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February 19, 2008
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October 29, 1956
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 FITNESS REPORT (Part I) PERFORMANCE INSTRUCTIONS FOR MIS AlyIINISTRATIVE OFFICER: Consult current instructions for completing this report. FOR THE SUPERVISOR:  This report is designed to help you express your evaluation of your subordinate and to transmit this evaluation to your supervisor and senior officials.   Organization policy requires that you inform the subordi- nate where  he  stands with you.   Completion  of  the report  can  help  you prepare for  a  discussion with him of his strengths and weaknesses.   It is also organization policy that you show Part lof this report to the employee except under conditions specified in Regulation   it  is recommended that you read the entire form before completing any question. If this  is   the initial  repor    on the employee, it must be completed and forwarded to the Office of rersonnel,no later than 30 days after the date indicated in item 8, of section   A below. SECTION A.                                     GEN ERAL I.  NAME (Last)             (First)               (Middle) 2,  DATE OF BIRTH 3.'SEX 4.  SERVICE DESIGNATION MILLS                       Montrell       E. 31 January 1924 Male S 5. OFFICE/DIVISION/BRANCH  OF  ASSIGNMENT                       6.  OFFICIAL  POSITION  TITLE Investigator 7...                                                                              COVERED'BYTHIS REPORT (Inclusive dates) r     12                                       28 N"Ch 1956                                                       20 10. TYPE OF  REPORT INITIAL REASSIGNMENT - SUPERVISOR -SPECIAL  (Specify) (Check  One) ANNUAL REASSIGNMENT-EMPLOYEE SECTION'S'.                                                          CERTIFICATION I'; 1.-.'FOR THE RATER:   THIS REPORT IJ  HAS.Q .HAS, NOT BEEN.,,SHOWN;.TO THE  INDI.VI.DUAL?:RA-TED     IF? NOT-SHOWN..EXPLAIN WHY ? . r- ? _                                                             ..   -                                                              s      ., NOT A:PCHECK' (X)APPROPR I ATE STATEMENTS:    "-                        --   -        '?s    '?.      -       -, +;  - '            ?..             .. THIS  A EP 0 RT  REFLECTS   MY  OWN  OP INIONS   OF   TH I S I N.DI? IF  I-NDI VI DUAL   IS'  RATED "1" I:NS 'Cl  -OR  Dy: A' WA RN I N G  L E T. x VID UA L TER   WAS S E N T TO  H I M & A COPY  ATTACHED  TO             THISREPO R,T. tHISREPORT       REFLECTS   THE  COMBINED OPINION'S  OF  MYSELF .1   CANNOT;-CERTIFY ',?TH,AT'THE  RATED 'INDI;V.I,DUAL\,KNOWS H?OW AND  PREVIOUS  SUPERVISORS. I    EVALUATE  HIS  JOB  PERFORMANCE  BECAUSE I    HAVE   DISCUSSED   WITH   THIS   EMPLOYEE HIS   STRENGTHS x' AND  WEAKNESSES    SO   THAT  HE  KNOWS  WHERE  HE  STANDS. ; 0.TH.IS DATE                            C.  TYPED' OR PRINTED NAM   A                                   PERVISOR  D:  SUPERVISOR'S OFFICIAL TITLE 1 Oct?.1956                                                                                                       Special Agent in Charge 2.  FOR THE REVIEWINGOFFI.CIAL:   RECORD ANY SUSS      IAL           NCEO                                    ION WITH THE SUPERVISOR.  OR  ANY OTHER  IN. WHICH  WILL LEAD TO A BETTER UNDERSTANDING 0     HIS  R..EPORT. FORMATION. , By. .DATE $ NOV ' Po tec! Pos. Co^trol I . , Rcviewad fly    ~_ CONTINUED ON  ATTACHED  SHEET I certify that any substantial diff          fopi  on  ith the supervisor  is reflected in the above section. A.  THI   DA E                  B.  TYPED 0                          E OF REVIEWING   C. OFFICIAL  TITLE OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL O F F I C                                        Chie 1p JOB PERFORMA            EVALUATION SECTION C. 1.  RATING ON GENERAL PERFORMANCE OF DUTIES DIRECTIONS:   Consider  ONLY  the productivity  and effectiveness with which the individual being rated has performed his duties during the rating period.   Compare him ONLY with others doing similar work at a similar level of respon- sibility.                              Factors other than productivity will be taken into account later in Section D. I ?  DOES NOT PERFORM DUTIES ADEQUATELY: HE  IS  INCOMPETENT. 2 - BARELY ADEQUATE  IN PERFORMANCE;  ALTHOUGH-HE HAS HAD SPECIFIC GUIDANCE OR TRAINING. HE OFTEN  FAILS  TO 5 CARRY  OUT  RESPONSIBILITIES. 3 -  PERFORMS MOST OF HIS DUTIES ACCEPTABLY:  OCCASIONALLY REVEALS SOME AREA OF WEAKNESS...,;, INSERT       4 ?  PERFORMS DUTIES IN A COMPETENT.  EFFECTIVE -MANNER. - 5    A FINE PERFORMANCE; CARRIES OUT MANY OF HIS RESPONSIBILITIES  EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. RATING NUMBER       6 .  PERFORMS HIS DUTIES  IN  SUCH AN OUTSTANDING MANNER THAT HE  IS EQUALLED  BY  FEW OTHER PERSONS-KNOWN TO THE SUPERVISOR. COI IFNTS:                                            APPROVED  FOR RELEASE DATE:  NOV 2007                                . FORM  No.  45  Part   I     ncrcr...c~  rn cv, via  cup : ivrva I  NOV  aG         \               OF  FORMS 45 AND 45A WHICH S E C, 0 in" ET ille S EC ET 09-M                               IP ON r OF 2    RATINGS  ON  PERFORMANCE  OF  SPECIFIC  DUTIES DIRECTIONS: i{iod ti thi i . ng s ra ng a. State in the spaces below up to six of the more important SPECIFIC duties perforni dur the most  important  first.   Do not  include minor or unimportant duties.       'VI4 Place Rate performance on each specific duty considering ONLY effectiveness in performance o   thi') specific duty. b ' , ~ e~~ rs those c. For supervisors,              ability to supervise will always be rated as a specific duty(do not rate 7/ a ar   onl who supervise a se    t   y    y) Compare      in  your  mind,  when   possible,  the  individual  being  rated  with others performing the same   ty at a d . similar level of responsibility.                                                                   A! with the same  job  title  may  be performing different duties.   If so,Cr    . hem on different e. Two II off duties. f. Be specific.      Examples of the kind of duties that might be rated are: ORAL BRIEFING                     HAS AND USES AREA KNOWLEDGE           CONDUCTS INTERROGATIONS GIVING LECTURES                   DEVELOPS NEW PROGRAMS                 PREPARES SUMMARIES CONDUCTING SEMINARS               ANALYZES INDUSTRIAL REPORTS           TRANSLATES GERMAN WRITING TECHNICAL REPORTS         MANAGES FILES                         DEBRIEFING SOURCES CONDUCTING EXTERNAL LIAISON       OPERATES RADIO                        KEEPS BOOKS TYPING                            COORDINATES WITH OTHER OFFICES        DRIVES TRUCK TAKING DICTATION                  WRITES REGULATIONS                    MAINTAINS AIR CONDITIONING SUPERVISING                       PREPARES CORRESPONDENCE               EVALUATES SIGNIFICANCE OF DATA g. For some jobs, duties may be broken down even further if. supervisor considers it advisable,  e.g.,  combined key and phone operation,  in the case o.f-a radio operator:-                                      +     r  . 1    INCOMPETENT IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THISDUTY        6.-.-PERFORMS THIS DUTY  IN'AN OUTSTANDING.. MANNER 2?-  BARELY ADEQUATE  IN,  THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS              FOUND  INVERY  FEW  INDIVIDUALS HOLDING SIMI- DESCRIPTIVE                                        DUTY                                                       LAR JOBS   -:_                      -       - ' I  KNOW IN THE PERFORMANCE OF RATING            3 -  PERFORMS  THIS DUTY ACCEPTABLY                             7 ? EXCELS ANYONE NUMBER            4 -  PERFORMS THIS DUTY  IN A COMPETENT MANNF,R                 THIS DUTY 5    PERFORMS  THIS  DUTY   IN  SUCH  A  FINE MANNER THAT HE  IS A DISTINCT ASSET ON HIS JOB SPECIFIC  DUTY  NO.   I arranges assignment instructions to effect in RATING BER NUM SPECIFIC DUTY NO.  4 - wolrk~to achieve expeditious and econ- RATING NUMBER vestigative coverage of persons and . omical completion of investigative S DUTY  NO.  2 RATING SPEIF           DU TY. NO. 5  Reports. gn       ormation -RATING Applies                 to conduct of NUMBER obtained through   vesiga five proces NUMBER investigations and completes invests - sing, and prepares.correspondence in s                                                  ? RATING s                                     c NO.                  ?    -        ,.                - RATING Performs. specialized' -and delicate NUMBER NUMBER services requiring tact, poise and 3?                DESCRIPTION OF MANNER OF JOB PERFORMANCE DIRECTIONS:   Stress strengths and weaknesses, particularly those which affect development on present job. Mr. Mills, who has been a Resident Investigator for over three years, has continued to show a high degree of alertness, productivity, tact and judgment. He normally has a goo sense of responsibility and plans and completes his assignments in an effective requiring only a minimum of supervision?Hi inattention to minor details con- manner , but his efforts to correct this weakness are favorably s to a limited degree u ti , e n apparent in his work.  His report-writing ability is good.  He is very personable, cooperative, neat appearing and his attitude is fully that of a ,career employee. SECTION.D.                        SUITABILITY FOR CURRENT JOB IN ORGANIZATION DIRECTIONS:       Take  into  account           here everything you know about the individual....productivity,  conduct in the job, pertinent personal      characteristics or habits,  special  defects or  talents.... and how he  fits  in with your  team.                                                        Com- pare him with others doing similar work of about the same level.. I    DEFINITELY UNSUITABLE ?HE SHOULD BE SEPARATED 2 ?  OF DOUBTFUL SUITABILITY...WOULD NOT HAVE ACCEPTED HIM  IF  I  HAD KNOWN  WHAT  I  KNOW NOW 3 -  A BARELY ACCEPTABLE  EMPLOYEE... BELOW AVERAGE BUT WITH NO WEAKNESSES SUFFICIENTLY OUTSTANDING TO WAR- RANT HIS. SEPARATION                                                                                       :..-                                  ...:.    ..  ...                                   .. ..   ... .. _, ~ 4    OF THE SAME SUITABILITY AS MOST PEOPLE  IKNOW  IN THE ORGANIZATION ? RATING      5 -  A FINE EMPLOYEE - HASSOME OUTSTANDING STRENGTHS s-AN  UNUSUALLY STRONG PERSON  IN TERMS OF   THE REQUIREMENTS OF ,THE ORGANIZATION -    -                     - NUMBER 7  - EXCELLED BY ONLY A FEW  IN  SUITABILITY  FOR WORK IN THE ORGANIZATION IS THIS INDIVIDUAL  BETTER SUITED FOR WORK  IN  SOME OTHER POSITION  IN  THE ORGANIZATION?        E.YES            NO.    I.FYES4. EXPLAIN FULLY: or SE   ET (When filled In)