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November 4, 2016
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May 29, 2008
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November 21, 1978
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Approved For Release 2008/05/29: NSA-RDP96XO079OR000100040014-9 (b)(3) Yy r i ~ ; leti.i~, V 1 i1, : `"tie O c.+e?-~l:J~;a`'f.7CL4l~s:+f.T +~.F ht:T'??'"iE., .y.'1R` S STAT rune l;.r ' ? -s'~ , r -?My ~ i~ _V "I YkT ` +L/ tiny Y ?~ ~+: V j,-? + U a i 'tJ ~L ~.1i:4.:x By Thomas O'Toole ce11 count," ..J ?!;. James Tonascia, '_'.:.l:1 fdcl ;r.,d the John:, Volsci w s shineton PD$t stalt Writ es RALTI:-IOIIE--Personnel working -at-tile American embassy in Moscow between 1953 and 1976 suffered ro ap- parer:l ill effects from the Soviet Un- inn's rr.!crowave bombardment of the embassy- during those 23 years. That was the conclusion of the Johns Moulins University School of Public Health. where more than IQ people spent more than two years in an exhaustive study of the hcal!h of the more than 2.000 Americans who wor::eo at ti:e U.S. C1:.:7a:!:.v in .11os- cov- f:G:n 15163. to 1976 :risen the Soviet secret l:r,iiLe beamed microwave!! at the building to tap telephones and in- ter:cre with U.S. ttaepho]r and _able "ttith very few exceptions, there T:cr,ds,y,,Vo:?rntbcr?I, .'4;3 jr 1r_i5'siI\!;! U1 Lc7J'J* whn helped i. direct the John S Hop- St'.:c_, w..s the Most e::h:.Uitive staikk c ::1:1s study. .1t the same zarlo, the Cal . uJ' cver ear'icd on the '?'.losce:r group showed a il:ch degree iect', of iriara,wr_:e ratiiation on h of nervousness. an:: sty. loss r.{ mem- ..`d it i:re~lred the scar _or:? rind sleep w; ich ria could in no of n:: -re than. 150,04 rcor:ls of Sta .: .? tic in with the of ects of micrcl? , ep;, tmc.nt per::an^ci. thousands of ?'.,. rudiration. ".:laybe it was the r;ti '6+::]moires ann.:ek:iii;or,c calls to rs5111t of the publicity givart file MI- ; who had moved four and rL','C ci-oware h cid ent or the stress of 1:Y- t:-1L - around the w0r'd. ~1:7y it. .mI;.SCC]r:' "('l r hardest gob was finding people Nonetheless, the Johns Hopkins :tip o ad long it: It :Gs co l,' Li:ienfeld :tUCiy team reCA!':rnended that State said. "L'akicv'e it or rot, nobody at .D'parti tent ] j C::i:;: persofl? Gtat ! kee.m records of 1]CGpto who milel who ser:ed in the embassy in .10s- nave: hoe+n there." STAT SLOW. cspccinli;? :ileac M'ihli Nor:A ed e, there in 1977 .:rd _9-.6 ?:hen Cie Soy" In its st::::y of c: _`:a.s:;? aer