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November 4, 2016
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April 1, 2008
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April 27, 1973
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Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 April 27, 1973 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 THE SHERMAN- S14AXN PSYCHIC PEOL'E OF As a result of c..inversuti-ime: between Mr. Harula Sharman of Mountain Vie, p% p..ri "r Ty-ern Cn9n.+ Tnrk 'taw Vnr4 Anri in An At- tempt to carry forward the possible verity of the psychic nature of men, it was decided to hotcia psychic probe of the planet Jupiter. As with any experiment, the necessity of feedback potential mast characterize any experimental work undertaken with the psychical nature of men. ]chile the probing by other than physical means of a far distant planet seems extraordinary, it was noted that the Jupiter by-pass NASA space module Pioneer 10 was on its way, and hopefully will relay back data as yet not known to science. Based on this situation, it was decided to probe psychically the planet Jupiter. In the evening of April 27. 1973, therefore, Mr. Sherman arranged to begin his probe at 8:00 p.m. Central Standard time, and Mr. Swann, currently on the West Coast at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard time. The psychic probes thus took place simultaneously. After one-half hour, Mr. Sherman was reached by telephone by Mr. Swann, and their results compared. Certain salient points of the obvious similarities between the results of both men follow. The actual responses of both men were recorded and are attached as annex A (Mr. Sherman's response) and annex B (Mr. Swann`s response.) Neither Mr. Sherman for Mr. Swann claim validity for their results, since to do so would be beside any scientific point. What verification might come from Pioneer 10 remains to be seen. Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 1. A:mosph! re:: ...gases. giving off a golaen glow and crystal-like diamona sparkles. off a golden gl,aw.. it is a gaseous mass of myriad colors - yellow, red, ultra- violet, some greens - like a giant fireworks display. ...a reddish-brown formation extending in a curved line as far as my mind's eye can see. There appear to be huge volcanic peaks, great cones rising some miles... ...there are crystals. they glitter. Maybe the stripes are like bands of crystals... ...distinctly yellow... Inside those cloud layers.... they look beautiful from the outside, from the inside they look like roiling gas clouds - eerie yellow light - rainbows. Then I came through the cloud The atmosphere of Jupiter is very thick. ...the horizon looks orangish or rose-colored... the whole thing seems enormously flat. range about 31,000 feet high... those mountains are huge. ...the surface of Jupiter will give a high infrared count. Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 crysta]F...1 am wonnder- ing if they are not icy cold. ...swirling vortices of in- creasing velocity... ...powerful magnetic forces... ...winds of terrific velocity... There must be water. The atmosphere seems unusually dense on some levels and ex- tremely rarified on others. I see something that looks like a tornado. I seem to be stuck, not moving. Tremendous winds... I feel that there is liquid In the atmosphere are crystals... they'll reflect radio probes.... another layer farther down like our clouds. Neither Sherman nor Swann said anything that contradicts the other, but both 1. Collision of Pioneer 10 with the largest of Jupiter's moons unless this course is ultimately altered. 4. Describes a huge red pass moving 1. Describes an extremely large hydro- gen mantle 80,000 to 120,000 miles out from planet's surface. 2. Deflection of radio waves. 3. Smooth large sand crystals on planet's across the face of Jupiter, from right to left, followed by a darker cloud of immense size. Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96X00790R000100040010-3 _ Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Y - Harold Sherman I - Ingo Swann P - Hal Puthoff SHEMMAN-SViANN JUPITER TUUCHIJUCh :'ROiF April 27, 1973 H How'd you make out? I Well, I don't know. How'd you make out? H I wrote about three pages as fast as I could write. What is contained in it, of c.ou:se, you'll have to check. I Let me introduce you first before we start to Dr. Puthoff and Russell Targ. Why don't you say hello to them. H Hello, Russell Targ and Dr. Puthoff. I'm very glad to meet you both over the phone. I've heard so much about both of you. I wish we could meet in person. P Thanks very much. We're enjoying doing this experiment and it's nice to be talking to you on the phone. H How do you want this material transmitted? Do you have a recorder and can you hear? P Yes, we're videotaping Ingo's conversation with you and we have a tape recorder going, so you two can just talk over what you saw and the whole thing will get recorded. So I'll give you back to Ingo, then. H Yes, that's fine. I Why don't you go first? H All right, will you be hearing what I'm reading at the same time you are recording? I Right. H I have written, "It Is now 8 pm Central Standard Time and I am sitting in my special concentration room in the little house where Ingo Swann stayed when he visited us some weeks ago. As I prepare to direct my consciousness to the attempted probe of Jupiter, its occurrences and conditions relative thereto, I am immediately and associately sucked into total contact with a speeding space module Pioneer 10 and I can clearly see that it is at present traveling on a definite collision course with one d the largest Jupiter moons, and unless this course is ultimately altered, it will most certainly crash into it and end this investigative journey. Now I am carried ahead of it and am approaching the Jupiter moon itself. It seems larger than earth - a great shiny revolving ball surrounded by gigantic swirl of gasses, giving off a golden glow and crystal-like diamond sparkles and unbell,evable inner sight. I am still some distance from Jupiter which I can see to the right of this moon, far, far away, a million - I can't tell - perhaps more. Anyway, a great many miles distant. And with an almost eye-blinding brilliance that is radiating. I'm sure that physical eyesight could not stand what I am perceiving inwardly. I seem to be a PfSank o na wt ;.?7v arvn..hewe fwoo of thm am ??itn t~~ne7 11 1.x..7. is affecting Approved For Release 2008/04/01 : NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 everything around me. I an able to st.,? in all directions as I mentally look around. It is as though I am looKing through a scope seeing all this in minature and suddenly magnified into a normal size. The sensation comes and goes. These visions are inside me, then outside. There is a yellow cast to space and seeming dark objects show through it. Can they be other moons of constrasting colors or densities? The impressions come to me that there are 17, some yet undiscovered by earth scientists, much closer to Jupiter, and the feeling also comes that some of them have been and are being spawned by the convulsive, volcanic action in the interior of the gaseos masses of Jupiter spun off into space in newly forming vnrtirac vhieh atnrt 9 rravol>tion of their or. gathering in_encei.'able gaseous forces and electronic particles to them which adhere to these newly created masses and ultimately solidify in the new moons. The feeling also comes that the sun originally, an unthinkably huge gaseous mass, in a mighty explosion threw off vast gaseous balls which began the planets we recognize today, including Jupiter, all ultimately achieving a gravitational balance in time and place;and in the process of gathering their own forces, these gaseous balls exploded in themselves and cast off pars of themselves in the forms of moons and satellites, holding to them as parents hold their children, their umbilical cords the magnetic attraction between them. I'm tired tonight..... exhausting experience I am now being shown many asteroids or very dark planets between Mars and Jupiter, some with life forms lesser or equivalent to ours. I am given the feeling that where there are great gaseous areas, swirling vortices of increasing velocity, that these are new worlds in formation and that an intelligence or directing force inconceivable to us is behind this incessant act of creation. Now I suddenly see projected to a point where I feel I can see Jupiter itself, a spectacle beyond description. It looks like it is bulged in the middle of its gigantic ball-like shape. It is a gaseous mass of myriad colors - yellow, red, ultraviolet, some greens - like a giant fireworks display. There must be many chemical elements involved beyond my understanding. A huge red mass is moving across the face of Jupiter from right to left, followed by a darker cloud of immense size. It is an elgngation that stretches for miles and miles - a swirling mess as though generated and added to by eruptive magnetic and gaseous forces coming from the interior. of Jupiter which seems more liquid or vaporous than solid. Strange, I can see ice crystals. They are shimmering like trillions of silver needles, and I am wondering if they are not icy cold. They seem to be near the surface. I wish I could see through the enormous cloud cover which must be miles deep. It billows and leaps with a changing vivid yellow and red and green incandescence, as though reflecting great magnetic fires from some source. Now I suddenly seem to see through and catch light of a reddish-brown formation extending in a curved line as far as my mind's eye can see. Can it be Jupiter's earth crust? It looks almost metallic - molten and sparks red-hot - great vapors seething through. It gives me a dizzy sensation to look at it. I wonder if Ingo is getting anything like this or what form his impressions are taking. I don't know how close Pioneer 10 is going to come to Jupiter in its bypass, but it looks like it will encounter powerful magnetic forces,winds of terrific velocity and gaseous masses of possible poisonous Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96X00790R000100040010-3 and damaging nature. The atmosph?re seem: .::,usuai,Ly dense on some levels and extremely rariiied on others. There appear to be huge volcanic peaks. great cones rlskg some miles in area and deep frozen looking crystal-covered valleys. There must be water. Probably mostly in solidified or vaporized form. I don't get any sensation of heat or cold and 1 don't hear what i see. It's like a silent movie, but I feel that I am seeing and feeling deeply and it is awesome. I suddenly feel tired, somewhat sapped of energy. I am conscious of my body. I notice the back of my hands are bright rvd and flushed with blood. I have not observed this reaction before. I have to collect my senses. I have a strong heavy sensation like waking up from a sleep with a far-away feeling. I-- an tns r..hrvnr. r, lb ..t1. Is calling 7 1 i ng me I-pn " ' ...:. rue. v ..r+++..~, .. I That's marvelous. Now,(I:igo relates from his notes: see attached.) H That's remarkable. We've got some similarities, don't you think? I I'd say we have some identicals in there, at least. H Quite remarkable, in fact. H That's the Impression I got. I Yes, yes, indeed. H Now, were you reading me what you had recorded? I Well, Hal was taking notes, and he took those down as I was trying to describe... H Because that was so beautifully recited that I just hope that you had a record exactly as you spoke it. I Well, we have that sort of....I think we have to shape it up just a little bit. I Now you're very tried, aren't you? H Oh, I made a statement prior to this as to the method I used. I don't know whether you'd like to have me dictate that short statement or not. I Yes, go ahead. H Are you ready to take it? I Yes, it's being recorded and we'll have them typed up. H "I would like to state before starting this test that while I've always be interested in the cosmos and man's relationship to it, I never had occasion to study astronomy nor am I versed in physics or chemistry and Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96X00790R000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 the only general information I have ab:,u: ..piter ib that it is the largest planet and it has supposi:dly li moons or satellites and is perhaps one of the most brilliant of heavenly bodies. This in itself may be suggestive, but I have found that the less I c:onsctiusly know about a locality or person, the more certain I am of the validity or accuracy of any impressions that may come to me. Whether I will receive impressions in the attempted mental probe of Jupiter in the form of visual images or perceptual feelings or both, I cannot say of the test, but I will record in writing as nearly as I can convert into words the things to cane through, if anything. My method is simply to make myself un-selfconscious of my physical surroundings, to fix my conscious mind's attention on the objective, at whatever seeming distance, and let myself wonder what exists at that point. I have found that wonder is the key word for me. It frees my imagination from trying to guess or embroider whatever impressions I may be receiving so long as I can maintain this fixation of attention. Apparently some faculty of mind makes contact instantly unlimited by time or space with the area it is directed to concentrate upon. If it were possible to hold the mind's attention on the locale or person once contact is made for more than the split second of initial contact, then a state of awareness could be retained long enough to bring back reliable data of what may exist at that point, even including the reactionary feelings engendered in the sensitive during the contactual experience. Who knows if the science fiction writers who have been imaginatively creative as they think. Fantastic ideas of other planets and civilizations, past, present or future, may instead have been psychically tuning in on actual conditions from. some higher source or sources, coloring them somewhat with their own creativity, but basically producing facts often later substantiated by scientific discoveries or by actual earth developments. This is an area of mind well worth extensive study and experimentation. I Well, I think we're on our way. H What do Dr. Puthoff and Mr. Targ think of this? I They're very pleased, they say, since we both got similarities. H Can you have copies made and refine this a little bit and send it to me? I Yes. Russell just said that there are remarkable similarities between the two narrations. H Thank Russell - Now that we've both higher objectives...I'm doing some evaluating which I always do after an impression is received. .I was quite thrilled, as I hope you were, to discover that we do have some amazing similarities. I Well, I knew to would, but there was only one way to demonstrate that and that was to do it. Russell asked what does the Pioneer 10 look like. I Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96X00790R000100040010-3 H Well, it seems to have a pointcc: .:c. and some ktnd of nearly as I could see it... it looked 3iL. -et, an enlarged bullet, with a head to it. That's about....with soa-c? -:.range little side things...things on the side...not wings but little bit blunt in size...I mean not as elongated as my :ru.gination would like to make near as I can describe what I seem to see. 1 Well, I think we lucated the crystals and the boiling clouds. and although I didn't particularly see a volcano, I saw a chain of mountains which were Wa1Vauwua. H Do you describe them as peaks? I Oh, yes. H Then you felt that there was water on the planet. I Liquid of ;ome sort. I'm not quite sure that it was seen as water. or H I didn't say it was water, I said solidified/vaporized but not water. I tell you, more similarities will show up as you have a chance to study these. I What I propose is that you're tired tonight and I'm a little tired too. H After all, it was quite a journey. ILLEGIB I Quite a journey. It was a little strenuous, to be honest. I felt that for the first time. What I propose is why don't we get in touch after you get back from Toledo, Ohio, and maybe we can take it a step further. Maybe we can go have another lool: together, or something like that. H I think that I find that the impressions I received is very refreshing and very challenging, but a rerun of something that is definitely the same, then the imagination has certain already exists in mind. To attempt to build upon it, I don't know how successful we'd be in furthering this. We might try something else. I OK. We could try Mars. I agree with you. I wouldn't insist on taking the immediate response and that's the tone. H Well, Ingo, it's been a thrill to work with you and I do hope it has some significance. I Well, we'll get it all written up and get it in the right places and see what happens. H I'm leaving Sunday for Little Rock and then I will be flying to Toledo for my lecture on Tuesday. I'll be at my own office on Monday. You have my phone number, don't you? Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96X00790R000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 I Yes, I do. And then yc.:: . un ck in Mountain View s ::... . H I'll be back late r?n W:rtai-ily ?-? In. 'iing unuFual comes up, then you c.. e a?. home :.t?? ?? I All right. Well'., :. _ . ... ?an: wry:. L..x ctiun of 3Iars, then. H My best regard:- -v . Puthoff. I They say thank you ... .,.' oc Cood nigh ? 6 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 April 27, 1973 Experiment 46 Z Exterior to space and time Q Aberrated theta perceptics I inf I or (em:ll) z Ahy!1' .1 tmiver!e No big sharp noises for the next 1;2 hour please. 6:03:25 (3 seconds fast) There's a plaint with stripes. 6:04:13 I hope it's Jupiter. I think that it must have an extremely large hydrogen mantle. space probe made contact with that, it would be maybe 80,000 - 120,000 miles out from the planet surface. If a 6:06 So I'm approaching it on the tangent where I can see it's a half moon, in other words half lit half dark. If I move around to the lit side it's distinctly yellow toward the right. (Hal - Which direction you had to move?) 6:06:20 Very high in the atmosphere there are crystals, they glitter, maybe the stripes are like bands of crystals, maybe like rings of Saturn, though not far out like that, very close within the atmosphere. (Unintelligible sentence.) I bet you they'll reflect radio probes. Is that possible if you had a cloud of crystals that were assaulted by different radio waves? (Hal - That's right.) 6:08:00 Now I'll go down through. It feels really good there (laugh). I said that before, didn't 1? Inside those cloud layers, those crystal layers, they look beautiful from the outside, from the inside they look like roiling gas clouds - eerie yellow light, rainbows. 6:10:20 Iget the impression, though I don't see, that it's liquid. 6:10:55 Then I came through the cloud cover, the surface it looks like sand dunes. They're made of very large grade crystals so they slide. Tremendous winds sort of like maybe the prevailing winds of earth but very close to the surface of Jupiter. From that view the horizon looks orangish or rose-colored but overhead it's kinds greenish-yellow. 6:12:35 If I look to the right there is an enormous mountain range. Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96X00790R000100040010-3 6:13:18 If I'm giving a description of where I've gone and am, it would be approximately where Alaska is if the sun were directly overhead which it is. The sun looks like it has a green corona, seems smaller to me (Hal - what color is the sun?) White. 6:14:45 I feel that there's liquid somewhere. Those ciour.tains are very huge but they still don't poke up through the cry staff ciouu cover. You know I had a dream once something like this where the cloud cover was a great arc, sweeps over the entire heaven. Those grains which make that sand orange are quite large. They have a polished surface and they look something like amber or like obsidian but they're yellowish and not as heavy. The wind blows them, they slide along. 6:16:3: If I turn, the whole thing seems enormously flat. I mean if I get the feeling that if a man stood on those sands I think he would sink into then (laugh); maybe that's where that liquid feeling comes'from. 6:18:10 I see something that looks like a tornado. Is there a thermal inversion here? I bet there is. I bet you that the surface of Jupiter will give a very high infrared count (?), reading (?) (Hal - reading) Qnaudible sentenat.) The heat is held down. 6:14:55 I seer. to be stuci:, not moving. I'll move more towards the equator. I get the impression thnt that must be a band of crystals similar to the. outer ones, kind of bluish. They seem to be sort of in orbit, permanent orbit dcwn thrc.ugh another layer farther down which are like our clouds but moving fast. There's another area: liquid like water. Looks like it's got icebergs in it but they're not icebergs (laugh). 6:22:20 Tremendous wind. It's colder here, maybe it's because there's not a thermal inversion there. 6:23:25 I'm back. OK.- (Hal - Very Interesting.) The atmosphere of Jupiter is very thick. I mean.... (Ingo draws)... Explanation of drawing: This is what appears to be a hydrogen mantle about 100,000 miles off the surface. Those here are bands of crystals, kind of elements. They're pretty close to the surface. And beneath those are layers of clouds or what seem to be prevailing winds. Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96X00790R000100040010-3 Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3 Beneath that is ?aw was, well, it looked like ~,~.. shifting sands ... . . ; of slippery granulated s?~uff.y+?'` ~4r And off in the . . :. .~ ;.o the East was a very high mountain chain 30,OUO fc s~ ..te urge rount:.ins. I feel these crystals will probably b...::,:v radio waves. They're that type. Gentrally, that's all. Approved For Release 2008/04/01: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040010-3