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February 19, 2008
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January 10, 1971
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 QUALIFICATIONS UPDATE                               (b)(3) READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING, TYPE OR PRINT, AVOID USING LIGHT COLORED INKS Now that your qualifications are a matter of computer record, they must be periodically updated.  This is done auto- This form is for that purpose. matically for much information; however, some must be obtained directly from you. r information only if there have been changes since th id e e o Section I must be completed in all cases. You need prov "Qualifications Supplement to the Personal History Statement," or a previous update form. Form 4441 , you submitted your reviously submitted, enter it in the appropriate section.  The z ned en b h m p e as If you are in doubt whether information hould be returned through administrative channels to the File Room, Office of Personnel, Roo and dated form s Headquarters, whether information is added or not. there is information to be added or changed simply ti me a qualifications update may take place at any Additionally , by completing and returning an update form on your initiative. I                                   BIOGRAPHIC AND POSITION DATA SECTION EMP.  SER.  NO. NAME  (Leaf-First-Middle) DATE  OF  BIRTH            S D GRADE MILLS, Montrell E. 31 Januar  1924 13 ON 11 CT EDUCATION SE I HIGH SCHOOL ADDRESS  (City,State,Country) YEARS ATTENDED (From-To) GRADUATE LAST HIGH SCHOOL  ATTENDED ? DYES ^ NO COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY STUDY SUBJECT NAME  AND  LOCATION OF  COLLEGE OR  UNIVERSITY MINOR YEARS ATTENDED FROM--TO-- DEGREE RECEIVED YEAR RECEIV NO.  SEM/QTR. ED HRS.(Specify) MAJOR I. 2. IF  A GRADUATE         DEGREE  HAS  BEEN NOTED  ABOVE WHICH  REQUIRED                           SUBMISSION OF  A WRITTEN THESIS.  INDICATE THE  TITLE  OF THE THESIS  AND  BRIEFLY  DESCRIBE  ITS CONTENT. TRADE, COMMERCIAL AND SPECIALIZED SCHOOLS NAME  AND ADDRESS OF  SCHOOL                                                       STUDY OR  SPECIALIZATION          FROM          TO     NO.  OF MONTHS OTHER WON-AGENCY EDUCATION OR TRAINING NOT INDICATED ABOVE STUDY OR  SPECIALIZATION          FROM          TO     NO.  OF MONTHS NAME  AND ADDRESS OF  SCHOOL 7 2. MARITAL STATUS SECTION III PRESENT  STATUS (Single,Marri ad, Widowed, Separated, Di vorced,Annul led, Remarried)  SPECIFY: I . 2.  NAME OF  SPOUSE                (Last)                     (First)                           (Middle)                        (Maiden) 3.  DATE OF  BIRTH 4.  PLACE OF  BIRTH (City,State,Country) 5.  OCCUPATION 6.  PRESENT EMPLOYER FORMER CITIZENSHIPS)  COUNTRY(IES) B 9.  DATE  U.S.  CITIZENSHIP ACQUIRED 7.  CITIZENSHIP . DEPENDENT CHILDREN AND DEPENDENTS OTHER THAN SPOUSE SECTION IV NAME              RELATIONSHIP    DATE  AND PLACE OF  BIRTH         CITIZENSHIP                    PERMANENT ADDRESS ADD 0 DELETE ADD rI     - 2.                 ^ DELETE ROVED  FOR           E ORM I,~ i   (4. 5t ) i R I F U S E  P R E V I O U S 7-69               444n     EDITIONS                            DATE:  NOV 2007 ? SECTION V GEOGRAPHIC AREA KNOWLEDGE AND FOREIGN TRAVEL KNOWLEDGE  ACQUIRED  BY- .CHECK (X) NAME  OF  REGION               TYPE OF  SPECIALIZED          OATES OF                      TR.AVE           DATE  & PLACE                                              WORK OR  COUNTRY OR  RESIDENCE             OF  STUDY KNOWLEDGE                                                                                    DENCE    TRAVEL   STUDY    ASSIGN- MENT FEB4 1055M'71 1 2. '.1 a     t) '  .. SECTION VI TYPING AND'STENOGRAPHIC SKILLS 1.  TYPING  (WPM) 2.SHORTHAND(WPM) 3.  INDICATE    SHORTHAND  SYSTEM USED--CHECK  (X)  APPROPRIATE  ITEM.    OTHER 0 GREGG         El SPEEDWRITING          0 ,STENOTYPE     ^ SPECIFY: SECTION VII SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS PROVIDE  INFORMATION ON  HOBBIES. SPORTS. LICENSES,          PUBLISHED  MATERIALS OR DEVICES WHICH  YOU MAY HAVE  INVENTED. SECTION VIII MILITARY SERVICE CURRENT DRAFT STATUS 1.  HAS YOUR SELECTIVE SERVICE CLASSIFICATION CHANGED? 2.  NEW CLASSIFICATION ^ YES ^ NO 3.  LOCAL SELECTIVE SERVICE BOARD NUMBER AND ADDRESS     - 4.  IF DEFERRED.  GIVE REASON MILITARY RESERVE, NATIONAL GUARD STATUS CHECK         RESERVE OR  GUARD ORGANI-        ^ ARMY              MARINE    CORPS        [:].COAST GUARD        ^                     NATIONAL  GUARD ZATION TO WHICH YOU  BELONG ^ NAVY             ^ AIR  FORCE                                   ^                     AIR NATIONAL GUARD I.  CURRENT RANK.  GRADE  OR               RATE 2. DATE OF APPOINTMENT  IN CURRENT RANK 3. EXPIRATION DATE OF CURRENT OBLIGATION 4.  CHECK CURRENT RESERVE CATEGORY            F] READY RESERVE    ^ STANDBY(active) STANDBY(mactive)                             RETIRED   [] DISCHARGED 6.  RESERVE  UNIT TO WHICH ASSIGNED OR  ATTACHED 5.  MILITARY MOBILIZATION                  ASSIG NMENT MILITARY SCHOOLS COMPLETED (Extended Active, Reserve Duty, or as Civilian) NAME AND ADDRESS OF SCHOOL STUDY OR                            SPECIALIZATION DATE COMPLETED SIDENT T N SORED I..,.NCY-.P PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES AND OTHER ORGANIZATIONS SECTION IX DATE OF MEMBERSHIP NAME  AND CHAPTER ADDRESS (Number,Street,City.State.Country) FROM              TO 2. 3. SECTION X REMARKS DATE SIGNATURE 0   EMPL0 E /0     QLCti  i     ~ / SE'RET (When !lied In) -MOM 6rlmmm~'