Vietnamese officials are addressed by the last element in their names.

Leaders and Cabinet Members


Nguyen Phu TRONG

Vice Pres.

Dang Thi Ngoc THINH

Prime Min.

Nguyen Xuan PHUC

Dep. Prime Min.

Truong Hoa BINH

Dep. Prime Min.

Vuong Dinh HUE

Dep. Prime Min.

Trinh Dinh DUNG

Dep. Prime Min.

Vu Duc DAM

Dep. Prime Min.

Pham Binh MINH

Min. of Agriculture & Rural Development

Nguyen Xuan CUONG

Min. of Construction

Pham Hong HA

Min. of Culture, Sports, & Tourism

Nguyen Ngoc THIEN

Min. of Education & Training

Phung Xuan NHA

Min. of Finance

Dinh Tien DUNG

Min. of Foreign Affairs

Pham Binh MINH

Min. of Home Affairs

Le Vinh TAN

Min. of Industry & Trade

Tran Tuan ANH

Min. of Information & Communications

Truong Minh TUAN

Min. of Justice

Le Thanh LONG

Min. of Labor, War Invalids, & Social Affairs

Dao Ngoc DUNG

Min. of National Defense

Ngo Xuan LICH, Sr. Lt. Gen.

Min. of Natural Resources & Environment

Tran Hong HA

Min. of Planning & Investment

Nguyen Chi DUNG

Min. of Public Health

Nguyen Thi Kim TIEN

Min. of Public Security

To LAM, Lt. Gen.

Min. of Science & Technology

Chu Ngoc ANH

Min. of Transport

Truong Quang NGHIA

Chmn., Govt. Inspectorate

Le Minh KHAI

Chmn., Office of the Govt.

Mai Tien DUNG

Chmn., State Ethnic Minorities Ctte.


Governor, State Bank of Vietnam

Le Minh HUNG

Ambassador to the US


Permanent Representative to the UN, New York

Dang Dinh QUY

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