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Dominican Republic

The Pantheon National, also known as Pantheon of the Fatherland, National Mausoleum, or Pantheon of the Homeland is located in Santo Domingo, capital city of the Dominican Republic. Constructed between 1715 and 1745 by Spaniard Geronimo Quezada y Garçon, this Neoclassic-Rococo style building was originally built as the Convent of San Igancio de Loyola for the Jesuits. It was home to the Jesuits until 1767 when they were expelled from the country. After the church was closed, the building was used as a tobacco warehouse, a theater, and a government office building. In 1956, Spanish architect Javier Borroso renovated the structure to serve its new purpose as a national mausoleum. The facade of the building has a bell tower and the Dominican Coat of Arms sculpted above the door.