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December 15, 2008
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April 4, 1946
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 STRATEGIC SERVICES UNIT, WAR DEPARTIENT MISSION TO GERMANY U.S. FORCES, EUROPEAN' THEATER 4 April 1946 SUBJECT:  Russian Intelligences Service, Activities in Bavaria TO      : Chief, Counter-Intelligence Branch, G-2 Division, USFET 1)  The attached list of alleged Russian agents was provided by a source whose reliability is rated at B-3- 2)                   The information on several of the alleged agents was rather vague, but it is being forwarded to you for your information and for whatever action you wish to take in the matter. Chief, SStJ/X-2 Branch Distribution: 1 - Chief, CIB (through Capt O'Neal) (Attachment) 1 - Capt O'Neal (Cover letter only) 1 - Registry-(No attachment) 1-Ops APPROVED FOR RELEASE DATE: 05-Nov-2008 /9.Jogf HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES FORCES AUSTRIA S_S_U_ _1_I: MISSION TO hUSTR A APO 777 OFFICE OF ORIGIN: Salzburg, Austria  Field Hq. File LSX,-1.81 SCI/A REPORT M DE ET:        DATE:   PERIOD COVERED:       ODE BY. Salzburg             22.3-.4      Present             DD 102 SUBJECT :  Russian Intelligence Service, Activities in Ba.vria. SOURCE :  ANGEL SYNOPSIS :  Attached group of Russian agents working in Bavaria has been compiled by ANGEL, White Russ- ian source. EVALUh TI ON :  B-3 DISTRIBUTION: Washington  2                          APPROVED BY.3-,\ London      1                           DD 101 ,~?~ \ G Amzon       3L Paris       1                          OFFICER IN CHtFGE Bern        1 SGI/A Vienna 1 G-2, USF4   1 Files       3 Rome        1 165 1.X iL   &, All& Felixowrna  about 3C' years old. with tI e  rent. repatriation authorities. She is now living a Landshut, Bavaria, where she is supposedly employed by UNNRE:: Shy is_s spec ado' being a Soy_ie __,c.gent_,  nd__f s_pr_e .-ding-Soviet propaganda. .  PkNOW',,, Irona is living at Rosenheim, Bavaria where she is wafrl'-ngin Ex American kitchen. The name of the unit cou1c not be learned. Her mother is, living at Feilnbach, Bavaria, Gast- haus WENDEILSTEIN, and is often visited by.her ,daughter. i 4.N06VL is working for the Soviets and maintains connections with a shoe-. maker named Ivan MUF,RT, also of Feilnbach; a Soviet Lt N .kolfias (christian name), l .st known living in Rosenheim; and with one KUDRJAWZEN, former lea der of the refugee camp at Kolberr oor. It is believed that KUDRJtiWZEN has now been arrested by the ?merican al]chorities for food embezzlement. It is also reported that PANOW.: is. propagandizing  and collecting in;, 2? ligence for the Soviets. 3.  EOLO'l           Nadeschda, about 24 years old, dark rounder a  ,              s rmngly built, carries a hand-bag with a shoulder strap. Has been seen various time with another lady, ,,who constantly wears black furs, and who is, supposedly very well informed about the Russian repa.itriation group at Munich. BOLOTOW, -originates from Kertsch, and at one time was ?, member of the Red Students of the physic-1 fa culty of the Univetsity of Rostow. There, at the same time, she was known to be an infromer of-the NKVD. Her address is still unxnown.- 4. - DJATSCriEN    White Russian emigree, at present .iving in the D        a  Fuessen. At one time he held 4. le&.ding ;position with the Cossacks under the German occupation of South ius.sia,.. After the collapse of the Wehrmacht, however, he maintained .good connections with known Soviet agents, and at the beginning of 194t he was one of the first to report to the Soviet-American repait- riation board. 5.  KLIPPENN, presently living in Munich, is also known und.X  then me o   W  OGRaDOW, Gennadij Arkadjewitsch, about 30 years old, is often seen in the Soviet Mission in the Tuerkenstr, and states that he is employed by UNNRA. He was last known living at.Biedersteinstr 4, Munich. His pr,2sent mistress is one: Mrs. Abrien DELASSI. 6. &~ur~t  Alexander Wladimirowitsch. about 34 years old, former NKVD investigation judge at Charkow, is presently living in Munich under the name NEWSKIJ, Alexander WlEdimirowitsch  to gether with one Nina ShDOROSCHNaJE., address unknown. He was -seen several time in January 1946 in a Soviet motorcar.              `'`-- 16 SECFEI~ CON'i]?GL? ORNITSCHUK  Sto an  about 24 years old, suspected So ie  a ent; ~.~-alwa3~~trave    g: Hsermanet locig-ing-mss= at Landau. OSTROWS'     Sergius, _former emigree from Serbia:., was - - - - 4 r - ----   - - - has beem reported also to be a British prisoner in Villach. SHCFtEI\ CONTROL 167