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February 19, 2008
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January 17, 1972
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 (When 7Iled In) EMPLOYEE SERIAL NUMBER FITNESS REPORT SECTION A                                     GENERAL 1. NAME               (Last) (First)             (Middle) 2. DATE OF BIRTH 3. SEX 4. GRADE 5. SD MILLS, Montrell E. 01 31/24 M GS-13 6. OFFICIAL POSITION TITLE 7. OFF/DIV/BR OF ASSIGNMENT 8. CURRENT Investigator OS Washington, D. C. 9. CHECK (Xi TYPE OF APPOINTMENT 10. CHECK  X  TYPE OF REPORT X CAREER              RESERVE                 TEMPORARY INITIAL REASSIGNMENT SUPERVISOR CAREER-PROVISIONAL (See instructions -Section C) ANNUAL REASSIGNMENT EMPLOYEE SPECIAL (Specify): SPECIAL (Specify): 11. DATE REPORT DUE IN O.P. 12. REPORTING PERIOD (From-  to-) 31 Tanuaxy 1972 1 Tanuar 1971 - 31 December 1971 SECTION B                           PERFORMANC E EVALUATION U-Unsatisfactory      Performance is unacceptable. A rating in this category requires immediate and positive remedial action. The nature of the action could range from counseling, to further training, to placing on probation, to reassignment or to separation. Describe action taken or proposed in Section C. M-Marginal            Performance is deficient in some aspects. The reasons for assigning this rating should be stated in Section C and remedial actions taken or recommended should be described. P-Proficient          Performance is satisfactory. Desired results are being produced in the manner expected. S-Strong              Performance is characterized by exceptional proficiency. O-Outstanding         Performance is so exceptional in relation to requirements of the work and in comparison to the performance of others doing similar work as to warrant special recognition. SPECIFIC DUTIES List up to six of the most important specific duties performed during the rating period.  Insert rating letter which best describes the manner in which employee performs EACH specific duty. Consider ONLY effectiveness in performance of that duty.  All employees with supervisory responsibilities MUST be rated on their ability to supervise (indicate number of employees supervised). SPECIFIC DUTY NO. I Reviews and analyzes a wide variety of operational support RATING LETTER requests to determine the validity of the request and the best investigative techniques to insure accomplishment. S SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 2 provides direction and guidance to the domestic field offices RATING LETTER through letters of assignment wherein he sets forth the methods and means to be used to insure successful completion of'support :requirements. S SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 3 Reviews and analyzes the investigative- results from the RATING LETTER domestic field offices to insure compliance with requests and disseminates the finished ',product to the 'requestor; 0 SPECIFIC DUTY N6.'4 Originates TWX's, cables and dispatches and memoranda as SETTER necessary 'to'effect action and provide' Vidance in cases' under his supervision. S SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 5 Represents the Office of Security in conferences with-case, RATING LETTER officers and other representatives of operating components concerning sensitive operational support matters. S SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 6 Maintains records, files and ticklers to insure prompt RATING LETTER attention to pending and deadline cases and to insure that-operational iv support is promptly provided.                                                                           V J D S OVERALL PERFORMANCE IN CURRENT POSITION RATING Take into account everything about the employee which influences his effectiveness in his current position s    as per- LETTER formance of specific duties, productivity, conduct on job, cooperativeness, pertinent personal traits or habits, and l ll d h i d l ' ~v e rat s overa performance uring t ng perio , edge of emp oyee particular limitations or talents.  Based on your know place the letter in the rating box corresponding to the statement which most accurately reflects his level of performance. SECTION C                              NARRAT  E COMMENTS Indicate significant strengths or weaknesses demonstrated in current position keeping in proper perspective their relationship to overall performance.  State suggestions made for improvement of work performance.  Give recommendations for training. Comment on foreign language competence, if required for current position. Amplify or explain ratings given in Section B to provide best basis for determining future personnel cctioq~.   a ner.of. erfor once of mana erial or supervisory duties and cost consciousness in the use of personnel. space, equipment adil    IYds,'must a commente  on, if app icab e.  I extra space is needed to compete Section C, attach a separate sheet of paper. During this re    n        '  r. Mills has continued his assignment with the Mr. Mills is a stro4sdt to this office and is completely competent and willing to handle the most complex operational support assignments. He is most thorough in coordinating and facilitating the details relating to these complex matters.  In particular, he is able to project his professional attitude in a mature, straightforward manner and this quality often enables him to penetrate to the core of problems contained in his assignments.  Mr. Mills also maintains efficient control of his work and often acts in the stead of his immediate supervisor during the latter's official absence. He has, during the above reporting. period, received two commendations for supervisory participation in sensitive support operations and has been recommended for promotion to the grade of GS-14. SECTION D              -           CERTIFICATION AND COMMENTS BY EMPLOYEE I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE SEEN SECTIONS A, B, AND C OF THIS REPORT DA T7 SIGNATURE OF                                                                    PLOY  E ~. - i7l 2.                                 BY SUPERVISOR MONTHS EMPLOYEE HAS BEEN IF THIS REPORT HAS NOT BEEN SHOWN TO EMPLOYEE, GIVE EXPLANATION UNDER MY SUPERVISION 24 DATE OFFICIAL TITLE OF SUPERVISOR TY /y Chief 3.    V #I                        BY REVIEWING OFFICIAL COMMENTS OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL Concur in the ratings as given, and again support the recommendation for promotion. Y DATE                                            OFFICIAL TITLE OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL     TYPED OR 1/17/72            Chief SEC  T