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August 25, 1955
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COURSE NO. TRAINING EVALUATION -- BASIC ORIENTATION SECTION I IDENTIFYING INFORMATION NAME OF STUDENT SEX DATES OF COURSE NO. OF STUDENTS E LIUS,. MALE FEMALE ..r DATE OF BIRTH EDO DATE GRADE OR RANK OFFICE 154 G L11,22 PROJECTED ASSIGNMENT OR PRESENT POSITION In"- stig"ft- SECTION II CHARACTERISTICS OF THE COURSE Material in this course is presented primarily by lecture and exhibit; several seminars and discussions are also held. The rating on Introduction to Intelligence is determined by the results of one multiple choice test, based on lecture material; the rating on Communism and the USSR is de- termined by one multiple choice test covering the lecture and readings. SECTION III OBJECTIVES A. The Basic Orientation Course is designed to provide the student with informa- tion in the following areas: 1. Introduction to Intelligence a. Organization for national security, with emphasis on the intelligence APPROVED FOR community and the organization and mission of CIA as it fits into the RELEASE^ whole national security effort. DATE: I b. The principles and methods of intelligence, emphasizing the substan- tive components of CIA, considering the types of information, and the 03-Sep-2008 collecting, processing, and disseminating functions. c. An introduction to clandestine activity, with emphasis on the func- tions of the clandestine services. ,2. Communism and the USSR This deals with Marxist theory, the history of Socialism and Communism, Communist activities outside the USSR, history and geography of Russia, political structure of the USSR, Soviet foreign policy, and potentiali- ties and vulnerabilities of the USSR. B. Throughout the three weeks of the course discussions and conferences deal with the American Thesis. SECTION IV STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT RATINGS The numbers placed in the columns below show how many students received each rating. An asterisk (*) shows the rating this student received. SUBJECT HOURS RATING FAIL POOR SATISFACTORY EXCELLENT SUPERIOR INTRODUCTION TO INTELLIGENCE 64 ^ COMMUNISM AND THE USSR 56 SECTION V COMMENTS INDICATE ANY STRONG AND WEAK POINTS OF THE STUDENT, OR ANYTHING THAT MAY HAVE INFLUENCED HIS PERFORMANCE IN THE COURSE a;j,,pa the TntodlWtion to Tato li nea. CONTINUE COMMENTS ON REVERSE SIDE Q OVER SIGN ATURE.OF CHIEF INSTRUCTOR FOR THE DIRECTOR OF TRAINING: FT FORM NO. 4 50 I AUG 55 OBSOLETE PREVIOUS EDITIONS. (When Fi1Ked In) FITNESS REPORT The Fitness Report is an important factor in agency personnel management. It seeks to provide: 1. The agency selection board with information of value when considering t. y r n of an individual for membership in the career service; and 2. A periodic record of job performance as an aid to the effective utilizatiownel. INSTRUCTIONS TO THE ADMINISTRATIVE OR PERSONNEL OFFICER: Consult current administrative instructions regarding the initiation and transmittal of this report. TO THE SUPERVISOR: Read the entire form before attempting to complete any item. As the supervisor who assigns, directs and reviews the work of the individual, you have primary responsibility for evaluating his strengths, weak- nesses, and on-the-job effectiveness as revealed by his day-to-day activities. If this individual has been under your supervision for less than 30 days, you will collaborate with his previous supervisors to make sure the report is accurate and complete. Primary responsibility rests with the current supervisor. It is assumed that, through- osrsuaervi ory responsibili- out the period this individual has been unde your u ties by frequent discussions of his work, so that in a general way he knob whestands. DATE : IT IS OPTIONAL WHETHER OR NOT THI *EI/i,~r pS , QR I S SHOWN TO TH TED SEC Administ I. NAME (Last) (First) (Middle) 2. DATE OF BIRTH SEX 3. 4? C REER DESIGNATION E E S John W. 3 April 1926 M 5. DATE OF ENTRANCE ON DUTY 6. OFFICE ASSIGNED TO 7. DIVISION 8. BRANCH 20 December 195L Security Security Support 9. NATURE OF ASSIGNMENT 10. IF FIELD, SPECIFY STATION: 11. GRADE DEPARTMENTAL = FIELD ?y GS~+11? 12. DATE THAT THIS REPORT IS DUE 13? PERT usive dates) soon o s'b 12/2o/54 to 1 SECTION II (To be filled in by Supervisor) I. CURRENT POSITION - 2. DATE ASSUMED RESPONSIBILITY FOR POSITION Inve t tive 18 3. WHAT SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENTS OR TASKS ARE TYPICAL OF THOSE G1 EN TO HIM DURING THE PAST TH EE TO SIX MONTHS (List in order of frequency): Conduct personnel type investigations and to perform other investigative duties within the responsibilities of the Security Office. Prepare and set out investigative leads and to evaluate the results obtained therefrom. Prepare comprehensive reports in connection with these duties. READ THE ENTIRE FORM BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO COMPLETE ANY ITEM SECTION III I certify that, during the latter half of the period covered by this report, I have discussed with the'-rated indi- vidual the manner in which he has performed his job and provided suggestions and criticisms wherever needed. I be- lieve that his understanding of my evaluation of his performance is consistent with my evaluation of him as evi- denced by this fitness report and I have informed him of his strengths, weaknesses, and on-the-job effectiveness. If performance during the report period has been unsatisfactory, there is attached a copy of the memorandum noti- fying him of unsatisfactory performance. ' rated. This report O has ? has not been shown to t THIS DATE immediate supervi sor) 24 A t 1955 = ~ectey I HAVE REVIEWED THIS REPORT (Comments,'if any, are re ached memorandum) THIS DATE AL (Official next higher in line of authority) MAY 54 FORM NO. 115 E LACES FORM 3 - 91 1 OCT 54 'f':J WHICH MAY BE USED. SECRET SET Fi 'ad SECTION IV This section is provided as an aid in describing the individual. Your descrjq s r unfavorable in itself but acquires its meaning in relation to a particular job or assigndrF'n ! h~~dPs rriti'e~w rds are to be interpreted literally. On the left hand`slde of the page-below are a series of statements that apply in some degree to most people. On the right hand side o f the page are four major categories o f descriptions. T e scale thin 4 tegory i s di- vided into three small blocks; this i s to allow you t o make finer distinctions oujso so e.r o at the state- ment on the left - then check the category on the right which best tells how much the statement applies to the per- son you are rating. Placing an " X" in the "Not Observed- column means you have no opinion on whether a phrase applies to an individual. Placing an " X" in the "Does Not Apply" column means that you have the definite opinion that the description is not at all suited to the individual. MAIL ROOM STATEMENTS CATEGORIES u, NOT OB- SERVED APPLIES TO A REASONABLE DEGREE APPLIES TO AN ABOVE AVERAGE DEGREE APPLIES TO AN OUTSTANDING DEGREE W A. ABLE TO SEE ANOTHER'S J CL POINT OF VIEW. B. PRACTICAL. i fi 1. A GOOD REPORTER OF EVENTS. t 2. CAN MAKE DECISIONS ON HI5 OWN WHEN NEED ARISES. 3. CAUTIOUS'IN ACTION. 4? HAS INITIATIVE. i.,," , ... ..- _ .... .. 5? UNEMOTION,A4? - - - '~ 6. ANALYTIC IN HIS THINKING. 7. CONSTANTLY STRIVING FOR NEW KNOWLEDGE AND IDEAS. 8. GETS ALONG WITH -.PEOPLE -AT ALL SOCIAL LEVELS. 9. HAS SENSE OF HUMOR. 10. KNOWS WHEN TO SEEK ASSISTANCE. It. CALM. 12. CAN GET ALONG.WITH PEOPLE. 13. MEMORY FOR FACTS. _ ix 14. GETS THINGS DONE. 15. KEEPS ORIENTED TOWARD LONG TERM GOALS. 16. CAN COPE WITH EMERGENCIES. 17. HAS HIGH STANDARDS OF ACCOMPLISHMENT. 18. HAS STAMINA: CAN KEEP GOING A LONG TIME. 19. HAS WIDE RANGE OF INFORMATION. 20. SHOWS ORIGINALITY. 21. ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITIES. 22. ADMITS HIS ERRORS. 23. RESPONDS WELL TO SUPERVISION. 24. EV.cN DISPOSITION. S?, ABLE TO 00 HIS JOB WITHOUT - 'I STRONG SUPPORT. SE2ET 26. CAN' THINK ON HIS FEET. I . 27 . COMES UP WITH SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS. 28. STIMULATING TO ASSOCIATES: A - .. SPARK PLUG . 29. TOUGH MINDED. 30. OBSERVANT. 31 CAPABLE . . 32. CLEAR THINKING. 33. 'COMPLETES ASSIGNMENTS WITHIN ALLOWABLE TIME LIMITS. 34. EVALUATES SELF REALISTICALLY. 35. WELL INFORMED ABOUT CURRENT EVENTS. 36. DELIBERATE. 37. EFFECTIVE IN DISCUSSIONS WITH ASSOCIATES. 38. IMPLEMENTS DECISIONS REGARD- LESS OF OWN FEELINGS. 39. THOUGHTFUL OF OTHERS. 40. WORKS WELL UNDER PRESSURE. 41 DISPLAYS JUDGEMENT. 42. GIVES CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. 437. HAS DRIVE. 44. IS SECURITY CONSCIOUS. 45. VERSATILE. 46. HIS CRITICISM IS CONSTRUCTIVE. 47. ABLE TO INFLUENCE OTHERS. 48. FACILITATES SMOOTH OPERATION OF HIS OFFICE. 49. DOES NOT REQUIRE STRONG AND CONTINUOUS SUPERVISION. S0. A GOOD SUPERVISOR. SECTION V A. WHAT ARE HIS' OUTSTANDING STRENGTHS? Excellent investigative background, ambition and desire for self-improvement. B. WHAT ARE HIS OUTSTANDING WEAKNESSES? Now observed. C. INDICATE IF YOU THINK THAT ANY SINGLE STRENGTH OR WEAK 55 OUTWEIGHS ALL OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: OFFICE OF PERSONNEL I do not think so. 0. 00 YOU FEEL THAT HE REQUIRES CLOSE SUPERVISION? N0 YES. IF YES, WAJEp Q 3 07 FM }55 XAIL ROOM E. WHAT TRAINING DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR THIS INDIVIDUAL? Aar available courses which would aid the advancement of this individual. F. OTHER COMMENTS (Indicate here general traits, specific habits or characteristics not covered elsewhere in the report but which have a bearing on effective utilization of this person): Good supervisory potential. SECTION VI Read all descriptions before rating. Place " X" in the most appropriate box under subsections A,B,C,&D A. DIRECTIONS: Consider only the skill with which the C. DIRECTIONS: Based upon what he has said, his actions, person has performed the duties of his job and rate and any other indications, give your opinion of this him accordingly. person's attitude- toward the agency. 1. DOES NOT PERFORM DUTIES ADEQUATELYI HE IS 1. HAS AN ANTAGONISTIC ATTITUDE TOWARD THE AGENCY INCOMPETENT. ..WILL DEFINITELY LEAVE THE AGENCY AT THE FIRST 2. BARELY ADEQUATE IN PERFORMANCEt ALTHOUGH HE OPPORTUNITY. HAS HAD SPECIFIC GUIDANCE OR TRAINING, HE 2. HAS STRONG NEGATIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD AGENCY... OFTEN FAILS TO CARRY OUT RESPONSIBILITIES IRKED BY RESTRICTIONS...REGARLS AGENCY AS A COMPETENTLY. TEMPORARY STOP UNTIL HE CAN GET SOMETHING 3. PERFORMS MOST OF HIS DUTIES ACCEPTABLYt OCCA? BETTER. SIONALLY REVEALS SOME AREA OF WEAKNESS. 3. TENDS TO HAVE AN UNFAVORABLE ATTITUDE TOWARD 4. PERFORMS DUTIES IN A TYPICALLY COMPETENT. THE AGENCY.. BOTHERED BY MINOR FRUSTRATIONS.. EFFECTIVE MANNER. WILL QUIT IF THESE CONTINUE, 5. A FINE PERFORMANCEi CARRIES OUT MANY OF H15 4. HIS ATTITUDE TOWARD THE AGENCY IS INDIFFERENT RESPONSIBILITIES EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. . HAS " WAIT AND SEE" ATTITUDE..WOULD LEAVE IF 6. PERFORMS HIS DUTIES IN SUCH AN OUTSTANDING SOMEONE OFFERED HIM SOMETHING BETTER. MANNER THAT HE IS EQUALLED BY FEW OTHER PER- 5- TENDS TO HAVE FAVORABLEATTITUDE TOWARD AGENCY SONS KNOWN TO THE RATER. ..MAKES ALLOWANCES FOR RESTRICTIONS IMPOSED BY IS THIS INDIVIDUAL BETTER QUALIFIED FOR WORK IN SOME WORKING FOR AGENCY..THINKS IN TERMS OF A CA- OTHER AREA? 'N0 0 YES. IF YES. WHAT? REER IN THE AGENCY. 6. DEFINITELY HAS FAVORABLE ATTITUDE TOWARD THE AGENCY..BARRING AN UNEXPECTED OUTSIDE OPPOR- TUNITY. WILL PROBABLY ENDEAVOR TO MAKE A CAREER IN THE AGENCY, O 7. HAS AN ENTHUSIASTIC ATTITUDE TOWARD THE AGENCY ..WILL PROBABLY NEVER CONSIDER WORKING ANY PLACE BUT IN THE AGENCY. B. DIRECTIONS: Considering others of this person's grade O. DIRECTIONS: Consider everything you know about this and type of assignment, how would you rate him on person im making your rating.. skill in job duties, potentiality for assumption of greater responsibili. conduct on the job, personal characteristics or ties normally indicated by promotion. habits, and special defects or talents. 1. HAS REACHED THE HIGHEST GRADE LEVEL AT WHICH 1. DEFINITELY UNSUITABLE - HE SHOULD BE SEPARATED. SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE CAN BE EXPECTED. 2. IS MAKING PROGRESS. BUT NEEDS MORE TIME IN 2. OF DOUBTFUL SUITABILFTY..WOULD NOT HAVE AC- PRESENT GRADE BEFORE PROMOTION TO A HIGHER CEPTED HIM IF I HAD KNOWN WHAT I KNOW NOW. GRADE CAN BE RECOMMENDED. 3. A BARELY ACCEPTABLE EMPLOYEE. DEFINITELY BELOW 3. IS READY TO TAKE ON RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE AVERAGE BUT WITH NO WEAKNESSES SUFFICIENTLY NEXT HIGHER GRADE, BUT MAY NEED TRAINING IN OUTSTANDING TO WARRANT HIS SEPARATION. SOME AREAS. 4. A TYPICAL EMPLOYEE..HE DISPLAYS THE SAME SUITA. Q 4. WILL PROBABLY ADJUST QUICKLY TO THE MORE BILITY AS MOST OF THE PEOPLE I KNOW IN THE RESPONSIBLE DUTIES OF THE NEXT HIGHER GRADE. AGENCY. O 5. IS ALREADY PERFORMING AT THE LEVEL OF THE NEXT 5. A FINE EMPLOYEE - HAS SOME OUTSTANDING HIGHER GRADE. STRENGTHS. 6. AN EXCEPTIONAL PERSON WHO IS ONE OF THE FEW 6. AN UNUSUALLY STRONG PERSON IN TERMS OF THE WHO SHOULD E CONSIDERED FOR RAPID ADVANCE- REQUIREMENTS OF THE AGENCY. MENT.`~; 7. EXCELLED BY ONLY A FEW IN SUITABILITY FOR WORK IN THE AGENCY.