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,EKsm..vic - (b)(3)' MECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLI COUNTERTERRORIST -AUGUST 1997. APPROVED FOR RELEASED DATE: 07-25-2011 ?-) a, w, r ,,Zesi L-..z 7A ye g - ollene 14, C.) C.,4J CO ca L3 gal 40 La LW t'i 60 sol SA OS SD ON IS tS 46 44 i V. National Security Information Copyright Unauthorized Disclosure Subject to Criminal Sanctions Contains copyrighted material which cannot be reproduced or disseminated without permission. Dissemination Control Abbreviations NOFORN (NF) Not releasable to foreign nationals ORCON (oc) Dissemination and extraction of information controlled by originator REL... This information has been authorized for release to... Terrorism Review Articles Page 1 i Se et DI TR -008 August 1997 Highlights 15 16 17 18 Colombia: Paramilitaries Adopting Terrorist Tactics 19 20 The Terrorism Diary for September and Octobei 23 11 ? Chronoloffv of International Terrorism Summary of Indigenous Terrorism?July 1997 This review is published monthly by the DCI Counterterrorist Center. Comments and queries are welcome and may be directed to Information available as of 22 August 1997 was used in this report. iii Seokt Set ? ST iv 1 Sec t DI 7R 7-008 August I997 Se ret 2 3 Set Set _ 4 5 St DI T 97-008 Augus 1997 6 Sect 7 Sec et 8 9 Se et DI T 97-008 August 1997 St 10 Set 11 . Set 1.3N1cL 12 13 Se -- aecrei 14 Highlights 15 Se\:t DI T 97-008 August 7997 be&st Sec et 16 St 17 Set t - 18 Colombia Gammon simr Panama - Venezuela North Pam% *BOGOT A OCNIl Colombia Mppiripan or Peni Brazil 743817 8.9 Paramilitaries Adopting Terrorist Tactics Colombia's right-wing paramilitary groups?private militias that carry out assassi- nations and massacres targeting leftist guerrillas and alleged sympathizers?have intensified their violent activities in recent months. Carlos Castano's notorious Peasant Self-Defense Group of Cordoba and Uraba (ACCU), which operates throughout northwestern Colombia and the border re ions o active of these groups. bly was responsible for t e ta eover o mid-July 1997 and the subsequent killing of several village residents. Other ACCU activities that month, including an attempted bombing in Bogota and a death threat against an international human rights delegation, suggest that the group also is beginning to adopt more traditional terrorist tactics: VI age ama, is the most the ACCU proba- Mapinpana, Colombia, in ? On 25 July, paramilitaries shot and killed a Bogota policeman who caught them planting a dynamite bomb at the headquarters of the Patriotic Union (UP), a political party associated with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country's largest guerrilla group. The ACCU repeatedly had threat- ened to dynamite the building, according to a UP leader. ? On 28 July, members of a delegation investigating reports of human rights abuses in Antioquia province were forced to cut short their mission after receiving a written bomb threat from the ACCU ordering them to leave the area within 12 hours. Two delegation members were em lo ees of the UN High Commission for Human Rights, according to press These incidents highlight the possibility that foreign citizens could become victims of expanding paramilitary violence, either as unintended casualties of attacks against domestic targets or as deliberate targets if naramilitarv 2rouns associate them with leftist guerrillas. paramilitary groups together comprise 4,000 to 6,000 armed members, less fJi?Thalf the strength of their guerrilla adversaries. Paramilitaries receive most of their backing from lar :e landowners and narcotrafficke s w by guerrilla activities, bu the groups enjoy the tacit support o some Colombian military commanders who frustrated with the government's inability to keep the guerrillas in check 19 Set Svt Se et 20 Se et if05' Reverse Blank 21 Set 1 September 1969 September 1970 The Terrorism Diary for September and October Below is a compendium of September and October dates of known or conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Our inclusion of a date or event should not by itself becoiistriiedip suggest that we expect or anticipate a commemorative terrorist event. Libya. Coup overthrows monarchy. Palestinians. During this month, the Jordanian Army drove the Palestinian guerril- las out of the country because they would not stop attacking Israel from Jordanian soil; in response, the largest group, Fatah, established the Black September Organi- zation, best known for its attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. 3 September 1971 Qatar. Independence Day. 3 September 1982 Peru. Death of Sendero Luminoso (SL) leader Edith Lagos. 4 September 1980 Iran, Iraq. Date Iraq charges Iran started war. 8 September 1982 India. Death of Shaykh Mohammad Abdullah, "the Lion of Kashmir." 10 September 1922 Turkey. Founding of Turkish Communist Party. 12 September 1992 Peru. Arrest of Sendero Luminoso leader Abimael Guzman. 14 September 1982 Lebanon. Assassination of Phalangist leader and Lebanese President-elect Bashir Gemayel. 15 September 1982 Lebanon. Israeli invasion of Muslim West Beirut. 17 September 1978 United States, Israel, Egypt. Signing of Camp David accords. 17 September 1982 Lebanon. Massacre in Shatila and Sabra refugee camps (17 September Organization takes its name from this event). 21 September 1989 Saudi Arabia. Execution of 16 Kuwaiti shias for hail bombings that sparked anti-Saudi retaliatory attacks. 23 September 1932 Saudi Arabia. Unification of the kingdom. 23 September 1964 Saudi Arabia. National Day. 25 September 1984 Egypt, Jordan. Resumption of diplomatic relations. 27 September Spain. Basque National Party Day. 23 Sec it DI TR -008 August l97 oe\ 28 September 1970 Egypt. Death of Jamal 'Abd al-Nasir. 1 October 1985 Tunisia, Israel, Palestinians. Israeli bombing of PLO headquarters in Tunis. 6 October 1973 Israel, Arab World. Arab-Israeli war begins. Egypt. Armed Forces Day (commemorates October war with Israel). 7 October 1930 8 October 1967 Peru. Founding of the Communist Party of Peru, out of which Sendero Luminoso evolved. Cuba. Heroic Guerrilla Day (death of Che Guevara in Bolivia). 11 October 1997 Israel, Jewish World. Yom Kippur (Day of-Atonement). Anniversary of 1973 Arab-Israeli war, according to the Hebrew calendar. 12 October 1965 Chile. Movement of Revolutionary Left (MIR) founded. 14 October 1985 21 October 1978 23 October 1983 28 October 1983 29 October 1923 29 October 1973 31 October 1984 Germany. Revolutionary Cells bomb economic targets to commemorate 1977 suicides of Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin. Japan. Beginning of construction of Narita airport (usually marked by 10 days of demonstrations). Lebanon. Bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut. Cyprus. Greek National Day (observed by Greek Cypriot community). Turkey. Independence Day (proclamation of republic). Cyprus. Turkish Republic Day (observed by Turkish Cypriot community). India. Assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards, triggering anti-Sikh riots throughout northern India. 24 3 Chronology of International Terrorisn The following incidents were considered by the Intelligence Community's Incident Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review and were determined by the Panel to constitute international terrorism. Such incidents provide the basis for the State Department's Patterns of Global Terrorism, which is publishedannualla. the US Government's official record of international terrorism 25 Se et DI T 7-O08 August 1997 I Asia 22 April 27 April 31 May Eurasia 17 June Europe 15 June Cambodia: Khmer Rouge guerrillas attacked two trucks in the Barkeo district of Rotanah Kin Province, killing three Vietnamese citizens and wounding six others Cambodia: Khmer Rouge guerrillas attacked Vietnamese fishermen and wood cutters intiieBarko district of Rotana Kiri, killing nine persons and wounding 10 others Cambodia: A bomb exploded at a Vietnamese War memorial in Preah Seihanu Province, causing4wnaemt no injuries. No group claimed responsibility for the attack Tajikistan: A gunman opened fire on two Russian CIS Collective Peacekeeping Force officers in Dushanbe killin one and wounding the other. No one claimed responsibility for the attack Greece: Unknown assailants threw Molotov cocktails at the Austrian Embassy in Athens, injuring a policeman and causing minor damage to two vehicles. Youth supporters of several anarchist groups are suspected. 26 Middle East 22 June Algeria: Unknown assailants killed a French woman in Bouzeguene and dumped her body in a well. No one claimed res onsibility for the attack, but the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) is suspecte 30 July Israel: Two bombs detonated in the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem, killing 16 persons, including two suspected suicide bombers, and wounding 168 others. A dual US-Israeli citizen was among the dead and two US citizens were wounded. The Izz Al-Din Al-Qassem Battalion, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS), claimed responsibility for the attack Scet 'AP 28 Africa South Africa Asia India Japan Sri Lanka Europe Spain Summary of Indigenous Terrorism?July 199 This description of incidents and situations is not meant to be a detailed accounting of all domestic terrorLsLjizcident, but rather to provide an overview of indigenous terrorism worldwide A gasoline bomb exploded on 14 July in a residence-based Jewish book center in a Cape Town neighborhood where several US Consulate employees also reside. The blast caused damage but no injuries. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, but a previously unknown group, Muslims Against GlobaLQznir?ion, had demon- strated in front of the vacant Israeli Embassy on 12 Jul On 1 July in Machareddy Village, Andhra Pradesh, People's War Group guerrillas detonated a land mine, killing four persons and injuring five others. The victims were in thestyehice of a convoy carrying political activists to a party convention An explosion on 8 July destroyed a passenger train in Punjab, killing 34 persons and injuring 67 others. No rou claimed responsibility, but Kashmiri or Sikh militants are suspected On 14 July a bomb exploded in the garage of a transport ministry official's home in Tokyo, causing damage but no injuries. No group claimed responsibility, but police suspect leftist radcaLswhp oppose the expansion of the New Tokyo International Airport Authorit During the inauguration of a school building on 5 July in Trincomalee, suspected Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (L7TE) guerrillas assassinated a Tamil member of parliament, also killing his body guarandJur others, and injuring at least 15 persons in a grenade and firearms attack Also in Trincomalee, suspected L77'E gunmen ambushed a jeep on 20 July, killing a United National Party deputy, a police constable, a labor de artment employee, a school principal, the driver and his four-year-old son. On 9 July two bombs detonated at beaches along the Mediterranean coast of Lloret de Mar, causing minor damage but no injuries. A third device was found and destroyed bnolice.1The Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) is believed responsible 29 Se et DI TR 7-008 August 1997 Sect" Turkey United Kingdom Se On 21 July unknown assailants launched two grenades at a police station in Oviedo. The projectiles fell short of their target, landing near another building and street, injuringoiieerson, causing minor damage. Authorities suspect ETA involvement Arsonists set fire to a Basque National Party office in Elorrio on 25 July, causin extensive damage but no injuries. ETA members or sympathizers are suspecte On 8 July suspected Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) gunmen strafed a dormitory housing a endarmerie team in Tokat, injuring two policemen and causing minor damage The same day, unidentified gunmen ambushed a commercial minibus on 8 July in Ucpinar, killing four passengers and wounding 10 others. The PKK is suspected Unknown assailants opened fire on a truck on the Erzincan-Erzurum highway on 23 July, killing a 13-year- ld d injuring her father. Authorities believe PKK militants are responsible On 6 July an explosive device detonated in front of a police station in rBelfast causing minor damage but no injuries. No one claimed responsibility. Assailants firebombed residences, meeting halls, vehicles, trains, and police sta- tions throughout Northern Ireland between 6 and 8 July during rioting sparked by the government's decision to allow the-Orange Order loyalist organization to con- duct a parade through Catholic neighborhoods. Hundreds were reported injured and major damage was sustained in Belfast, Londonderry, Armagh, Newry, Portadown, Lurgan, and Dungannon. The Irish Republican ArmyJJRAIand other nationalist groups are suspected of inciting some of the violence On 11 July unidentified gunmen opened fire on a joint army and police security patrol in Belfast, injuring three soldiers and two policemen. The IRA is sus- pected Authorities deactivated a large bomb concealed inside a car next to a hotel in Lis- bellaw, Northern Ireland, on 31 July. No one claimed responsibility, but authorities suspect the Continuity Army Council (CAC), a rou composed of former IRA members opposed to the multiparty peace talks 30 Latin America Colombia Honduras Middle East Algeria Egypt West Bank St On 4 July in Antioquia and Santander departments, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (iARCieurrillas set fire to 29 vehicles after forcing their occupants to vacate them FARC guerrillas attacked a police garrison and looted a bank in Piendamo on 25 July using plastic gel, grenades, and rifles On 18 July unidentified assailants threw a bomb at a bank in Tgcgipa, causing minor damage. No group claimed responsibility for the attack A bomb exploded in a cinema in Algiers on 9 July, killing one person and wound- ing 20 others. Authorities suspect the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) Militants attacked a bus in Dellys on 12 July, killing sevennasseigers and injuring 11 others. No one claimed responsibility for the attack Islamic extremists armed with axes and knives killed 33 villagers and abducted 21 young women in Fetha on 12 July. The GIA may be responsible Al-Gama 'at al-lslamiyya militants opened fire on a poli 22 July, killing six policemen and injuring two civilians in Al-Minya on A bomb exploded on 9 July on a roadside near Nablus as a bus carrying Jewish seminary students passed by, injuring two Israeli poi' ho were escorting the bus. No one claimed responsibility for the attack A bomb exploded in an apartment in Bethlehem on 14 July, killing a Palestinian youth. Authorities believe t victim was a HAMAS activist preparing a bomb that detonated prematurely Reverse Blank 31 Se e