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November 30, 1970
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No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 4P qP HAK CHRON November 1970 Kept Thrown Out November 1 - Haig Memo for Buchanan: Closures of Ames Laboratory; Neva6Test Center, and Hill Air Force Base 2 Saunders Memo: Possible Meeting with Foreign Mi.n.Riad 2 Memo for David Packard: Military or elated Assistance to Indonesi 2 Letter to Admiral T. H. Moorer: Thanking him for sending the report of the results of Operation TAIL WIND Haig4,ldemo: Items to Discuss with the President, Monday, November 2, 1970 2 * Smith Memo: Washington Post Story on NATO/Pact Tank Balance 2 Msg to Winston Lord/from Gen Haig Request from the President for history of events leading up to present situation in Chile. Msg to Fred Ladd/from Gen Haig - Current disposition of Cambodian forces Kennedy and Holdridge Memo: Report from Mr. Ladd Letter to Mr. Akio Morita: Thanking him for sending articles from the New York Times and Business Week STAT Smith Memo: Soviet and Friendly Naval Involvement from East of Suez to Singapore, 1971-75 2 # Saunders Memo: Nixon-Yahya Meeting: Questions Kissinger Memo to H. R. Haldeman: Detail of DOD Personnel (Barry Carter) to NSC Staff ON-FILE NSC RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS APPLY No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 4P a November 2 * 2 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 - 3 a~ 3 * 3 a~ 3 4 4 x~ 4 * 4 - Holdridge Memo: Report by "Look" Editors on Meeting with Le Duc Tho Memo for the Secretary of Defense: Negotiating Position on POWs STAT Saunders Ltr to Amb Kenneth B. Keating: Letter concerning press comment about the Amb's recent brush with the alarm clock. Passing along President's comment that the Amb "should not be concerned over the criticism. " Correspondence between Pompidou and Pres on Pompidou's trip to USSR Saunders Memo: Revised paper on the Palestinians Holdridge Memo: President Thieu Holds a Meeting at Vung Tau Letter to General L. S. Bork: Letter thanking him for his resume Holdridge Memo: The Sullivan Backgrounder Haig Memo: Items to Discuss with the President, Tuesday, November 3, 1970 Haig Memo: NATO Force Levels -- ?Tr,*v4'm Sikca 19646 Sonnenfeldt Memo: French Initiative for French-German Military Cooperation, Including on Tactical Nuclear Weapons Saunders Memo: Appointment with Ceylonese Ambassador Bergsten & Sonnenfeldt Memo: Classification of Romania as a Developing Country and Other Possible Liberalization of our Economic Policies Toward Romania Memo to Sec State, Sec Def, and DCI: Requesting Contingency Planning for SEA Dry Season Sonnenfeldt Memo: Ambassador Toon wishes to see you No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 November -3- 4 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Status of the Berlin Talks as of November 5 4 * Smith Memo: SS-9 Tests 4 ati Saunders & Hoskinson Memo: Late Reporting on Palestinian Objectives 4 a~ Saunders Memo: Final Text of Mid-East Resolution 4 - Saunders Memo: Your Appointment with the Indian Ambassador 4 ati Saunders Memo: Approval of F-4 Sales to Iran 4 * Saunders Memo: President's Talk with Makarios 4 - Holdridge Memo: Possible Exchange of Trips Between Congressman Robert Price and Nguyen Minh Vy Sonnenfeldt Memo: French COCOM Case Saunders Memo: UNCA Debate - Vote Impending 4 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Message from Bahr 5 Bergsten Memo: Failure of Agencies to Clear with Us on Policy toward New U. K. Agricultural Program 5 * Chapin. Memo: Portuguese Allegations Concerning CIA Support to Terrorists 5 * Kennedy/Holdridge Memo: 5 * Kennedy/ Holdridg e Memo: Proposal for Removal of Ceiling on Salem House Operations in Eastern Cambodia 5 Memo for Haldeman: Ky Visit 5 * Letter to Dr. John Kenneth Galbraith: Thanking him for report on his meeting with Madame Binh 5 Letter to Clifford P. Case: His request for copies of HAK Backgrounders STAT No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 November 1P - -4- Letter to Sam Popkin: Thanking him for his article from Asian Survey 5 - Sonnenfeldt Memo: Norwegian Foreign Minister Wishes to Meet With You and the President 5 - Wright Memo: Clark Eichelberger wants to see you 5 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: The Berlin Communique Noting "Progress" 5 - Letter to Chet Holifield: International cooperation in the field of uranium enrichment technology 5 - Memo for Clay T. Whitehead: Services of Mr. Charles Joyce 5 7x Letter to Lt. Gen. Gavin: Dartmouth Group Arrangements Sonnenfeldt Memo: State Wishes to expel Soviet Journalist in Retaliation for Latest Expulsion of US Journalist by the Soviets 5 * Letters to Jackson, Ford, Hruska, Adair, Frelii Puysen, Reid, Hosmer, Clausen, Heckler, Morse, Morton, Rivers, Blair, Stennis, Beall, and Prouty on election outcomes 5 ~t Smith Memo: Times ::Editorial on "New Nuclear Spiral" 5 * Saunders/Hoskinson Memo: Israeli Views on Palestinianism 5 * Smyser Memo: Hanoi's Intentions on Negotiations 5 ati Lord Memo: Cable on Nixon-Yahya Conversation for your approval 5 >k Letter to Ajit Das of UPI on Bhutan's Application to UN 6 Haig Memo for Chuck Colson: Full time assignment of an individual charged with the dissemination of meaningful foreign policy information 6 * Haig Memo: Talker for Luncheon with Admiral Zumwalt at 1:00 p.m., Friday, Nov 6, 1970 6 Behr Memo: International Space Cooperation 6 Sonnenfeldt Memo: The Listing of Forbidden Activities in Berlin No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 0 5 November Memo for Theodore L. Eliot: Access of ICRC. to Civilian Prisoners in Vietnam Nachm.anoff Memo: Probable Purchase by Colombia of Mirage. Aircraft Memo for State, Defense, CIA: Agreed Statement on Surface-to- Air Missiles in the Egyptian. Standstill Zone (Not Sent) Letter to Dr.. Z. Michael Szaz: Bishop Beky's letter to the President Multi-Add'ee Memo: Disclosure of U. S. Classified Military Information to Foreign Governments and Internatioi 1. Organizations Smith Memo: Supplemental Request for Foreign. Aid Levin Memo: Cambodian Position on Chirep Levin. Memo:. Restoration of MAP for Taiwan Saunders Memo: F-4 Squadrons for Iran - 7 * 9 9 x~ 10 x~ _.._ Q _ _ _T...._.~ _._~.. ..~~~. - ~....-.. ... e.+.w? r.aj/j+v+s:vaa.rvaav v+. .L3a1i RlGLO -7 Q.YM1.Cromer Memo from Smith on Admiral Anderson and the First Indo-China War Davis Memo: Briefing on Chile at DPRC or SRG Meeting Levin Memo: Korean Presidential Campaign Letter to Mr. William R. Merriam: Latin American matters Letter to Mr. Everett R. Clinchy: Institute' s Journal on the Politics of Disarmament Sxnyser Memo: GVN Release of POWs before Christmas Levin Memo: Philippine Politics: Relationship Between President and Mrs. Marcos Letter to Mrs. Henry Brandon: Thanking her for a picture No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 November 10 * Letter to Mr. Charles T. Mayer: Thank you letter 10 a~ Letter to Mrs. Edwin I.Hilson: Thank you for tickets for the New York Cultural Council's preview of "Two by'Two" 10 * Letter to Mrs. Helmut Sonnenfeldt: Thank you 10 * Letter to Mr. Robert Kleiman: Thank you 10. ati Levin Memo: Message to General Sumitro from you regarding NSC Survey Group to Indonesia 10 * Nachmanoff: Arrest for Espionage of Soviet Officials in Buenos Aires and Possible Chilean Connections 10 * Nacbmanoff Memo: Live TV coverage of the Echeverria arrival .10 * Levin Memo: Letter to President from Sato 10 Holdridge Memo: POWs 10 * Bergsten & Holdridge Memo:' State's Efforts to Encourage International Economic Assistance for 'Cambodia 10 * Memo for Saunders/Sonnenfeldt/Smith: Feasibility,, advantages, and disadvantages of negotiating an agreement with the Sov Union 10 a~ Smyser memo: Current problems to think through the Vietnam (1971 elections; further GVN political proposals; the political struggle) 10 Memo for Jack Murphy: Davis Memo:. Trustman Correspondence 10 * Kennedy Memo: Proposed Harassment Operations in North Laos 10 * Saunders Memo: Israeli Position on Talks in Retrospect 10 a~ Levin Memo: Seasonal Increase in North Korean Infiltration 10 ~c Saunders Memo: Demirel Visit 10 * Letter to Mr. Daniel I. Davidson: Cease-fire proposal No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 November -7- 10 * Holdridge Memo: Views of MR I Commander General Lam 10 * Saunders Memo: Telegram for Clearance -- Further Dialogue with Israel 11 * Letter to Prof Beugel: De Jong Address 11 Memo for: Chairman, NSC Under Sec Committee - U. S. Economic Relations with Romania 11 Haig Memo: Three-day Plan for airstrikes against North Vietnam 12 - Correspondence with Amb Leonhart on Pres's Visit to Yugoslavia 12 * Nachmanoff Memo: Korry's Rumor Mill 12 * Howe Memo: Bunker Visit to LBJ Ranch 12 - Behr Memo: FY 1971 Underground Test Program (EMERY) 12 * Holdridge Memo: An Quang Buddhists Prepare for Next Year's Elections in South Vietnam. 12 Nachmanoff Memo: Possible Chilean Government Involvement in the International Narcotics and Counterfeit Currency Traffic 12 * Latimer Memo: CIA - Soviet position on SALT 12 * Nachmanoff Memo: Chilean Recognition of Cuba 12 * Bergsten Memo: Report by Deputy Under Secretary Samuels on His Conference with U. S. Ambassadors Concerning U. S. Policy Toward the European Community 12 r? Davis Memo: Additional Attendance at NSC Meeting on NATO and MBFR (NSSMs 84 and 92) Holdridge Memo: Viet Cong Statement on Withdrawaing U. S. Forces 13 - Letter to Mr. C. Douglas Lamb: Recent visit.to Ireland 13 - Letter to W. A. C. Bennett: Thanking him for the President for his invitation to visit Victoria and Vancouver No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 November 13 a~ Kennedy and Holdrid a Memo: 13 ~e Letter to U.. Alexis Johnson: Memcons on Cuba 13 Letter to Jacob K. Javits: Paris.speech 13 * Bergsten Memo: Do you wish to attend the first "negotiation" between Irwin and Packard on security assistance? 13 - MSG to Dr. Kissinger: Senator Percy's conversation in the Hague 13 - Bergsten Memo: Secretary Hardin's Trip to Europe 13 a~ Saunders Memo: New Approach from Soviets on Mid-East Talks 13 * Smith Memo: SS-9 Tests (CIA Memo) 13 * Holdridge Memo: UN Statement by Amb Phillips on Chinese Representation 13 * Memo for Under Sec of State/Dep Sec of Def/Dir of CIA: Agreed Statement on Surface-to,-Air-Missiles in the Egyptian Standstill Zone 13 * Memo for State, Def, CIA, ACDA, Atty Gen: Additional SALT Guidance: Provocative Attack 14 Letter to Sir Robert Thompson: Thanking him for the visit he made to Southeast Asia 14 - Letter to Mr. William R. Mizelle: El Tiempoeditorial 14 Letter to Brigadier F. P. Serong: Thanking him for the material regarding the creation of a Vietnam. Institute for National Development 14 * Letter to Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski: Radio Free Europe paper on Eastern Europe 14 a< Letter to Mr.. Axel Springer: statements on Ostpolitik and Berlin No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 STAT No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 November -9- 14 - Letter to Mrs. Jayne Gibney: activities of the Russian fishing fleet off the Pacific Coast 14 * Letter to John J. McCloy: Replacement for Doug Dillon on the Advisory Committee 14 * Latimer Memo: Release of Classified Material: Proposed Study Holdridge Memo: Comments by Departing British Consul General in Hanoi 16 * Holdridge Memo: Request by Vice President Ky for Meeting with You 16 * Holdridge Memo: Educational Television Programs on Vietnam 16 * Howe Memo to General Haig: Improving Communications with the Joint Chiefs 16 * Holdridge Memo: GVN "Private Channel" to Communists in Paris 16 Latimer Memo: Talking Points for Breakfast with Ray Cline, Thursday, November 19, 1970; 8:30 a. m. 16 * Memo for Peter Flanigan.: Pan American World Airways Activities Adverse to Administration Policy in the Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands 16 ~x Holdridge Memo: Assessment of Mrs. Marcos' Visit to the United States and Concern About Philippine Constitutional Convention 16 a~ Letter to Honorable John. J. McCloy: NSSMs 84 and 92 16 - Letter to Mr. Arch N. Booth: Trade Policy 16 - Letter to Lt Gen Glen W. Martin: 1970 SAC Aircraft Combat Competition at McCoy Air Force Base 16 Haig Memo: Presidential Approval of Meetings No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 November -10- 16 - Letter to Honorable Kingdon Gould: His proposal for merger of NATO and EEC Saunders Memo: Eban-Rogers Meeting - Wednesday, Nov 16 16 * Nachmanoff Memo: Castro's View of the US and Fears of Invasion 16 Davis Memo: State Department Representation at NSC Meeting on NATO 16 * Holdridge Memo: U. S/ROK Joint Statement 16 - Holdridge Memo: Request by Japanese Television to Interview the President 16 * Holdridge Memo: Proposed Cable to Bucharest on China and Arms Control Sonnenfeldt Memo: Your Meeting with Ambassador Mac Toon, Tuesday, 12:15 16 Davis Memo: ACDA, OMB Attendance at NSC Meeting 16 * Letter to Honorable Anatoliy Dobrynin: Wishing him a Happy Birthday 16 * Letter to Mr. Stephen A. Schiller: Sidney Hyman 16 * Letter to Honorable David K. E. Bruce: Negotiating Position 16 ?x Saunders Memo: Questions on President's Conversations in Paris 17 * Letter to Honorable John Davis Lodge: General Walters' visit 17 * Holdridge Memo: Secretary of Transportation Volpe Sees President Thieu and Prime Minister Khiem 17 a~ Holdridge Memo: Hanoi Issues Stiff Decrees Protecting Public and Private Property 17 * Bergsten Memo: Textile Negotiations - Flanigan/Ushiba Meeting at 4:30 p.m. today 17 - Wright Memo: Reply to Howard Wriggins on NDEA funds No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 W W November -11- 17 * Haig Memo: Presidential Dinner Invitation for J.oe Alsop 17 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Analysis of Latest Round of Be;in Talks 17 - Davis Memo: Treasury Attendance at NSC Meeting on NATO 17 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Additional Point for your Meeting with Rui Patricio - he was ambushed by the SDS at the University of Connecticut 17 - Letter to Oskar Morgenstern; future developments in Vietnam 17 - Saunders Memo: Airlie House Conference 17 * Bergsten Memo: Malfatti Visit 18 * Wright Memo: Javits' Resolution on Chinese Representation inthe 18 * Q & As for HAK Backgrounder on Supplemental Aid Request 18 * Holdridge Memo: Increased North Vietnamese Diplomacy in Vientiane 18 * Holdridge and Kennedy Memo: Survey Group on Military Assistance to Indonesia 18 * Wright Memo: Follow up on C. K. Yen's Request to the President Re the Central African Republic (CAR) 18 * Saunders Memo: Frank Shakespeare Requests to see the President about the Mid-East 18 * Latimer Memo for R. Jack Smith: Request for Memo on South Korea 18 * Haig Memo: Destroyers in the Black Sea 18 - Sonnenfeldt Memo: Lunch with Polish Ambassador 18 * Kissinger Memo to Mr. Shultz: Committee on International Economic Policy 18 * Kennedy Memo: Congressional Interest in Cuba 18 * Smith Memo: Your Meeting with Ed David today No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 W 1P November -12- Holdridge /Kennedy/ W right/ Sonnenfeldt Memo: China: 18 - Establishment of China Policy Group/Study of UN Membership Questior Public Relations Handling of China Policy Questions/NSC Staff Study Memo for Theodore L. Eliot: Appt for Spanish Development 18 >k Minister Smyser Memo: Papers on Vietnam Strategy for 1971-72 18 * Nachmanoff Memo: Chile and Puerto Rico 18 Bergsten Memo: Alleged Javits Move to Filibuster Trade Bill 19 * Bergsten Memo:. Your Luncheon with Under Secretaries 19 * Packard and Irwin on Security Assistance-Friday, Nov 20 Nachmanoff Memo: Chilean Government Involvement in 19 * Narcotics Traffic Robinson Memo: Airlift of Material into Cambodia 19 * Holdridge Memo: Thai and North Vietnamese Red Cross Teams 19 * Negotiate Refugee Repatriation Saunders Memo: Mrs. Meir's Foreign Policy Speech of Nov 16 19 'x Houdek Memo: Letter to Amb Arthur K. Watson re Aron Articles 19 Robinson Memo: Additional U. S. Mil Representation in Cambodia 19 * Lord Memo: Letter to London Sunday Times Praising Freeman 19 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Heath Visit 19 * Saunders Memo: Telegram for clearance on Palestinians 19 - Haig Memo: HAK Invited to speak to Cincinnati World Affairs 19 * Council Smith Memo: Enke and Company's Latest Blast 19 * Latimer Memo: Chinese Communist Messages 19 * Memo for Dir CIA:. Request for Assessment of Hament Initiatives No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 November _ 13 Holdridge Memo: SINGINT Reports 20 * Lehman Memo: Symington Hearings on NATO Lord Memo: Elizabeth Drew Wants You 20 * Bergsten Memo: Our Legislative Strat egy on the Trade Bill 20 * Smyser Memo: Bruce's Plans for the Next Private Meeting with Xuan Thuy r 20 - Nachmanoff Memo: Agrement for Sanchez de Lozanda - Bolivia 20 ati AmEmbassy Tehran Message/to SecState - F-4 Negotiations Holdridge Memo: Proposed Message to Lon Not 20 a~ Saunders Memo: Response to Soviet Views on Middle East Guarantees - Telegram for Clearance 20 * Memo for Director, CIA: Soviet Plans for Orbiting Station 21 Memo for U. Alexis Johnson: Preliminary Results of Protective Reaction Strikes 21 Letter to Mr. Laszio C. Pasztor: Request of Mr. Danielopoi 21 * Msg for Amb Bruce: Operation conducted on Nov 20 (Son Tay) 21 ~x Letter for Mr. Berthold Seitz: Thanking him for his letter 23 a~ Msg for Amb Bruce: special operation involving rescue efforts in North Vietnam 23 >x Wright Memo: Proposed Telecon between President Gowgn of Nigeria and President Nixon 23 x< Wright Memo: Invasion of Guinea 23 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: The FRG-Polish Treaty 23 x< Holdridge Memo: 12th U. S. -Japan Planning Talks Holdridge Memo: Your Appointment with Secretary Volpe 23 * Nachmanoff Memo: Kidnapped US Citizen in Uruguay No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 5 S November -14- 23 * 23 - 23 23 - 23 - 23 'x 23 * 23 * 24 * 24 * 24 24 x 24 - 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 Letter to U. Alexis Johnson: foreign policy aspects of the US uranium enrichment capacity available for supplying nuclear power programs in other countries Hyland Memo: Lunch with Polish Diplomat Lord Memo: Consultations with the FRG Letter to Honorable Albert H. Quie: II-A occupational deferment classification for physicians Levin Memo for David Young: 12 o'clock noon Nov 23 appointment with the Pres for SEATO Sec-Gen Jesus Vargas Smith Memo: Walske Paper: "Do Nuclear Weapons in Europe Serve Any useful Purpose? " Nachmanoff: Capture of Guatemalan Guerrilla Leader Letter to the Honorable U. Alexis Johnson: Possible movement in Europe to collaborate with Canada on a consortium for a uranium enrichment plant. Bergsten Memo: Textiles - the next steps Davis Memo: Talking Points for Meeting with Mr. Shakespeare, Tuesday, Nov 24, 5:00 p.m. Haig Memo: Dropping idea of Sixth Fleet withdrawal Haig to HAK: Secretary Laird to appear before SFRC on the two operations in North Vietnam Letter to Dr. Bryant Wedge: Palestinian situation Hoskinson Memo: Pakistan Relief Effort Holdridge Memo: Report on Vietnam by the Joint Logistics Review Board Sonnenfeldt Memo: Your Luncheon with-Spiegel Editor Gaus, November 25, 1970 Saunders Memo: Another Request for Appointment with Roger Fisher No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 November 24 *Bergsten Memo: Call to Rudolph Peterson 24 * Davis Memo: Clearance of State Cable on Chile Policy (NSDM 93) 24 * Holdridge Memo: Your Meeting with U. S. China Scholars 24 * Letter to Mr. William F. Buckley, Jr.: No evidence of freeze on conservative speakers at military schools 25 * Saunders Memo: Your Meeting with Roger Fisher, 6 p. m. November 25 25 Houdek Memo: New Ambassador to Chile 25 - Rodman Memo: Inclusion of Your Essay in a Book of Readings 25 - Holdridge Memo: Situation Manila Four Days After Typhoon Patsy 25 * Memo for Adm Murphy; Enke's TripA-o Vietnam 25 * Fazio Memo: U-2 Mission over Cuba cancelled by weather 25 * Sonnen.feldt Memo: Some Tidbits from the Kremlin 25 - Memo for J. L. Campbell: "Bill of Rights Day - Human Rights Day" Proclamation 25 * Haig Memo: Chile and Adm Zumwalt 25 y~ Msg for Emb Paris/Amb Watson: Luncheon with Debre 25 * Holdridge Memo: FY 71 Reductions in U. S. Military Activities in Japan 26 * Haig Memo to Wright: Presidential Trip to Africa 26 * Haig Memo: Ban Ban Operation (Buckslip to HAK) No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 w V November 27 Saunders Memo: Current Israeli Views on Resumption of Jarring Talks Lord/Rodman Memo: Henry Trewhitt Request for Interview with President 27 - Saunders Memo: Letters on Mideast from Frank Lincoln, Dean Acheson, William Kintner Letter to Herman Edelsburg (B'nai B'rith) on Chile 27 Memo to JCS: Establishment of Joint Information Center in Phnom Penh Letter to Amb Porter re Use of HAK Backgrounders in Briefing ROK Officials Note to Marshall Green thanking him for readout of 27 Lee Kuan Yew's views Haig Memo to Frank Chapin: North Vietnam Operations 27 a,< Memo to Chmn, VN Ad Hoc Group: GVN-Cambodian Dispute 27 ?et over Compensation of GVN "War Costs" in Cambodia Wright Memo: Eritrean Insurgency & Kagnew 27 Letters on Mideast from Berent Fricle & Eugene Rostow 27 Haig to Holdridge: Mekong Development Project 27 Haig Memo: Meeting with Adm. Anderson (PFIAB) 27 Haig Memo: Figures on US POW's 27 Memo to SecDef: STAT 27 - Haig to Higby: Yugoslavs have film of President's Visit 27 Backchannel to Lodge: Thank you for Msg re Aubrac 27 - Davis to Eliot: HAK will see Alphand 27 Letter to Javits: We are agreed on OPIC nominations 27 Letter to LBJ: Your meeting with Ky No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 V W November -17- 27 - President's Appointment with Robert B. Anderson on Panama Canal 28 * Haig Memo to Pursley: President Requests Contingency Plan for NVN Attacks vs. Cambodia 28 HAK Backchannel to Bunker: Enke's Visit to Saigon Cancelled Memos for State, DOD, CIA, JCS, CEA, OMB, PFIAB: Request for Safeguard Review 28 - Haig to Ziegler: Press Release on Connally Appointment to PFIAB 28 * Sonnenfeldt Memo: Possible Brandt Visit to CCMS Conference in Indianapolis 28 - Memo to Hugh Sloan: Presidential Dinner for SEA Correspondents 28 >x Davis Memo: Your Luncheon with Irwin, Nov 30 30 Haig Memo: Irwin Talker: Job for John Sheffey 30 ~.~ Saunders Memo: King Hassan wants to talk with Presidential emissary about Kenitra facility 30 'r Memo to Sec State: Approval to State Memo on MBFR & CES for NATO Ministerial 30 * Holdridge Memo: Koreans to see HAK 30 Davis to Pursley: Changes in Laird Statement for NATO DPC 30 ~x Memo to SecState, Sec Transportation: President requests immediate investigation of Lithuanian Defector incident 30 Gerry Smith cable urging faster pace on FBS & NCA 30 - Smith Memo: Talker for Wm. Kintner 30 M Bergsten Memo: Brazil - Coffee Agreement 30 * Haig to D. Chapin: Presidential Meeting with Dewey, McCloy, Clay, and Acheson 30 * Haig,- Memo: Discussion with Goodpaster on Cutbacks of CINCLANT ships for NATO No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 94 No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12: LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6 IF V November -18- Smith Memo: CIA analysis of capabilities of Soviet NCA defense Sonnenfeldt Memo: Coast Guard Cable Traffic on Lithuanian Defector 30 HAK to Pres: Suspension of CG Personnel Involved in Defector Incident Bergsten Memo: Dahrendorfts Comments on Japan & Textiles 30 ~ Holdridge Memo: Survey Group on Indonesian MAP 30 Presidential Memo to SecState, SecDef, DCI: Summary of Facts re US Position on Unarmed Reconnaissance over North Vietnam No Objection to Declassification in Part 2010/08/12 : LOC-HAK-9-4-1-6