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February 19, 2008
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January 13, 1970
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 SEC~ET (When   lied In) ?    _   EMPLOYEE SERIAL NUMBER FITNESS REPORT SECTION A .                            GENERAL i. NAME                (Lest)   (First)   (Middle) 2. DATE OF BIRTH 9. SEX 4. GRADE S. SD MILLS   Montrell       E. O 1 31  24 M -13 8. OFFICIAL POSITION TITLE 7. OFF/DIV/BR OF ASSIGNMENT S. CURRENT OS ash'   n S. CHECK (X) TYPE OF APPOINTMENT 10. CHECK  X  TYPE OF REPORT X CAREER               RESERVE   TEMPORARY INITIAL REA3316 NMENT SUPERV ISOR CAREER-PROVISIONAL (See instructions -Section C)   ~ X ANNUAL        ~           ~ REA33I6NMENT EMPLOYEE SPECIAL (Speclty):                  ~ SPECIAL (Specify): 11. DATE REPORT DUE IN O.P. 12. REPORTING PERIOD (From-  to-) 17 Januar  1969 29 A ril 1 68 - 31 Decemb    1 SECTION B                           PERFORMANCE EVALUATION W -Weak          Performance ranges from wholly inadequate to slightly less than satisfactory.  A rating in this category requires ?   positive remedial actiont The,nQture of~the action could range from eounspling; to further, training, to placing on -     ;   probation, to reassigri'ment ?or to separation.  Describe action taken or proposed in Section C. ~ A -Adequate Perfo~munee meets all requirements.  It is entirely satisfactory and,js eharoeterized neither by deficiency nor .                             excellence.                                                                          ... _ .. . _  _ . _. P - Proficient    Performonee is more than satisfactory.  Desired results are being produced in a proficient manner. S -Strong         Performance is characterized by exceptional proficiency.                                 ~ O - Outstandinsr   Performance is so exceptional in relation to requirements of the work and imcomparison to the performance of others doing similar work us to warrant speeiol recognition. ?                       SPECIFIC DUTIES- List up to six of the most important specific duties performed during the rating period.  Insert rating letter which best describes the manner in which employee performs EACH specific duty.  Consider ONLY effectiveness in performance of that duty.  All employees with supervisory responsibilities MUST be rated on their ability to supervise (indicate number of employees sapervised). SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 1 Reviews and analyzes a wide variety of operational support LETTER requests to determine the validity of the. request and the best investigative 5 techniques to insure accomplishment. SPECIFIC DUTY NO. z   provides direction and guidance to the domestic field offices LETTER through letters of assignment wherein he sets forth the methods and means S to be used to insure successful completion of support requirements. SPECIFIC~DUTy,NO. $ -    - -   ~' Reviews and analyzes the investigative results from the RATING LETTER domestic field offices;rto irfsure~~ompli~n~e ?with requests and disseminates S the .finished product to--the reque'sto~r:    ~ _-   ~  -  - -    -~ ...   .~ .-   'f     T  .-,   -. ..   r SPECIFIC DUTY N0.4                                                                                                       ' Originates TW~'s~ cables,  dispatches and rnerno~and~ as RATING LETTER necessary to effect action-and provide'-guidance in cases under his S T . ..   ., ~     , supervision. SPECIFIC DUTY NO,. a   Represents the Office of Security in conferences with LETTER ?case-officers anc~ other representatives of operating components  T--. S con~erMing-sensitive. ope~tational support matters.   -       - SPECIFIC DITTY NO..tI  ~                                           ~         -   ~   ~ -    -  ~   -   - Maintains records, -files and ticklers to? insure prompt RATING L  TTER attention to p_endirig? and deadline cases and to ~.nsu~e that operational _ , support is promptl 'provided:       ~  ~         ~                 ~  9~ ? OVERALL PERFORMANCE IN CURRENT POSITION        1 ~' Toke in o account eve   about the employee which influences his effectiveness in his current position such        r- RATING LETTER formance of specific   utiss, productivity, conduct on lob, cooperativeness, pertinent personal traits or habits, and li i l i i l ' 5 part ar cu m tat ons or ta ents.  Based on your knowledge of employee s overall performance during the rati~~~ period, lac th lett r i th ti b di h h p e e e n e ra ox correspon ng ng to t e statement w ich most accurately reflects his level of perforlr lance. FORM  A[  USE PREVIOUS EDITIONS 4-66    ~FJ SEC,ArET DATE: NOV 2007 SECTION C                           NARRATIVE COMMENTS Indicate significant strengths or weaknesses demonstrated in current position keeping in proper perspective  their relationship to overall performance.  State suggestions made for improvement of work performance. .Give rbcdrMitsn~~ians.for training.  Comment on foreign language competence, if required for current position.  Amplify or explain ratings given in Sect~dn~~B~f'b!provide best basis for determining future personnel action.         a   er of  erformance of mono eriol or su ervisor  duties and cost consciousness of oersonnef  space  eauioment and funds  must be eommente  on, i  aaa tea  e.  I  extra space is nee a  to comp etc se in the y ~ ,, ~ Sectiort~ C"attoch a separate` sheet of paper.                                       ~ ~q             g~1 C  ~ , ~.O H!" Mr.  M~.lls has been assigned to the _ `~   ~       since 29 April ~96g.  He continues to, per or~t,~n~~n~ exceptiona  y proficient mariner andThas been a distinct asset to tie ' Division; ~ particularly in -his support to the Office .of Personnel in connec- tion with the Agency's recruitments program on college and university - _ campuses.               _  _       _ ,     ~~   _,  _  .. Mr. Mills was awarded a Quality Step Increase in August 1969. He attended the Advanced Management (Plannirig),Course in February. 1969.  During 19'0 ~corisideratibn will be given to"enrolling him iri other appropriate Agency Courses: 'Mrs. Mills has continued to evidence cost consciov,~ness in handlixxg his as~si;gnments  some of wh~.c~i involved expenditure of large -sums of money. -.,. . ,.__ - r _  ,_          ~_ -. ..  ..   _   ~        _  r? SECTION D                    ~            CERTIFICATION"AND COMMENTS ~.                                                  BY EMPLOYEE 1 CERTIFY THAT !HAVE SEEN SECTIONS A, B, AND C OF THIS REPORT DA/TE         ) ' ~ ~-~     / SIG / Z. MONTHS EMPLOYEE HAS BEEN          IF THIS REPORT HAS NOT BEEN SHOWN TO EMPLOYEE, GIVE EXPLANATION UNDER MY SUPERVISION ~~            OFFICIAL TITLE OF SUPERVISOR DATE /~           C (~         ~   ~/ '7 ~  Dep. Ch. , 3.                                                             OFFICIAL . COMMENTS OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL I concur in the rating given.  Mr.  Mills is a mature, knowledgeable Security Officer with broad experience in~ Headquarters and the Field. .   - DATE                                          OFFICIAL TITLE OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL                IGNATURE 13 Jan.  19 70       C