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November 4, 2016
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October 20, 1973
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Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040008-6 THE NfITIONfIL OBSERVER Week Ending October 20, 1973 .v.W,.a.1,.Y.^.l.iA~r6aP.'+Ns'.a~tlJ' ?},r~*P?%a~.~~rw :n[,^' ,..:'I'.t.,'.FI{if~ ~ .., d." ..r tt Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040008-6 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040008-6 By John Paterson Faux UW AL'rol, CALIR. L T1115 Is not the tame stuff of science fiction. It Is. Instead, the realm of the psychic, the mystical world of the supernatural and the paranormal that, its adherents may, may change your life markedly in the next 5, possibly 10 years. Some highly reputable scientists and philoso- phers, undaunted by the scorn and skepticism that such thoughts evoke, see ordinary folks doing some amazing things as a profound psychic revs adaa fogies them with extras:!i .ary Ia w erst: ? It is the middle of the afternoon. Rather than telephone your wife, you ease back In your chair, compose your thoughts, and beam a tele- pathetic message to her. That evening your fa- vorite dinner is waiting. When some disease or ailment strikes, you head for the nearest spiritualist, acupuncture practitioner, or faith healer. We will all realize, of course, that our minds control our bodies and that Illness Is merely the result of a disturbed psyche. This peace of mind will also mean the near-eradlcatlon of mental Illness. ? Those who really work at it will be able to read books still on the shelf in the next room, partal:o of astrotravel iwhere the soul leaves the body and flits through the universe!, or commu- nicate with deceased loved ones and our spiritual guides. We may even learn of our previous re- incarnations. One hazard: insanity Inevitably there will be broader, more signifi- cant Implications to society because of these ex- panted powers of our minds, but their definition must wait until the nature of these now-inexplic- ahle occurrences becomes clear. Former astro- naut Edgar Mitchell contends we are now on the verge of man's most Important scientific break- tb c,t:gh, which will show these phenomena to he "i'atttral events that can be as easily explained as at,nlight bending around the moon." lie adds, "anyone who Iti still doub'ful of psychic phenom- ena Is simply i aorant." Mitchell Is hardly a voice In the wilderness, for Interest in psychic research Is booming. Physicists at major universities and research centers are attempting to measure the mind's waves or energy levels that produce these phe- nomena. Philos:,phers are trying to develop theories that embrace and explain the inexplic- able. No one yet has it true glimmering of the at,awer-If Indeed there Is an answer. But even while learned men try to unravel the mystery, thwu.iands of persons ara flocking to institutes, cl.,ss:3, and week-end sessions that hold forth promise of psychic knowled^e and In- sight. Some are finding it. And what's more, drug-abuse experts are learning that the ex- panded consciousness that comes with %pirltual- istic or psychic experiences Is the best alterna- tive to wean the young av,ay from drugs. It is, perhaps, the greatest movement among young people since the psychedelic revolution began 10 years ago. Alan Vetu3lran, coeditor of the San Frpnclscn- publLThed Essych,l': ntnpAne, says the news In psychic I:;1?:1101ncl,n Iod.,y Is that science stray have the toils to l:rrall., annlyre these powers of the nilt,d. Indeed. literally satires of orVaulztt- tiona art: involved in ii-searching arad teaching the psychic. This work is an without Irs dangers. Mitchell, founder of the institute for Nnetie.s In Menlo park, Calif., an organizution he hopes will lie the catoly..t and focal r.,iiit for th study I,,to the Sch .n:e r.! the CDi, uU+Iii:Si, S;i}?S TOe- fully, "In,::nt:y the oc. tiprttioual har.ard of this business." Scientists Tryy'to Detect, Measure the Existence Of Psyel,ic Phenomena The Quest for insight Explains Allen Cohen, a clinical psychologist in lkri:eicy wha Is also director of a drug-abuse institute at the John F. Kennedy University in Martinez: "We're going to see some profoundly disturbing events. I've scen more than 100 psy- chic eruptions In people who have gotten in over their heads. By the late 1970s we'll have the same need for discrimination In these exotic alternatives to drugs as we now have with drugs ? themselves." The problem, he says, comes as people work at altering their consciousness and opening their minds to new forces. "Through Improper medita- tion, serious illness, or attempts to astrotravel, these people see mystical visions that they can't Integrate properly into their view of life. There Is a great sand building problem today with the huge numbers who are becoming obsessed and possessed. When you treat their mental disturb- ance in a normal way they simply aren't helped." Eleanor Criswell, an educator-psychologist In Sausalito, agrees with Cohen that psychic dis- turbances may account for as much as 80 per cent of all mental Illness. "I want people. to know that they are normal when they hear voices, when they experience visions," she says. "We need a psychic liberation, an understanding and acceptiuice that psychic experience is not unnatural and Is not an Illness." Most people who are excited about the psychic yet Involved through such methods and practices a,:t ,ransren.ient.t1 meditation, hypnosis, yoga, tiro:-s, Sct,:UI.,l.,.y, anti several different inlind- contt?l peogriuns. By altering their conscious- ties.; they hope to afar, their minds to deeper Insight Into the meaning of life. Types of Phenomena Most experts agree that most programs or movements that end up with a coltish devotion to the leader, trapping devotees to a dependence up:,n the group, are harmful. "Ideally a person should sumple the techniques used to open the mind by etch of these organizations, and then move on to another," says Mitchell. Adds Cohen: "Some groups have learned how to open a per- scan's mind up, but then they simply don't have the S11101ual direction or depth to give the person direction. ssttte end tip hurting a lot of people." Elmer and Alyce Green, noted biofeedback researeltel:. at the l:iet,ninger Foundation in Top, k:... , s,!e the fait:d-iruisttrq courses as tut.:.: rt ? ...? 'nts. In a r~.purt wiitten for the Ac:id'::1- ?.r :',.:;,p.l';?l,ui?ti'y and hicdlelne, they c:unlr::., :..,1,::? courses induce in snore persons "a fu. in t `rt h r??uru is or ji'.;?eaosi;r,,often ?I ft. T w Tliey eau- ' tion that uiib s ilic: a practitioners regulate thernst?lvus, the Government "may summarily hsur ni:u,y research and training programs that otiu ra I. ,?. if a areitilly developed, might become vt:iu: 1-1%.' i.L:;t:t:.:t:: to our educallon and health System.:;." Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040008-6 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040008-6 Cohen Says there are three traditional types of psychic phenomena: mind-to-mind, mind-to- matter, and matter-to-mind. "There really are seven distinct phenomena," he says. "A person usually only has one of them, though some rare psychics have combinations of them." His classifications: mind reading, or the abil- ity to receive telepathic messages; clairvoyance of the past, future, and present; vibrational em- pathy, the most complex, includes the ability to heal, read another person's aura, and perceive others' spiritual guides; psychometry, the ability to know the past of a person or object through touching; and mind-force control, the most dan- gerous ability, which includes both the projecting of thoughts Into another person's mind-as in voodoo---and the rare psychoklnetic power to bend or alter metals and to make objects dema- terialize and rematerialize. These psychic powers have been chronicled In literature for decades. But the same problem exists today as always: The charlatan Is still. difficult to disprove. As a result, most truly gifted psychics and some not-so-gifted seers spend much time proving their powers In scien- tifically controlled tests, which also allow scien- tists to seek the origin and nature of their power. Audiences Gasp in Amazement Such tests at the Stanford Research Institute (BRI) In Palo Alto have created unusual Interest because of the stature of the scientists involved. But SRI, after spending weeks with two renowned psychics, Uri Geller and Ingo Swann, carefully guards Its words. "We do not claim that either of these men has psychic powers," any Harold E. Puthoff and Russel Targ. "We have observed certain phenomena with the subjects for which we have no scientific explanation. All we can say at this point is that further Investigation Is clearly warranted." Geller, a 211-year.old Israeli now living in Ossining, N.Y., apparently possesses unusual powers, though his detractors, Including Time magazine, contend he does nothing a magician cannot duplicate. During a performance before 1,600 persons at Stanford University he per- formed feats of telepathy and psychokinetic power. "This is not a scientific laboratory," he told the audience, "but I have done the same kind of things at SRI." He appeared twice at Stanford, each time apparently exhibiting that he can receive others' thoughts and that he can bend keys and start up watches that had been stopped for years merely by passing his hand over them. People would gasp In an:arement as a ring ar key that they clutched tightly in their hind began bending and kept on betiding for nunutes utter Geller had passed his hand over it. "I first discovered that I had this power when I was 7 years old," Geller says. "I could move the hands on my watch. nut no one and no device can measure my energies. I violate physical Iowa that scientists say cannot be violated. litany thousands of scientists still don't believe, so the major thing I'm Ming now at 8111 and other universities in the United States is proving to them that my Ikiwers exist. "America is the country where we can lift our foot for the giant step that will let its under- stand this. People are ready hert? and nowhere else. But (7e1llfurilts. is more upon than New York." 'What Can a Relit Key TWEE lrn says he does not belleve that his 1'wer to snap spe' its in two, Lend keys, real minds, and fix Ketches cc,r::es frc:sn hie mind. "I believe It l getiet?uledl thruulth inc by an intelligent power in the ursiverse. I believe In God, but 1 do not be'ie:'e this Is COM114, from Cod. 711?% pat apsy- ehologists want to hear that my 1 o%crx come from my mind b;:cauue they want to believe that. But I c:rin't want to discredit people, and I don't want 1.1 pet tub th?xie In..-ssel things. I want to 1:e:ei, I have pare. After all, what can at bent key help?" -Lin Gioduin Geller holds a just-bent key. "The Important thing today Is to learn to mate psychic rc.wers work for us," says Robert Matt- son of the Academy of Parapsychology and Med- icine here. "Our goal is to convince medicine that thtse powers exist and are helpful and must be used. We've been gaining a lot of sup- port lately." Mattson says some of the acad- emy's p!?e..sentations on acupuncture and faith healing have drawn more Inun 1,000 persons. Another psychic, Bob Holtman in Oakland, is working with 40 psychologists and psychia- trist3 on psychotherapy. He says he has devel- oped u psychic counseling method for the emo- tionally disturbed that "brings these people and the people around them to peace with them- selves." The activity In this burgeoning, exploding field has received little support yet from Estab- lishment Institutions and from government. "'there is still little recognition from our intel- lectual community of thy: tremendous importance of this work," says Jeffrey Smith, emeritus pro- fessor of humanities and philosophy at Stanford. "We all have latent powers, and we all need to wake up to what Is happen!ng around us." Zrnderly ing nearly all psychic Investigation and all attempts at improving man's spiritual state is the attempt to further intuitive knowl- edge. I'::yehics, humanistic psychologists, and spiritualists agree that man can receive much l.nowled:te mid can b.come much more creativa thruui;h hts intuition. "i am not psychic," says Cohen, "but I believe that through developing my intuitive powers I can achieve more knowl- edge and understanding than a psychic, who Is really only using another sense or two beyond the five we all already employ. I think maid has to establish a balanno between his rational and nonratitbial thought processes. "We're In one of the few eras in are of the few places In the world twist this hind of lihenom- eniut is rc.t when for I;rsnted. There are d: lot of pen03 !.i:,!th I for i:'cauhi; and tilt e Ginn te:day. 1t':: ! e.slly M terribly healthy using." Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040008-6