+ef 5i+) 30 * Letter to Mr. James Cannon: President's Jodockiwa___? peace proposal 30 * Memo for Dwight Chapin: Swearing in of Five Youths on President's UN Commission 30 * Haig Memo: Projects You Mentioned 30 - Letter to Texas Committee for the Safe Release of Dr. Claude L. Fly 30 * Bergsten Memo: Cyrus Eaton wants your confidential opinion on East-West trade 30 * Saunders Memo: Pugwash Talks on the Mid-East 30 * Letter to Mr. Arthur R. Nayer: Matthew Meselson's nomination for the Professional Achievement Award of the University of Chicago Alumni Association ~ "k 30 - Letter to Frank Church: vacancy in the Inter-American Development Bank 31 _ Davis Memo: Distinguished Federal Civilian Service Awards 31 * Saunders Memo: Draft Agreed Position on SAMs in the UAR Standstill Zone 31 * Lord Memo: Memo from Sonnenfeldt discussing Douglas Dillon's replacement on the McCloy Committee 31 4 Saunders Memo: Postponement of Demirel Visit No Objection to Declassification in Part 2009/11/18: LOC-HAK-8-5-2-5