November 2017 Release of Abbottabad Compound Material


November 2017 Release of Abbottabad Compound Material

CIA resolved the technical issues associated with the 1 November 2017 posting of the Abbottabad compound material, removing operating system and other copyrighted files as well as files that potentially posed a risk to users. CIA also converted Microsoft Office files into Portable Document Format (PDF) to enable viewing of the material from any device and to minimize any risks to users, and converted executable files (files that run programs on a computer) to a format that no longer poses a risk to users.

For all removed files, the original filename is listed in a glossary to allow users to trace the disposition of the file and to understand the specific reason for the file's removal or conversion.

All converted files are available by original filename in the Converted Material section.

Glossary Key

  • Malware and Corrupted FilesMAL-000001 thru MAL-001236

  • Inert Executable FilesEXE-001237 thru EXE-030957

  • Operating System and other Copyrighted FilesOSC-030958 thru OSC-063629

  • Microsoft Office Converted FilesMSO-063630 thru MSO-085984

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