Equatorial Guinea

Leaders and Cabinet Members


Teodoro OBIANG Nguema Mbasogo, Brig. Gen. (Ret.)

Vice Pres.

Teodoro “Teodorin” Nguema OBIANG Mangue

Prime Min.

Francisco Pascual Eyegue OBAMA Asue

First Vice Prime Min. in Charge of Political Sector

Clemente Engonga NGUEMA Onguene

Third Vice Prime Min. in Charge of Human Rights

Alfonso Nsue MOKUY

Min. of Civil Aviation

Leandro MIKO Angue

Min. of Commerce

Pastor Micha ONDO Bile

Min. of Culture & Artisanal Promotion

Rufino Ndong ESONO Nchama

Min. of Economy, Planning, & Investments

Eucario Bakale ANGUE

Min. of Education, University Studies, & Sports

Jesus Engonga NDONG

Min. of Finance, Economy, & Planning

Lucas ABAGA Nchama

Min. of Fisheries & Water Resources

Adoracion Salas CHONKO

Min. of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation

Simeon Oyono ESONO Angue

Min. of Health & Social Welfare

Salomon NGUMA Owono

Min. of Industry & Energy

Miguel EKUA Ondo

Min. of Information, Press, & Radio

Eugenio Nze OBIANG

Min. of Justice, Cult, & Penitentiary Institutions

Salvador ONDO Nkumu

Min. of Labor, Work Foment, & Social Security

Celestino Bonifacio Bakale OBIANG

Min. of Mines & Hydrocarbons

Gabriel Mbega Obiang LIMA

Min. of National Defense

Alejandro Bakale NKOGO

Min. of Public Admin.

Faustino NDONG Esono Eyang

Min. of Public Works, Housing, & Urbanism

Diosdado NSUE Medja

Min. of Social Affairs & Gender Equality

Maria Consuelo Nguema OYANA

Min. of Transports, Telecommunications, & Mail

Eucario Bakale ANGUE

Min. of State in Charge of External Security

Juan-Antonio BIBANG Nchuchuma

Min. of State in Charge of Missions

Alejandro EVUNA Owono Asangono

Min. of State in Charge of Presidential Security

Antonio Mba NGUEMA Mikue

Min. of State in Charge of Regional Integration

Baltasar Engonga EDJO

Min. of State for National Security

Nicolas OBAMA Nchama

Min. Sec. Gen. of the Presidency

Baltasar Esono Eworo NFONO

Ambassador to the US

Miguel Ntutumu EVUNA ANDEME

Permanent Representative to the UN, New York

Anatolio NDONG MBA

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