Intelligence Studies

Volume 53, No. 2

June 2009

Unclassified Extracts from Studies in Intelligence

In Memoriam

Russell Jack Smith, Giant of CIA Analysis, Dies at 95

Nicholas Dujmovic

Toward a Theory of CI

What are We Talking About When We Talk about Counterintelligence?

John Ehrman

“Peeling Facts off the Face of the Unknown”

Revisiting The Legacy: Sherman Kent, Willmoore Kendall, and George Pettee-Strategic Intelligence in the Digital Age 

Anthony Olcott

Intelligence in Public Literature

Handbook of Global Security and Intelligence: National Approaches 

Reviewed by Michael Warner

Intelligence Theory: Key Questions and Debates 

Reviewed by J.M. Webb

The Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf 

Compiled and Reviewed by Hayden B. Peake


Nicholas Dujmovic is a CIA historian and author of The Literary Spy. He is a member of the Studies in Intelligence Editorial Board.

John Ehrman, a frequent contributor, is a CIA officer who specializes in counterintelligence issues.

Anthony Olcott is an analyst in the DNI Open Source Center.

Michael Warner is the DNI historian. He is a former member of the Studies in Intelligence Editorial Board and a frequent contributor.

J. M. Webb is the pen name of a CIA analyst assigned abroad.

Hayden B. Peake is the curator of the CIA Historical Intelligence Collection. He served in the Directorate of Science and Technology and the Directorate of Operations.