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June 22, 2015
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March 20, 2008
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August 21, 1964
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SECRET (When Filed In) (b) (2) (b) (3) (b) (6) EMPLOYEE SERIAL NUMBER FITNESS REPORT SECTION A GENERAL I. NAME (Last) (First) (Middle) 2. DATE OF BIRTH 3. SEX 4. GRADE S. SO COLLINS Charles P. 28 Dec 1916 M 16 6. OFFICIAL POSITION TITLE ? 7. OFF/DIV/BR OF ASSIGNMENT 8. CURRENT STATION I. 0. General (Chief) DDI/CGS Headquae'rs 9. CHECK (X) TYPE OF APPOINTMENT 10. CHECK (X) TYPE OF REPORT X CAREER RESERVE. TEMPORARY INITIAL REASSIGNMENT SUPERVISOR CAREER-PROVISIONAL (See instructions - Section C) ANNUAL REASSIGNMENT EMPLOYEE SPECIAL (Specify): I SPECIAL (Specify): 1 I. DATE REPORT DUE IN O.P. 12. REPORTING PERIOD (From- to-) April 196+ 10 June 1963 - 31 March 196+ SECTION B PERFORMANC E EVALUATION W - Weak Performance ranges from wholly inadequate to slightly less than satisfactory. A rating =in this; c6)egory requires positive remedial action. The natureof the action could range from counseling, to further training, to placing on probation, to reassignment or to-separation. Describe action taken or prpposed in Section C. A - Adequate Performance meets all requirements. It is entirely satisfactory and is characterized neither by deficiency nor excellence. P - Proficient Performance is more than satisfactory. Desired results are being produced in a proficient manner. S - Strong Performance is characterized by exceptional proficiency. 0 . Outstanding Performance is so exceptional in relation to requirements of the work and in comparison to the performance of others doing similar work as to warrant special recognition. SPECIFIC DUTIES List up to six of the most important specific duties performed during the rating period. Insert rating letter which best describes the manner in which employee performs EACH specific duty. Consider ONLY effectiveness in performance of that duty. All employees with supervisory responsibilities MUST be rated on their ability to supervise (indicate number of employees supervised). SPECIFIC DUTY NO. I RATING LETTER Directed in CGS S SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 2 RATING LETTER Provided staff support to the CIA and other senior Agency officials S SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 3 - - RATING - - - LETTER SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 4 (, -- RATING LETTER SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 5 RATING -- - APPROVED FOR RELEASE LETTER DATE- DEC 2007 SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 6 RATING LETTER OVERALL PERFORMANCE IN CURRENT POSITION RATING Take into account everything about the employee which, influences his effectiveness in his current position such as 'per- LETTER formance of specific du s, productivity, conduct on job, cooperativeness, pertinent personal traits or habits, and particular limit 'onsor ents. Based on your knowledge of employee's overall performance during the rating period, place the lette e ng box corresponding to the statement which most accurately reflects his level of performance. 2 9 'S EP 196 `r 4 FORM 45 OBS ETE PREVIOUS EDITIONS. CE E 1 SECTION C NARRATIVE . MMENTS l Indicate significant strengths or weaknesses demonstrated in current position keeping in proper perspective their refs tin 1 overall performance. State suggestions made for improvement of work performance. Give recommendations for training. Comrn on foreign language competence, If required for current position. Amplify or explain ratings given in Section B to provide best basis for determining future personnel action. Manner of performance of managerial or supervisory duties mus scribed if - -17 4y applicable. Chuck Collins is an old "pro" and his many virtues and accomplishments !fj(r have been put on record many times and for many years; I can add little at ~I this point. In the initial period of this Staff's organization he was of great value in establishing and working out the initial applications of a new,system of security procedures covering materials of new classifications for the use of which the as founded, His experience in this area, his common sen. a llty an is intimate acquaintance with the perils of bureaucracy made it possible for this potentially hazardous beginning to be crossed with only minimal stress. His direction of the represented no real change from his regular task prior to the Staff's formation and subsequent to his Group's leaving us. The Officer has commented on this in the past... I have found working relations with Chuck to be uniformly pleasant and have come to have great respect for his knowledge'in his complicated policy field. SECTION D CERTIFICATION AND COMMENTS i BY EMPLOYEE I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE SEEN SECTIONS A, B, AND C OF THIS REPORT DATE SIGNATURE OF L YEE 2 BY SUPER OR MONTHS EMPLOYEE HAS BEEN UNDER MY SUPERVISION IF THIS REPOR NOT BEEN SHOWN TO EMPLOYEE, GIVE EXPLANATION 10 DATE OFFICIAL TITLE OF SUPERVISOR 21 August 19611- Chief, DDI/CGS 3. BY REVIEWING OFFICIAL COMMENTS OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL DATE OFFIfCIAL Y[TI e n E T