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Central wall of the huge two-story Inca Temple of Viracocha at Raqchi; the remains are some 100 m long and 14 m high. The original building consisted of a central adobe wall some 18 to 20 meters in height with a cut stone foundation base. Windows and doors allowed passage from one side to the other. The central wall was flanked on either side by a row of eleven columns. The foundations for both the wall and the columns were constructed of classic high Inca stonework with the remaining height built of adobe. (The 4 m height of the wall foundation survives, but most of the column heights have been reduced.) Prior to its destruction by the Spaniards, the temple had what was likely the largest single gable roof in the Incan Empire, with its peak at the central wall and stretching out over the columns on each side. The site is at 3,480 m above sea level and 110 km from Cusco.