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September 22, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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September 2, 1958
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INFORMATION REPORT UR. W 5-47SZ dItiATE0 ?Y 1. It is said that in 1956 nearly six million people visitmd the -bsoov IrA, trial and Agricultural txhibitim fray all av-r for Soviet Vaim , ineludiad about 25 thousand flavigaers of may aetioowllties. Ve r.r pt~.,.at at the 1958 opening by [htJahchr? and had tis* for cal, a frtvrie.d rlwv through ems of the bu11d.AF,s. The arhlbttim occwpl..s smut 'UO $c +s with 21 parilims housing sons GO thousand exhibits, may brims ahova fm the first tlas, in a fins setting of flavors and trees with aezy lr-w11 fountains. It is a striking picture of Soviet industrial yrogrras and d,-rnatret.s tb^ trwrodcua efte,r4 that am being ha6e in wvw -y field of Soviet endeavor. In peset.rg oor nay srstim the ashiML on the peaceful uses of ataxic -'i , on oecbanitailm and automatic=, am dwrel. oprn4 in the ebr=ical and electrical int.,strirs, on new agriai1tural ssehinarq t.rt,cka and coaches, and not least the US style aotar cars. A11 of thew ass , 0ff?cttvaly presented, and '.k added to the. spectacular eynta!k display in the Science tsvlltco hake up an impr?salrw ah,v. f1il1 scale modals of Sputnik 1, II sad III with aide-eshlbits of spec Mused and r-asuring apparabv, are shove and es?1aL,ed. Siutaik III is an lmpsre-ssive piece of von . It weighs about 2,900 lba and acrrles over a too of sciectifle eciuiparnt. It is nearly 13 ft long and about five test diameter at the best, and could have contained a mn. Uh6oubtedlj thus will Dose} ?eaavh-1e, ins tr .st4 prcri de more 1nfoz=t1m. Among live SLatz+._...ts carried are Ge?rieea for 3etwtntnln._ 't? Ionic c-x1:?nt of US* ataoe- pbe^e, and the rtrclbrlc ch&rgr of the Sputnik 11?!1f; far m-wsurina the earth's >C~-xt! c field wrC for st dy1ng corpuscular r_nd.lattoo rmin th-, sun. ?tvvisim is also -' s to re-oa-d the member of cal-Li aicaa of the Sputan with alcro. neteorttrn. The satellite is fitted with solar paw.r.d batteries and radio equipment. The trsrhaaittins antenna., ccns!atlag of steel folded d1po1a.,oan be sew r: opposite sides of the Ds^, eb'Ic thew four receiving anta?as project ba ckvards fray t h e basrpL t i . I t is mid that in s trne-n t tt i is provided f nL-e e.JI:'~~!vua obaerva'lomm e,i?.Seh err t itbd doer to earth. One of the int-it ,shires of the design of epatnik LII I. the sans for naintainiag tempxl, -?r? egcltllbriua in its paawagw tarvigh space by satasatiaally controlling beat rea'atic by mesas of adjustable warns surrumding the lower poctim of the cone. The gv9eral aee+-niml omceytim points to an advanced degree of technological dcrelopamt. 2. In the Tavillm of 'ltichine-building', vh1ch is the at the exhibiU , the en metering Lh&istries are repr?sseeted including rJscC-mies and eo?omica- tlma, optics, ci-nar, ?tc. She Radio Section presented a particularly fins ranges of all kinds of tubes, tramistrsrs and cospmenta, ineJnding tsaQLse of 11.Oo deflection cathode ray tubes, 1se4le orthicons, 'idiom., photaaltipliers, iooeosoopes and issue toccoscopes, a large variety of reosiring tubes both adnlathsr and snb-?daiature t7pas, law and high power Cttydttiag tubed eta( ?.636tra s, s?,ri-Omftctor devices with many different types of diodes and transistors, ,,rim eiraltrv a.e.,.tte:serials, tarritaa, piaaoolacttia -ME ..+. rf...w..w. ~?. ,_ .-+.wt IJ ?~ .~.,...r - CIL al K. 1-e[ /..~. r p....... ~1... ti w.r. C....r C t Approved for Release ; Daie f tSEP 1996 gLST COPY ~~!4tLABLE sad barimt tltsmatee, rS$ J S, SmdrsssaS, sto. Ia sae of thm Shoe sa?e- thasr vea alas a small traealrtarieMd r-419 lrcadeast r..aiver in the farm or a boa. M.4y broodeaat romivers 01019 television soup as %all as in&slrial ralavisism turd wdwr professional ele=Pa'IOt+ 0010109 mad digital oc.pt1r., Sad tout tamwrriat 4lao Vert as shoe. 3? The rural people vhe are viglIM fa- ten Pavilion at fhe k%s?als Y0e1d ?air watt be" voider" vlrttsrs the Sod