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Solomon Islands

The World War II Guadalcanal American Memorial on Skyline Drive on Guadalcanal overlooks the town of Honiara and the Pacific Ocean. The site, located on the first hill occupied by US forces, honors those Americans and Allies who lost their lives during the Guadalcanal Campaign of World War II (7 August 1942 to 9 February 1943). The memorial consists of a 4-foot square, 24-foot tall pylon on which is inscribed: “This memorial has been erected by the United States of America in humble tribute to its sons and its allies who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the liberation of the Solomon Islands 1942-1943.” The four directional walls point to the four major battle areas. Inscribed on these walls are descriptions of the battles and a listing of the US and Allied ships that were lost. The monument was dedicated on 7 August 1992, the 50th anniversary of the American landing on Guadalcanal. Photo courtesy of the American Battle Monuments Commission.