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February 19, 2008
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August 26, 1977
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 FILE NO.                           DATE       26 August 1977 SYNOPSIS At Falls Church, Virginia and vicinity:  One reference and two              informants mowing _; ,""T~on"e~:       LLD,  nine Lo  1G   years -as  co ' br  3tw^s.<i<   tx,  k   .-.   ~        .wrfiu~'a ~5   a   xUYdSt='~`+~Sxt   ..n..Y"Ji '   -?  ~ . ...........v.. w'rNSx    ..+Jk                                     ..: wor""leers  and close`~~rienc"~s ~avora"~"ly recommen~e'c~ S"U`~.TECT for continued access to c"`~ass'~iec"~ in~ormat~on 'regarding character, morals, loyalty, ~ionesty and trustworthiness. ..,.... All of the informants knee ~'[T~~Ei~'~'li~ot"'/s~co^workers and socially.  SUBJECT's current supervisor, known since 1973,  also commented ~~avorably""`and' recommende`"~"~'or continued "access to' classified```inforination APPROVED FOR RELEASE DATE: NOV 2007 REPORT NO. FORM 7- 64 REPL AC -   REVIOUS EDITIONS OF FORMS         ND       WHICH ARE (b) (2) (b) (3) (b) (6)' (b) (7)(c) REFERENCES At Silver Spring, Maryland? C+n 5 August 1977, interviewed at his place o             , eferenee, was and stated that he has known SUBJECT, Montrell E. MILLS; an       as  a       worker of his since 1968.  Mr. HARRINGTON, who referred to SUBJECT as "Tex," said that he has never met a finer individual.  Informant and SUBJECT hunt and .fish together and their families are close.  SUBJECT"has three boys, all of whom are married, and has a grandchild.  SUBJECT is extremely helpful, they visit one another frequently and are close both at home and in the working confines.  SUBJECT is a dedicated employee, extremely security r>~,.~,      a ,~~ conscious and. a sti~kleror t~etai~s. `'~`E` was`"described"`as  a perfectionist and expec`te~c`""~~ie b~~sf.'~~~""~1'~ms'elf  and those under him.   He is  fair to his employees, but he expects them to do a professional job.  Informant stated that SUBJECT manages his money. well and is in no .financial difficulties. SUBJECT is loyal, honest, trustworthy, emotionally mature and informant tt.'am~"oiA     , .         ,. `.   l -?"..         kC . , ? , ~ =+~ n                                       .iMr.-~4%  ?UI4t+UF~.s,:..i'K%Ie.T '~   G."   EY~if?+.~' offerecC`" ih s'Tiig"~ies~ recommen?aon Ito      ~~`or continued access to At McLean, Virginia: On 29 July 1977,                                    informant, was inter- viewed at his place o  emp oymen ,                       ce Agency, Headquarters Building, and stated that he has known SUBJECT and has been a co-worker of his since 1965.  SUBJECT is a dedicated Agency employee,- has a pleasing personality and is well liked.  SUBJECT has. been in the security aspect of Agency work since informant has known SUBJECT and has done a fine job. SUBJECT is the typ      'ndividual-that everyone likes, he has recently been transferred to the       Building and most of his friends and old time colleagues are her-      eadquarters.  Informant knew nothing derogatory con- cerning. SUBJECT's  character or habits and state~""iat die is" cert`a~n that bNA~.Pw3N+Y'id~4YAak~+ AA'?.ts'l ~!~             e]wu{                          +~`   d tif4~ez a~.+fio'~e'~'~ ~1x everyone w o            "`  come in con''~ac~' with` during                                                                                        tie many years die has ~ " t7BJECT ~ion          ~ been w~~~'~"?""A~en~`y~'"~u1~.""g'v'e~~Iiin an outstanding recommenc~a is honest';"1b~~.1~"`~~`Us~~'ci~thy,w emofiona,~.`y mature,  ~"inancia~.~yY responsible and informant o~ere~`iis ~iig"~iest `recommendation to SUBJECT- for continued access to~"' cT"ass?`~ ied"W"~n~'ormaton. On 5.August 1977;,                               informant, and a co-worker of SUBJECT, was interviewed at~is place. o  emp oyment, Headquarters Building and stated that he has known SUBJECT for over nine years.-  Informant said that SUBJECT and he are friends, they know each other socially and he has never heard anything unfavorable regarding_SUBJECT.  SUBJECT has done an    ~. outstanding job with the Agency, is nearing the retirement a.nd if a.nd when he "retires`'~"?t`Yi~~"A~`~1~'*~"~'~ c~i~:t~CYi`~'~~Y'?L'"~'d ?~mployee. SU$JECfi"""~"~i;,,~.,,.~"."~."~~"I~`"~'~?1~'~ ~'~'"a "s a; ~~~~'..s,~'~'if3:'~:t'~ . ,.,,.r~<JT .. i s of high moral cha.ra,cter a.nd respects his fellow ma,n.  Informant could think of nothing unfavorable regarding SUBJECTS knows him to be a.n honest .and loyal individual a.nd offered his highest recommendat~.on to SUBJECT for coritiriizecfi"""access t'ti?""~d'ass"~'f'`in~or~iation`.~ W         __   ___... __ At McLean, Virginia: On 29 August 1977, interviewed in his office has known SUBJECT since 19    an s supervisor, wa,s a,nd stated that he supervisor since 1975? Informant advised that SUBJECT was contemplating retirement in the near future and his presence will surely  e m               n  orma.n ~`~'s'a~e"~'"Mt`hat he knows ~".~C!~?`o~.n  `~o`~n  `con -ions a.nd .sociall  in that the fish together, play cards a,nd go to dinner periodically. w SUBJECT wa.s described as first class    Notha~ng derogatory concerning him could _e thoug"~i o~'"~an"~`ie bias "been very"'~`ene~icial ~o ~~ie Agency.   He ha.s a.lwa.ys t?~,   ~ .,.  ~~,-E,.~ .s... t ~~   , . ~, ..  ~. _~~w~,,,F  . ~5 ~ ~,.,~~.~.~,~ ~.~y~, , ~r,~, - done a. superior  job,  gels along extremely we~.l `wit~i his co-workers a,nd ha.s a very pleasing personality.  SUBJECT's spouse is a. very nice person also a.nd he knows them both?`;to be honest and loyal individuals.  Informant c uld think of nothin        deco a,tory and offered his highest recommend~a,t`ion`""`~` - ..                                                                                       . -r.F.-;   .ey*YCg,..,,  ~  t- . a.P.~?ix~at>'6S~5v~~s.~.. s'-'m?st; to SUBJECT for continue  access  o~ c aasi ied s.n~'orma:~ on. All informants who furnished positive information were offered the opportunity, but expressed no desire, to have their identities withheld. 25 July 1977 NEIGHBORHOOD At Falls Church, Virginia: (Vicinity of 2626 Sigmona Street) On 11 July 1977, Mrs. Helen MOTE of ~~igmona Street was interviewed at her home.  She had known the SUBJECT, Montrell E. MILLS and his spouse, Marge, ,e fry ends ana ng~hbors for about  12ears. Informant described the SUBJECT as ~r.iendly,A~outgoing and a very de- voted family man.  SUBJECT has three children.  He enjoys hunting, fishing and working around his home.  Informant related the SUBJECT frequently travels out. o.f town and is not socially active in the neighborhood.  Informant believed the SUBJECT is from Texas, and his spouse from. Michigan.  Informant knew,nq~hing deroy~;atorX regarding the SUBJECT anal hi~hly.,recommended_the SUBJECT for character,. integrity '++u+t.m  gip.,' x nr.K+Wh~ae~p t.,...,     ... -~ ;  _..         ..:. ~..   ,... . ,. ,..   t  .,a ..:~;   ., r k ~ ~~.^..   . , . and loyalty.                                                ~  1 On 20 July 1977, Mr. Mark CLOTH of~Sigmona Street was interviewed at his home.  Informant had  nown the SUBJECT and his spouse as next door neighbors for 12ears.  He described the SUBJECT ?,,e.,.,Mm..,...,r.+m   r.unzve           .~.4p5<-AAavr?~z "Y u~   :~'. ~,w~ as friendly and a very~evoted family man.  SUBJECT enjoys fishing and hunting.  SUBJECT reads a lot and appears to be a very intelligent man. Informant related the SUBJECT enjoys a sociable drink but never to excess.  Informant-knew nothing derogatory regarding the. SUBJECT and would recommend-the SUBJECT for stability, sobriety-and loyalty. On 11 July 1977, Mrs. Ingrid H. WEBBER of ~~ Sigmona Street was interviewed at her home.  Informant had known the SUBJECT and his family as neighbors., for ,~;~r;,.years.      She gave the same information about the SUBJEC'~ as Mr. CLOTH above.  She knew nothing derogatory regarding the SUBJECT and knew of no reason not to recommend the SUBJECT for ..     ~ .. character, honesty and loyalty. Nothing of a derogatory nature was developed regarding the finan- cial reputation of ~-the ~i1~JEC'~. No record in the name of Montrell E. MILLS could beri~~`oun~~~ in the files of  the following police          epar men s dates indicated: At Fa11s Church, Virginia         Fa11s Church City Police, 29 June 1977 At Fairfax, Virginia Fairfax County Police, Fairfax County Court, 8 June 1977. At Arlington, V.};~~ginia         Arlington County Police, 8 July 1977 At Richmond, Virginia             Virginia State Police, Central Criminal Records Exchange, 12 May 1977 At Washington, D. C.: Files of the Metropolitan Police Department were not available for review. CONFIDENTIALITY DISCLAIMER All informants who furnished positive information during the course of this investigation were offered the opportunity to have their identities held in confidence but declined this offer.