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February 19, 2008
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August 20, 1974
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 I.   PERS.  SERIAL  NO. c BIOGRAPHIC PROFILE (PART I)     SCD:  27 Dec 19Lt5 2.   NAM1.  (La.t?Fir. I-Middle) l?                                                                                                                                 SE% ~?  DATE  OF  BIRTH      i5?  LONGEVITY  COMP,  DATE MIT JS , Mon trel ). Eugene L, M 1 31 Jan 1924   28 Mar 1951 6.   MARITAL  STATUS   7?  DEPENDENT(S) N0. YEAR(G1  OF  BIRTH R.  US NATURALIZATION  DATE(S) (E.RCIud.  ae- Married                                                  plo ee)          t0' 3 1923,     1951955 NA                         NA y SPOUSE 9.   CAREER            MEMIIERSHIP OTHER  STATUS                           10. LA,^,7 lA D. FP7.            )UAL.  FOR               VAL. FOR STAFF L.  Jul 1954 ..  .          Nov 1960 Current Duties   Annual ST AT V$ II?  CHR$ENT           .ONl 904VIDE RESERVE __ ON Apt                        A6TIVF  DUTY         RFI.                  A6t  YQ  --                 TO  BE RETIRED WITH  CIA            MIL.                   SER.              DEFERRED STATUS              "7 X CA (.?1?               CAT.?2                 CAT.                                                                                                                                                                                  ?3 12.  ASSESSMENT DATE 13.  PROFESSIONAL  TEST DATE IA-  LANGUAGE  APTITUDE                                      TEST DATE None None None 15.  NON?CIA EMPLOYMENT 1943-48  Military Service, US Army Air. Force,; 1st Lt  -                                                        Pilot. (b) (1 (b) (3 16.                            NON-CIA EDUCATION 1942-43  Northeast Junior College,-Monroe, La  -7 General Subjects, PE 1943-44 Mich" State Co11---Pilot Trng t4 mos) 1949-51 Michigan State Coll," East, Lansing,, Mich - BS Police 1Admin 17.           FOREIGN LANGUAGE None ABILITIES (Lan/uAde, Proli- eiency, Date Tented                                                           -                                        -                          -        i 968          Trng Pro- 16?                            AGENCY   ORED  TRAINING 1968      erv Rev    -,                                                                         ; 1951                    Spec Trng         p 1960   pzc Sec Off IOC1969 Adv Mgnt (planning)  S e m 1960 OS Spec Trng       1970 Managerial Grid. Sem 1970. Reading Improvement /USDA 1960 Intro to Intel 19. CIA EMPLOYMENT HISTORY  SINCE 16  SEPT 1941  (Pet.onnel  A.?tJon.,  6tilito-y Orders,  and PrincJpal P.talla) EFFECTIVE  DATE POSITION  TITLE B OCCUPATIONAL         CODE TRADE    SD     ORGANIZATION 6  ORCAN.  TITLE  (Il Any)1       LOCATION Mar 1951 Spec Agt Trainee 9 May 1952 Investigator(Cen) 10.                       " Jul 1952 "        " 11 Dec 1952 Jul 1953 Jan 1955 12 Mar 1956 Investigator. 12 S DD May 19 8 Investigator R.A. 13 Au 5 g fh 6 ~ n estato~ ~ H. 3 Apr; ?1968 Invest igator 3 OS Sep 1973 II 3       O S Jan  1974 Security Of 13 C  - it  ecur  y Staff APPROVED FOR RELEASE DATE:  NOV 2007 20. DATE.  REVIEW ED 21.  PROFILE  REVIEWED  BY 22. I I:.ME I? it 9EVIEWED & 20 Au     19 7x- V p ERIFIED  er EMPLOYEE j 30  Jan. 1959 FORM  I9nn (PART I), ust Pof VIaus 9 . 01            SE SEC  T (Whrn  F 1,J  In) PROFILE PERS.  SERIAL  No. BIOGRAPHIC PROFILE (PART 2) NAME     --t-First-Middle) DATE  OF  BIRTH mILLS , 23.  PHOTOGRAPH MILL: t,G.I,4TRELL  E 1924 79n ini ~1u OCTOBER k9 24. IDENTITY OF  OTHER DOCUMENTS  WHICH  SHOULD  BE  REVIEWED  IN DETAIL SEE         HISTORY ATTACHED 25, ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Commendation 1968 from:Ch.,WH,.,for assistance in the.movemeit of a heart valve. from with a memo of endorsement by D, Security. Qua ity   a  Increase     in recognition  of the fine contribution made to the oper- of thel ation . Commendation       rom     R and Actng Ch/for the very fine work done in the operation involving the defection of a                to the United States. Endorsed by the Deputy Director of Security, Commendation  1970 from Ch,                   for  ru y cooperative and professionaTspirit displaye   In tonne  on with :support requirements. Endorsed by the Director of Security. Appreciation  1972 from the Special Assistant for               Affairs, to the rec or?o  Security, through the Executive    rec or- omptroller and the Deputy Director for Support, for outstanding support rendered in connection with a personal situation. Appreciation  1973 from Ch, EUR Div for the excellent support provided in the preparation    or the recent visit to the US and Headquarters of and the support during that visit.   Endorsed by e    rec or of  ecur ty. 26. DATE  REVIEWED          27.  PROFILE  REVIEWED BY 20 Aug 1974 ?SE  E (1hen                                                                 eT d In)