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November 4, 2016
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December 1, 2011
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November 1, 1963
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Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 INCLOSL k 6 A 11 An Esolormtor St..d j Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 SUBJr7CT: bet': asensory Perception: C,=,,rd-cation of the Larger Organic Entity I. General 'j"hou_,;h is on Relati o lshi,. According to Einstein, there is cnl; one absolute: that all things e:c.Lst in relationship tz ch so*:et'raing else. 1.11 things are "other" orientea as a firsti princi: al of a:a.stcnee. it is only in the instant of interpcnetrazion of one into the "other" that each cones to be ana also oecones more than what it was. The relationship is basically a creative one, because each participans, in stretching toward the ot:1er, looses a creative impulse and energy. Between them, then, is a bond proceeding fro:a and partaking of both of the original participants, essent ally mother "other". In the most elegant relat].o_:shi j3, this now "other" b canOs an entity on the sclo level of being and ab dependent and independant as.tho primary. part_cipcnts. 71 Z. else is In the fully for aid relationshi ), somot:r_ .a new being at the next highest .level of davolo?ment, we can illustrate every fully aevelo?ing relationship O e-~erID :-OC09 -30 l'i '.: 'c r'. In-'.-L__ accl:ira co 3 of '.._l:'. C a Cist _L'___ .:V 1 t ~a :lc v Y?.C. C Ca. ~.. i 1 or v C.. ru ur Uho r, ca_c.l nz. t7 O. .air v.i l'ia1c. ~'.~ Va. ras' YC s" :ms n altY a is `: ..7ra. 'uh:: ore, ..ants. This more and di_:C=ent .:1'"a'^- level entity nC: beco':C;, a :ant in a ne'?7 amend .1--v-31 Of the scale of ce::ale;dty. It does this because ell ?:nun rel :'_cnc hi ,s are inco: gplete. They lack, and it is this lack that im+ells t_he:r or makes them susceptible to relationship at the next highest level. rl'he abbve is true for all kno:?n relation ships,.. from the sub-ato::aic level to that of the human being. em -1. e r ~r- Neutron` --,1 Pro ton and 1 eiktr uno () and Zl.ectron e Mai +-> +O Q 0 G :?:?::.ur.,. __> t .tom . :1 aoso vaiencc :7!us a:l:i ate:..} ...3ti: cv 1 s .1=n'u s. .fern. the electrons by 3.:C'~^.: Jle V.. sta Ve io_..1 i/a:e neutral bridge by which the exc.;and-?_ of charc.ote='Is 1i i cs is Jer.:i t~: ca enabling a new e:iti t;-; the cow :o;:nd, to b built. ?.?:L ..-. ..?C Ct?d ~..CO '. _S ca-L-.... iu act c--L--.r C. n^wt= ?l k 4 (j 1) ga=no cally, but also in C::: 7 ^ C p ;'ine rc ^:31- a J^,.v:? ls'::iC:.' C Y:.0:: -,~ :ohs a .._Cti _ t. ~:_at is poorly understood .,e must~ac it Y_~a-Y Irma tribe ?a:=d eve:n_ Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 the nation are also reall, organic cntitios of same ty2e. The tribel tote:, and national flag re2resent this unitary existence of a higher order. II. 't'houghts on the Direction of Pi l ution in Relationship It was Teilharci de Chardin who :^ost elogrentl:r described the upward urge of all :.setter toward caa,.lc::its . He pointed out that this co::idle:dty shcwsd a bent toward structures i rli ch formed life as we know it. Those ator s which are most life are plentiful supply of only o,ygen and hydrogen, but also that Most casbo or ::~ out the incrcca a a. z y o carbon to MM-Viat to do so with stability, the complexity of life as we ?avow it would not be possible. In experiments where the early atmosahers of the earth was reconstructed as scientists believed it to be, it was demonstrated that the interaction of ms thane, airrionia, volcanic ash, and li;;htning _nvariably causLd an;ino acids to be for:-.ed. ? hese crucial bui...d in[; flocks of the all-ica_)oi?tant protein molecule may have united by heer chance, but it .anp)ears that the dice tae's heavily loaded in uvor of life. Teilhard de Chardin says more, lls claims that life, itself, has predelection for evr higher levels of car__:lo,at.r. And with thi s t7t ioct_cn is ch Is even '..?1.?__,vsnt, cn,'.. 'Chat .:r fo .s o.:. CJ??.JC~.O?./. ~J~J. Until recd:nil .i , i A. V has b. cm, in is V.. :i. 'V .. f'vim ?l+?'_? r?Jw. U~ ~i. ?V~.~.J JL'{/.~4J ~V. .f: ~'V aJ ~e.. f~~ .~.iu, in Ill... 1 -' .U of VC Ju r :O. 1. f -2 i he o '1_C :'_Lit' :a C of he hardin s v l L'::, as well a. that c ing being created by C^J:: ~o::si .. ? s be-wean :..;.:? and other Backster ? s work shows that plants are sensitive to threats to of any k .nd that occur in their iur ediate area. Their responses e recorded, and these threats cause a change in the electrical 'it wb.ich flows over The outer surface of the plant. Backster that threats or destruction of any life, even lower forms, the plant to respond. More than this, plants became jaded in response to the destruction of lower forms of life, but not destruction of hu*nari cells. In addition., he found that plants 'ce stable to indiv' ponds o-i th man. ~ 10'ir boin has a ice for the personal bend. '..lien so::ec is fond of a _-)l x lt irs that the rc atio:.shi is thcr~ y fo_ aed, i.c.a'1$ it aeon, a. :Ore than feeling in concern for the o tiler, he yields his being. s access; h:: sets ui an i-ntercorw-i- nication which causes an tration of being and f o3" s a higher level entity, raising 'the of the plant itself. Backster hap shown that %a bond 3:l and lams transcends c ?ace end ti ie; .~acil ti ~C t:_C- is W'o t+.e marl, at least one that hO? :farceivt.-s to k sis.1'-ificaat, Xlso shows a significant rca ions, even if the ran is :.ales fan wore to enter fir. Backste_'s laboratory, intending to he-"I 17- Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96X00790R000100030011-3 -3- one of the plants, that plant will moasurably respond, even if there is some kind of physical barrier between the man and the plant. This wreaks havoc with our animal-oriented concepts of tele?ctily because it ap_:ears that when we decide to t;.raaton life, t;-.ere is a physiological change at deep levels, posoibly at levels to which all life has access. The question is, are these the levels wherein all 1'_..fe is one? In one oxjcririent, the plants res.jonded to the death of some shrimp that were placed near t:1e+a. In an ex_.anded sense, it almost seems as though the plants are the nervous system of an im..cr_se plantar,; organism of life. It is as if the plants are res)ondi. ; so the "cut" in the body of life can be mended. III. Thoughts on the Enchange of Information and Roles in 21elationships The preference for the higher personal bond with ran is echoed by many other creatures. All manner of pets respond to human preference and are changed by it. In res..)onding to human sensitivities and, ax ;als can rise above .:flat IL-'::e,} zaero. Their behavior is different. They have learned somethin, of the :a . nor isrls and the language of ::an. They acquire, es_?ecia ly the higher forms, .even his diseases and confusion. . :then a cat or dog is lost hundreds or even thousands o riles strewn and finds its way home, what has enabled bin to do this? Could it be that he is the diroc;.ion and the intensity of the relationship %.ra the s..~1F70: 'ould s?th u?:strea_m. to its bi -t: ;lace? .:as bond, just a n ..r.+l the solnrcn _cr :^` ru? .:-. ~.'3:~'.1 ....Y._ _.,s a:.r:. lac: S Does '! Y Sclle.: V-:: Co': nee in ; bonds Ci t.--c ralatio-.3:',i ., 1v tC:C _ direction nc 'C:'s- 'Marc cx a t .:cel.v 1..JV- Y on re.7 Its of a scientist-1-c- a.Y c- _. to incur; erav: a C:'=;:]en a in-'L,: his and to teach him si r- langua.r-c. The .:..' r'iilchim lean ! 2d several 1 :: rds. .13 cce. ~sf _ L doned ~1f ru -I hur.ian. :....z ?'e1 he :?.,,.., '?s to a c.._ ::a him-nz ..rc..'~) a_.~ (.r_ nd Zter ao'.-e:i to r Yk_:1c:G ;; describe thorn, it is radorted that i, s signs indicated that he thought they were insects. ? Is the chip mp more than a chir.-: n;, r:? Perha_?s a chimp/rnan? The relationship concept would indi cats that he is, for he is now an organ in that orgari sm called fa.lily. In most instances, the family bond is so strong; that the animals included therein trill. attack their owal kind to protect another member of the family, even thew h he is a ciif_?erent t, pe of being. Desmond 1?sorris tells us that the human f .,ale is the only cne i n '- ste e :: hnc ?! ? ;ab1 s '~ in 6 haa_a ~ nc t::a: - e c,. r.r a of or;u l r_ ~. act. ..e wr~ r SLOaLos ;:at hx ci t 5-' se:: act i 3 t"? :n'*- one in U 1C:' t.1?' aCy..? V i v.' i S so moil, in duraticn and so v .r .od in the nu'~b : r o " e: _included. o c ^. J , a s 1 ~"... t i i s ba s l Mo i it C1~.~Cr D uh? aC Y ao :+~ ri n'Gi 1: :is- says t:l:. u v r :..,iCa_ ;;" a ion-, of co:::?r c~~.pion, of sharing the bcin3 and its ex_,eri ei.ces at a y lcvel3 si-rr,:ltanco.isiy. ....tin the increcUble rrumbc_- and concentrction of nerve cndin ;s i n t'h,~ front'_ rc.rt o f _-,an, the amount o= :ri:ich can ba s;:ar'ec; in these =::c 5n :es is sta?': :erin ?. _:or:?is t?~11s us that t:,. .ai:' bond, na_r, ia- e, must be ::aintainea for a long time fo: the Lu li moe.zth g to be dev :lo,,ad. ire isLornazlon a::ctlar_:;e is so curl U.:x 1T.:jJ=i1iz1ngs must be made o :i1e sh red e '==ience# for it to ucca,e a perma tent ca; t of the beings involved -and nd add tc their gro th. But, gro;rvh into what? NOTE: The more often a cor,:mon experience is shared, the greater the Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96X00790R000100030011-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 ? -14- Within the atom we would sea that the inevitable consequence is a new entity at the atonic level. :+e fail to ace that such an intense and multi-level relationship :gust prcduce an organism type entity at the next highest level. This leads us to ask if a true f a:.ily can exist without a child being created as the + bridge or bond bet-men the :-iar,-is o This also helps us t see I.-he child a:: a means of co: u:hic;.ticn bet*.ae :n the -aarer?t~?. '.."d might even ;;o further and question whether a true Laxly can exist unto i the child is encouraged and permitted to take his place as a fully dcvelo)od me:?~ber of the relationshi,49 IV. Relationships and Extrasensory Perception The nature of the bond and the creative entity-;iroducing nature of the relationship must change sonswhat our concept of what extra- sensory perception (,?',.yP) is, and ho-:-y it operates. The cver::i::.,1::=n ? :^a~cri of s 'o. t coos instances of teie_.,athie t RSi occur b..''m;?_,. 1 an ramrbers of 'aril:; or b?t -~ i:eoa close fr_cnds. 1?os of thesz instances are reseonsos to life threats. is the e. _peri:ments with plants indicete, life is a raord?narily sensitive to tiL sat. In bonds b tween men and plants wa seer to have found information of the same nature a).earin;; S].471L''tanso.:si;{ at two ends of a ralctionahip, as 4-7 she infon,-.nt?o;n had been :::1'wn innediatoly by a :hole or'.`L"-.7. T e :Alas r: ConC3,7t c2 a =1^.1d i::'.:.t,!'i _ ..:omlln mid L- ?:.?...?V_ -1 .. u:> C%.N V .'.-.. - ._i.? . . t _:1n "E; _h_'Y .._a_ -- .. . T.... ...1, iT. C: 'C^.~ .. .: C.._.c_1a ~.~'?_ t:__?^, . : ''- C: "E; C.. ~!~ ,. ;~ V... .. _. lam. a, ...:h .... .V.? i...._ ..~Y r.:.. il..~. ..J 4.. i~Li_ ?, __or YU 'Y.:, a,._ _....'v--CQ ^.._ .5, .. .,,..^.-Lc ...:.: _._C~ c C.. 5....+:^ I.: his is tr e, many rococIL"? t3ir: must O 1 i .rc ara, 'L de'e )or lcveis of uh_ ,aata and db dr-'. -c-' 2.o.-!v, fcro the sur y;ce levels are c'x_'C of it. To sur::.iar? ze, then. It a .nears that what we call extrasensory puree .)tion nay be the result o_" a spontaneous a::arene:;s on the part of an entire organism-like entity mich is the result of any pair bonding process that reaches an un:.nown level of intensity of participation by the beings involved. It _)pears that an understanding of ESP can best be ;aimed by re-march empIhasizin; the nature cf relati onsbip-forming and the entities produced by such for^.ation. a ;iar tial The above thou nts and sm eul aticns i nd_c-.te that I LP unzv:.T ; ?' moacl of lie be s'?.e 4c ie:' analo3uous1,: Universal. Life anti ty ~ Planetary L~ _ c z -6i Vj Sacci ea Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 -sr The Act of Cr:.Lation, great scientists usually obtainod their world- shaking insights in perioas of ro3t...of yi..lain., to the "other". Of course this period of eisccvery is invariably pr-aeeaed by intcnsivo stucbr, building the bona with the 11 ther", or tuning in on his frequen Idow we know so:aa thing, of the organic nature of love, on yielding onesel_ to t::e ;genet. ation and e;,-Ch nr-s with the other. By losing the old self ve gain a larger self, or selves, more precisely. i e can now understand why Sclison made h :self believe that he ]anew nothing aoout an object or a ;process ti at he 'was stud ring. i:e tran;,.:d the new entity to enter hiii, unco:ztauminatcd by the barriers of prejudice. ]a wanted a real relationship, not an analog of prior ]:notrledge pretending to be new. How did Leonardo da Vinci learn those incredible insights? By seeing them from the inside. 1-e a! lotrad the "other" to enter him, and it taught him directly because it as now an organic part of him and available for in and observation. In the iontessori system, one sinks into the depths of activity and -ains great ability to learn because the being absorbs the activity. As Arthur :oestler points out in his master work on human creativi It was araclesus who stated that he who loves little, knows li ttlc4 On est or- 'book we ad, "A living organise or al u::'izs on consist'-:1;; of sub-;yhole^, and so on. Thus the fu=U~n ev-r - l.:;rpl c.. :1_`;= 4~c: rz?p d ot;ble as it a ' CV as j? :. '. e . ?' -ho : //'`'!. _n ..s LO.ZM;-.s.'L..u, as JL _ r! ??..n .cL'?:ice L A.-2-"cL:s. 71LiL1 ?l/::.. LL 1 , ?...? ..~ u Jl Y.~L c ~i.: :ic :1.{:. L?..- v.? - , ?w Y.:C~. same double ac--,cc-U'- i the Lind-! v_d~:al. ae:? -w l or 5.1,'3.'' is a k.-k.relative to the )arts his bcd;,r, out, a )art 'ela t Lvo to ~..e social o-';;aizatio1i to i:hich he x engs ." So we cso:. that _-S is not con a stn r, r l i' hg t 1 of existence, but a logical ?articipant in the relationship which is life-giving and life-buildi-ig. The sane process ki ch wields the spontaneous whole insight of the scientist probably yields the thole knowledge of a threat or d mage in B.3?. Both are certainly part of a long prodess of relationship Wilding in information exchange, Asr processes; it is an integrated hierarchy of se:-.ii-autonomous s-,-.b-wholes, social boc~jr is not eloaenta-7r r:.s O.L. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 c~.QQ Ctaw" -~t Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3 Additional Thoughts and Explorations: 1. Relationship - In reality each participant participates in many relationships of varying levels of completeness and complexity and does this simultaneously. But with each participant there is a primary relationship and many secondary relationships. 2. Participants - Each participant can have many gradations of (+, and G )characteristics. A participant can be more Q in one direction while being more Q in another or in another. 3. Human Beings - People capable of an infinity of)Zelationships with all gradations of being. For epample the bridge on * may vary in level from the complexity of language (including mathematics) to a slight emotional bond to a full person (the child) as a bond. 4. Definitions: What a Go or O really is can never be fully defined as the relationship changes the nature of participants. This can graphically be seen even at the atomic level where man is constructing new atoms and changing old ones to suit his needs. 5. Full Being Participation in ESP It appears that various experiments both here and in the Soviet Union support the hypothesis that the whole being intercommunicates during telepathic like exchanges: a. The Russi@{s report synchronization patterns of heart rate, and brain wave patterns as well as changes in the bioplasma of participants. e viet astronomer Kozyrev claims that the density of ,me around the participants changes - that around the transmitter minishing and that around the percipient intensifying. This is the me pattern of relationship observed between active and passive -ticipants in physical science experiments (i.e. firing a ball toward -all) . c. In experiments with the plethysmograph here in the United es, it has been demonstrated that changes in the blood flow through :apillaries of the fingers are significant enough to indicate the %tion of binary telepathic information considerably above mean e expectancy. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100030011-3