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September 22, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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March 14, 1955
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Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 C00985960 ICIECRET DEPUTIES* MEETING DM-388 Monday, 14 March 1955 PRESENT: Mr. Dulles, General Cabell, Messrs. Wisner, Amory, Colonel White, Messrs. Kirkpatrick, Helms, Bissell, Sheldon and Earman Mr. Dulles: a. Noted that during his conversation with Sir Percy Spender on Friday,.11 March, he (Spender) had indicated he would appreciate some guidance on the Bandung Conference. The Director said this might be taken up during the forthcoming talks with Menzies; however, he intended to mention it at the OCB Meeting on 16 Warch, and asked Mr. Earman to remind him to do so. Mr. Dulles also said that he was under the impression that a U. S. Committee had been formed to furnish advice and guidance on the above?mentioned Conference and asked Mr. Earman to find out about this. Mr. Helms said he knew that Kim Roosevelt had been working on the Bandung problem. b. Stated the Secretary of State had asked whether the recent Soviet book on Soviet Economics had been published in English. The Director said the Secretary was most interested in this since it was his understanding this book was "the Russian Bible on Economics" and therefore felt it would be of interest to a number of people in Government. Mr. Amory said we had received it during the latter part of 1954; however, he did not know at the moment whether it had been fully translated into English and undertook to find out for the Director. Mr. Dulles said if it had not been translated and if it appeared to be too big a job, he would be willing to turn it over to a selected publishing firm for translation, noting he would approve partial payment for the cost thereof. c. Briefly reported on his conversation with Admiral Carney on 12 March, respecting coordination of intelligence and CIA cover on Taiwan. Mr. Wisner noted he was preparing a memo? randum for the record of this meeting. It was agreed that General Cabell would mention the coordination matter at the IAC Meeting on 15 March as a starter in attempting to solve this problem. Based on this discussion at the IAC, the Director intends to forward a memorandum to Admiral Carney. d. Referred to a proposed letter for his signature to the Secretary of the Navy enclosing the Agreement between the Navy and CIA on support at Subic Bay, and stateE0 13526 w 3.3(b)(8)>25Yrs TOR-Sfcgr -Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 C00985960- Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 C00985960 CRET of certain directives from the Department of Defense he was of the opinion that we should either direct our letter to Bob Anderson or at least touch base with him or General Erskine. After some discussion it was agreed that Colonel White would get in touch with the Navy people who had assisted in working out this Agreement and based on this contact recommend to the Director to whom it should be initially addressed. e. Asked Mr. Bissell to get in touch with Mr. Donald Quarles respecting the "Earth Satellite". f. Noted he had seen Admiral Byrd on Thursday, 10 March, and asked Mr. Wisner to inform Finn Ronne that any lobbying he might do in connection with his proposed expedition to the Antarctic would have to be done on hisown time. General Cabell: // 00m:a. Recommended that the Board of CAT be invited to Washington for a briefing and dinner, and stated while they are here they could also hold a regular Board Meeting. The Director approved and asked that this be arranged sometime after 15 April. It was noted that the dinner would be held in the Directorts new dining room in South Building. Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 C00985960ayr