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November 4, 2016
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April 1, 2008
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February 1, 1982
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Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040006-8 antal Communication #t can be seen that' my interest in -,our article is based upon my con- To The Editor: viction of unquestioned realism of Your article in the January 1932. mental communication. Our gov- issue of SIGNAL ("C"'"?: On the. ernment had a viable credence in Strategic Potential of ESP," by. parapsychology during World War Roger -A-. Beaumont, p. 39) was . I. Edgar Cayce, an intern ationally read by me with particular interest_ - recognized psychic was assigned in My professional life has been occu- an official role to General John pied in electronic communication, Pershing and accompanied him on the last 20 years, before retirement European -missions. Hugh Lynn three. years ago, as an electronic --Cayce, his son, and Director of the engineer at FL Monmouth, NJ. - Association for Research and En- . a member of the New Jersey. lightenment, Virginia Beach, VA, ' ' Societyf Phl I= haublilttd hi fth l oarapsycoogy. pro- :.s pcy saesaers roe .posed that the U_S. Army fund a and can be expected to repeat his research effort in mental communi--- :own experiences in relation to his.. cation, or telepathy. I failed to con-..-' ince lower echelons of manage ment to send -the proposal up to -A command authority. - =t:r. I have personally participated ins= :and have witnessed experiments in `this activity, One of our members; Dr;;DougIas Dean had traveled to `_'. `an international symposium-in Rus- to :observe, parapsychology in- J terests.: He -recounted his experi- ences to the hieembership. The Rus- sians have trained receptor teams ..-to receive telepathic messages. In- .el telligence,'audio,'video or thought ' I r.. energy is-transmitted as individual pulses. By use of the teams each ::ry receptor contributes his fraction of . transmission to all the others. ..~~: the -1 -The integration forms a -complete intelligence Dr. "Dean,. an adjunct professor hat Newark!College of Engineering (now New Jersey Institute of Tech- SP oloiy)'--became Dii;ector::of the. Dream Institute at Mamoiade . - : _Hospital;'New York City where he Alfred r. Donovan meats -with certified results pub- `~ fished in scientific journals Thc- - - . U.S.:government granted $25,000 to his- activity- Professor 'Al Shu- kur; his co-experimenter, I believe,- x'is-still active- in parapsychology at .- NJIT_.-The. subject is - offered in -'=scores of-universities-- Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040006-8 In the early 1930s when I livid in' the 13oston area, the Boston Herald .:published in its Sunday magazine supplement, the results of its ask-,'-` _ing world famous scientists =what `. they considered. would be man- :kind's greatest achievement in the - 20th. century;. Independently, six of communicate -oy thought -process would be the event. 1 advocate that the U.S. govern- :in mental communication. There - .are--many 'young persons - in this country who have natural ability' and interest in this activity.- Those pragmaticists who cite the lack of a scientific basis must be challenged and educated. -While the Indians were using smoke signals,- radio was in the ,.wings waiting to be discovered and developed. So, too, is mental com-' munication-waiting.