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Papua New Guinea

A view of the famous Kokoda Track that crosses the Owen Stanley Mountains of Papua New Guinea from Port Moresby in the west to Buna on the east coast. In 1942, Imperial Japanese forces invaded New Guinea, then a territory of Australia, in a bid to capture Port Moresby. In a bitterly contested campaign fought along the Kokoda Track from July to November 1942, the Australian Army turned back the invasion and eventually forced the Japanese back to their starting point. Ammunition and supplies were trucked 45 km (28 mi) from Port Moresby to Owers Corner where they were repacked in Uberi, a major supply base just beyond the Goldie River. From Uberi supplies had to be hand-carried along the tortuous track ahead. Native Papuans provided invaluable assistance in carrying supplies forward and evacuating casualties to the rear area hospitals. Photo courtesy of the US Marine Corps/ Lance Cpl. Jesus McCloud.